Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but this is my one aim:
to forget everything that's behind, and to strain every nerve to go after what lies ahead.
I press on toward the finish line, where the prize waiting for me is the upward call of God
(Philippians 3:13-14)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
September 20, 2019
Cycles of Time
As one looks out at the landscape of world events today, some might be tempted to discount them as simply just
another period of time that will run its course and then everything will settle down and life will go on as it always
has. In the extreme, these are the avoiders . (I was going to use the expression like ostriches that stick their heads
in the ground until I learned they stick their heads in holes in the ground to care for the eggs they put there.) Others
might see the events of our day as leading to a so-called Armageddon with the end of the world and time itself. In
the other extreme, these are the doomsayers . Together, both types form bookends of how people view events in
our day. Obviously, in between the bookends are many other views.
For those reading my recent postings, especially those dealing with prophetic insights, of late, it might seem as if I
am a bit obsessed with cycles (by the way, not bicycles). I don't know; perhaps I am. But I see it as a good thing, not
a negative, considering the hour, which is on the cusp of the arrival of God's king—Jesus .
For clarity, a cycle is defined as: 1. a recurring period of a definite number of years, used as a measure of time; 2. A
period of time within which a round of regularly recurring events or phenomena is completed: as the business cycle ;
3. A complete set of events or phenomena recurring in the same sequence. For this last part of the definition, one
could cite the cycle of nations or the cycle of war as examples.
World history and science reveal that there are cycles of time, generally punctuated by seismic or climactic event(s),
both good and bad. These are best divided into two camps: cycles that relate to the natural creation ( nature-driven ),
such as the cycles of the sun and the impacts on earth's climate, and those that relate to man's activities on earth
over the last 6,000 years ( man-driven ). History does repeat itself, making our corporate behavior and its
consequences cyclical. The fact of the matter is that these two types of cycles often work in tandem, punctuating
the end of an era or age.
A case in point is discovered in Matthew 24 as Jesus prophesied that the end of the Mosaic age would be punctuated
with wars and rumors of wars, nation rising up against nation, and famines and earthquakes in various places—all
driving toward the ultimate destruction of Jerusalem and the Jewish temple in 70 AD. In that day, structures began
to crumble. Biblical Judaism was being made obsolete with the destruction of the temple, the cracks in the Roman
Empire were beginning to form, and Christianity was on its way to glory. Another example is the cycle of global
cooling and its impact on food production, either regionally or on a larger scale, that often leads to food scarcity,
increased cost of food, mass migration, and even conflicts (wars).
The important point to keep in mind is that God wrote the specs for His creation and knows the when, the why, and
the nature of these cycles. He sees it all from His perspective and uses these cycles to work out His plan through His
Son that leads to His ultimate purpose of all in all.
By the way; how do you think Jesus knew that there would be wars and rumors of wars, along with famines and
earthquakes in various places? As the one through whom the Father created (and, all creation is in Christ), Jesus
knew the cycles of nature and of man, as well as how things work in creation. He proved it with His ability to control
nature (i.e., calming the winds and the sea or multiplying food from a few morsels).
As a side note, the wind of change was at the back of Jesus as it drove Him to the cross, and what a change that
was. His death and resurrection, together, was the greatest game-changer (seismic, climactic event) this world has
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Cycles of Time
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ever experienced. The next great game-changer is when King Jesus arrives back on earth and manifests His
kingdom to the nations and the glory of God begins to fill the earth as the waters cover the sea . In that glorious
day, His body of conquerors will also manifest as they are transformed to conform to the body of His glory. For this,
we wait for our deliverer to come from heaven! (Philippians 3:20-21)
Now, to the main point. We might be tempted to think that what is occurring in our day is nothing new, even to the
point of thinking that others have had it worse than we have it today. True, there really is nothing new under the
sun, and living during certain climactic periods of history, especially in ancient days, was no picnic. However, this is
not how we should look at it in our day. Three points.
First, as pointed out elsewhere, we are most definitely in a period of climactic, even seismic change, both on the
natural and man-made level. It is not a question of severity compared to other periods. What we need to realize
most is that we are in one today. It is our turn in the barrel , so to speak, and this barrel is spinning more intensely
as it shakes up the created things that can be shaken. The crumbling of structures is the order of the day .
Second, we must take into account the time on the clock of world history, especially the clock as set by God, the
creator of all. He has given man six days or 6,000 years to have dominion over the earth, and these days (man's day)
have run their course, meaning we have entered the seventh day. Obviously, Jesus has not openly manifested His
presence yet; so, what is going on? Some say great spiritual events occurred in the heavenlies during 1999-2000,
with the advent of the seventh day. To this, some add that we are in a transition between two ages that will last as
long as Jesus lived on earth. There is no one consensus for how many years Jesus lived, as even His birth date is
often in question. I tend to go with 33½ years. If this is so, the transition could run to the years 2032-2033. Of course,
this all depends on whether or not this transition is based on His lifespan. Then again, we cannot rule out that God
is operating according to a timeline He has not clearly revealed to us. We wait!
Third, as we approach the next decade of the 21 st century, it is becoming more and more apparent that we are
headed into the perfect storm as cycles on many fronts seem to be headed for a climax, either a high or a low in
their respective sphere, whether man-made or natural. Again, don't lose sight of the fact that natural cycles often
impact man-made cycles, and man-made cycles can impact one another.
Over the last couple of years, there have been a good number of articles by others in various disciplines pointing to
major events occurring early in the next decade, especially around 2021 , which is a year that I have referred to in
many of my writings. For example, very recently, I came across several articles about the New Madrid Seismic Zone
(NMSZ) and how it has produced significant earthquakes during the last four cyclical solar hibernations. Since the
sun is currently going through one of these hibernation periods, one article postulated that 2021 could see a quake
along the NMSZ. I have written about a dream of what I believe was the NMSZ.
See: Quake America http://www.kingdomandglory.com/prophetic/p12.pdf
Given what might lie ahead for the inhabitants of the world, we must not be avoiders or doomsayers; we must be
those who have courage, holding fast to Jesus, knowing exactly where our life is. As Paul reminds us: Don't you see:
you died, and your life has been hidden with the king, in God. When the king is revealed (and he is your life
remember), then you too will be revealed with him in glory (Colossians 3:3-4 Kingdom NT). This is our glorious
expectation. We have nothing to fear and nothing to be dismayed about.
Here is the good news! All that our globe and its inhabitants are currently experiencing (with more to come) signify
that the Father is getting ready to bring forth what we Christians have longed for— the King of kings and His
kingdom . The age of King Jesus is coming soon!
Let us take courage as we wait for our beloved Jesus. It won't be long!