Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but this is my one aim:
to forget everything that's behind, and to strain every nerve to go after what lies ahead.
I press on toward the finish line, where the prize waiting for me is the upward call of God
(Philippians 3:13-14)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
September 16, 2018
Kingdoms of Men Divided
And knowing their thoughts Jesus said to them, "Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste;
and any city or house divided against itself will not stand." (Matthew 12:25 NASB)
"If a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand." (Mark 3:25 NASB)
But He knew their thoughts and said to them, "Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste; and
a house divided against itself falls." (Luke 11:17 NASB)
The kingdom of God and life in the kingdom is the highest calling of everyone begotten of God and given
the faith to believe in Jesus and desiring to press on toward the goal of the on-high calling of God in Christ
Jesus. The good news is that in the kingdom of the Son of God's love there is no division. Clearly, scripture
clearly warns that division will not stand. Consequently, wherever we see great division, which is running
rampant in our world today, praise God, it is destined to fall. Let us not forget we receive a kingdom that
cannot and will not be shaken, and this kingdom is now discovered in the ecclesia that Jesus is building.
As the title indicates, the thought on my heart for this issue is this division we see on so many fronts in
our day, especially in light of where we might be on God's eschatological (end time) clock. In this regard,
I have concluded that scripture does not give us specific details of events that will unfold with the end of
the age (not time itself). At best, we can discern general types, trends, and signs. There are many who
look at scripture, as if turning over every rock, and see many current events as prophetic fulfillment of
specific verses. Others are on major prayer campaigns to bring about change and reverse the trends, or
to battle and defeat the devil and its minions. Whether all of this is of the Lord, I leave to Him. I have my
own suspicions, but my opinion is not important. However, a word of caution to all. Just as you read or
hear of fake news , which I call propaganda news (which is not news at all), there is also fake prophecy
within the community of believers. Don't run after every wind of prophecy—test the spirit of every one of
them, including mine. I am reminded of the Lord's words to Peter: What is that to you? You follow Me.
With this in mind, in this day, we must (cannot be emphasized enough) hear the Lord for ourselves and
then take that word back to the Lord to know if it is truly from Him. Sometimes, if not many times, we
need to ask Him to give greater clarity to what He has placed in our heart.
Clearly, what we are witnessing today is the downfall, i.e., judgment, of the kingdoms (nations) of men. I
see the world today as containing elements of all past fallen beast nations or kingdoms as we see in the
book of Daniel and elsewhere. We are witnessing the result of mankind living and governing contrary to
the kingdom of God. What we see today is living proof that when we do not line up our lives and
governments (kingdoms-nations) with the kingdom of God, there is only one result—ruin, destruction,
and monumental failure. There are unavoidable consequences for going against God's kingdom—that is,
His just and loving way that is built into the very fiber of the earth itself and all creation. The structures of
mankind built contrary to God's kingdom and His righteous law are crumbling before our very eyes. It is
time to make our priority God's kingdom and His way of life, which is none other than His Son who is the
way and the life, and we must add, the very kingdom itself.
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Kingdoms of Men Divided
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With the advent of the 21 st century, I believe humanity entered into a 21-year period of trial divided into
three 7-year periods. We are presently in the last seven-year cycle that concludes in 2021. At times, I have
wondered if this is so, but as the years have passed, and based on personal words I believe came from the
Lord, I am convinced it is so. I believe we have just entered into the last three years of this 21-year trial
that will continue to manifest in upheaval of the earth and increasing unrest throughout the nations. No
one needs reminding that shaking has been taking place on all fronts of humanity—the structures are
crumbling—and this will only continue, even increase, as it is accompanied by the shaking of the earth.
I have one thought to add to this, something I have been mulling over for the last year. When we look at
history, it is replete with man's successes and failures, many of which have been monumental for good
and evil. The most notable century in this regard is the 20 th century in which we have witnessed good and
evil on many fronts. Considering the evil that, at times, has been rampant in wars and genocidal
campaigns, and now is being manifested in different, but not unique, ways, I have wondered if the devil,
the ancient serpent, was released from prison at the turn of the 20 th century in 1900-1901. As in the days
of Noah when Noah and Methuselah preached for 120 years and then came the flood, so, perhaps, are
we in a 120-year period leading to the end of our present age. Obviously, there is more to this, but I will
leave it here as simply a thought to consider.
One year ago, I posted a writing on Beginning of the End , which was a word I received about the beginning
of the end. Truly, this is the time in which we live. It is a dark hour; an hour we should not be looking for
as some future state of affairs, but one we are in at this moment. Sin itself is judgment, for it always has
consequences that are harmful and potentially ruinous to the individual and others associated with the
person. But even more onerous, sin can lead to consequences for communities, nations, and ultimately
the entire world of humanity. The world is in judgment, and we are witnessing it in the way that people
are reacting to events and life in general. It would be easy to give many examples of this, but people with
any level of spiritual discernment are capable of seeing this for themselves. Needless to say, there is a
state of mental derangement occurring throughout the world, with an unprecedented level of
derangement occurring here in the USA, especially in the realm of politics and society on multiple levels.
This is a long way to my main point—that is, many, if not most, in the US would agree we are a divided
nation ( kingdom and nation are synonymous in our modern age). We see it divided along lines such as
blue vs red, left vs right, liberal vs conservative, globalist vs nationalist, and even secular vs religious.
Without doubt, these are valid divisions, but they are only one level of division. Actually, I see us divided
in slices, not just in half. We are divided against ourselves on so many fronts that we have lost our identity
as a people. We are not alone in this regard, for other nations are going through this as well. If we continue
on this path, as Jesus proclaimed, we will not stand; we will fall. And we will fall, for this is necessary for
Jesus to manifest His kingdom to the nations in His consummational arrival that is on the horizon.
Let us proclaim our identity in King Jesus!
The problem with most of this division is that it is based on ideology that seeks for some ideal world or
nation, even for a utopia. They are simply ideas, many of which have been tested and failed; they are not
based on reality that succeeds. The only reality in the entire universe that succeeds beyond our wildest
hopes and dreams is the kingdom of God as expressed and explained in God's Son, King Jesus. His life is
the kingdom of God. This is our only way forward; all other ways will fail, for they cannot stand.
We need to set our first priority on God's kingdom in His Son!