Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but this is my one aim:
to forget everything that's behind, and to strain every nerve to go after what lies ahead.
I press on toward the finish line, where the prize waiting for me is the upward call of God
(Philippians 3:13-14)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
November 21, 2016
"Love Love"—Immersed in Love
And, you, may the Lord cause to abound and excel in your love one toward another, and toward all,—even
as, we, do toward you: To the end he may confirm your hearts, faultless in holiness, before our God and
Father, in the Presence of our Lord Jesus with all his saints. (1 Thessalonians 3:12-13 Rotherham)
Elsewhere, I wrote I was groaning and rejoicing at the same time. Well, what follows is a report of the rejoicing.
Our rejoicing is based on an experience my wife and I had from November 7-12, 2016 at the height of the US
presidential election that I have been writing about recently. The election, as far as we know today, settled who will
become the 45 th president. However, our nation continues to be divided down the middle and, most likely, will
remain that way, at least for now. Even the public church is divided between the God, guns, and country crowd and
the racial justice crowd. So, we have a nation divided with some elated at the outcome and some traumatized by
it. One thing that is clear, based on a dream I had in 2009, is that the leadership of the last seven years has been
judged and most likely war was averted. As reported, I saw a huge rocket, a symbol of war, on a launch pad but did
not see it moving. At this point, I interpret this to mean that the current leadership was leading us into war, but
God's hand of judgment has stayed it.
On October 9, 2016, the Lord spoke to my heart that a vote today is a vote for the world system that is falling. The
Lord knew what was ahead for us, for we didn't get to vote and the sky did not dissolve and the Lord disown us.
Actually, just the opposite occurred as the Lord revealed His love to us in a marvelous way.
On the eve of the presidential election, November 7, 2016, the day started out as usual but ended on an entirely
different note. At 3 pm, I had to take my wife to a doctor for severe pain, by 5 pm we were sitting in the emergency
room of a local hospital, and shortly after that she was admitted to the hospital. However, there were no beds
available so she (we) had to wait in the ER until 7 am the next day at which time a room came open. During her time
in the ER, several tests were done on her, one of which was quite unpleasant, but the grace of God was upon her
to endure it with grace. Six days later, she was released from the hospital, much better than when she was admitted.
Now, to some, this experience might seem like a nightmare. How could one rejoice over this? After all, 14 hours in
the ER is quite a long time, and six days in a hospital can't be all that pleasant. However, let me assure you that it
was nothing of the sort. Over the last 13 years, we have had a lot of exposure to the medical community, including
hospitals and their level of care, some of which was good and some of which was not so good. At least one person
we know has used this same ER and hospital but did not have the experience we had.
You might think that I am rejoicing that my wife is home and doing well. To be sure, this is cause for rejoicing, and I
am very thankful how this event turned out, although it may not be entirely over as follow-up is required. However,
we are both rejoicing over the love both of us experienced from the entire hospital staff from beginning to end,
from the ER staff to the ones doing the many tests to the doctors, nurses, and technicians that cared for her during
her stay. It is difficult to put in words, but we were immersed in the love of God the entire time. In such a setting
surrounded by many healthcare professionals, it would not be unusual to encounter one or two people that were
having an off day, but, as God is our witness, we encountered no one having an off day, as in, being rude or uncaring.
Everyone was kind and caring.
But it goes even beyond this. The ICU was on the same floor as my wife's room and there was a waiting room where
families gathered while they waited for their loved ones to get better. For the entire time, the same black family
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"Love Love"—Immersed in Love
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was waiting outside the ICU each day, often all day long. As we took daily walks so my wife could gain her strength,
we would stop and talk to this family. One morning I took a stroll and only one of the men was in the waiting area.
When he saw me, he said: Hi, brother . Can you imagine that; a black man calling me brother as the nation and the
church are so divided along so many lines, including race, during a raucous election? I realize some might say that
this is not unusual when people are in difficult times; people tend to draw together in a helpful way that crosses all
divides. True. But there was much more to this experience.
It is important to understand that during this time, we, nor anyone else, mentioned the name of Jesus. We never
tried to share Christ with anyone and no one tried to share with us. Only once did we mention the Lord to a
physician's assistant and she acknowledged agreement with us. That was it. In other words, we did not parade
around telling people we were Christians. We simply responded to the kindness we received by being kind and
thankful in return. We were manifesting the life of Christ without advertising it, and everyone was manifesting the
love of God, whether they were Christians or not, whether they knew Jesus or not. As the old song goes: Love was
in the air . God's love transcends time, space, and man's temporal labels. One does not have to be labeled a Christian
to manifest God's love. This is vital to what we saw throughout this time.
Bear with me; before pulling this together, I need to share a dream I had on October 19, 2016. I was asleep and in
a dream state I asked the Lord: What is the prophetic word for the church? I found myself repeating this over and
over again until sometime between 3-4 am, I saw a page that looked like it was out of a bible. In the middle of a
paragraph, I saw the words: Love love !
It must have been the spirit of the Lord, for I knew right away that this was a verb and a noun. Love (verb) love
(noun). It is like saying love receiving love or love to love or love giving love . Another way to state it is love the whole
concept of love . To this could be added the manifestation of love or the experience of love . But even these seem to
fall short. I believe the Lord did not elaborate or string other words into this, as I have, to stress a much higher and
all-inclusive expression. After all, God is love , and this is the greatest and most profound essence of God. The whole
embodiment of God's ultimate purpose to be All in all is summed up and encapsulated in love. And, we must add
that this love is the love of God in His Son, our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One. Love love is the height, width, and
depth of God. Love love is the expression of the entire creation of God. Love love is the hallmark of the new creation
in Christ. Love love is the answer to the old humanity that is passing away.
I apologize for my words falling so far short of the greatness of these words love love . May the spirit of the Lord
make them rhema to you.
Now, back to the six days in the hospital. The best way we can describe this glorious experience is that we were
immersed in the love of God in Jesus the entire time. It was a manifestation of the expression love love . It didn't
have to be put into words; it was something that had to be experienced. The world outside was embroiled in and
being split apart with politics, but we and all around us were like in a bubble. No one was speaking of the election;
everyone was simply going to work and doing their job and doing it well, and we were the recipients. And, we give
all the glory to God the Father and His Son.
But there is one more thing. The spirit of the Lord has impressed upon my heart that this experience was a
foreshadow of the anointing that is coming. In fact, this experience was the anointing and we experienced the
presence of the Lord. Many Christians in certain circles view an anointing as having the ability to do great things
that make them stand out from others. In the end, much of what is called anointing looks and feels more like a
circus routine driven by the soul and not the spirit. This is not anointing.
Dear brethren, the anointing that is coming is the manifestation of the love of God. Its hallmark will be love love !
Love transcends all divisions, love heals, and love never fails. Love is the greatest of all, for it is God is All in all. Glory
is the ultimate manifestation of God's pure, unhindered essence of love. In His love, the Lord used my wife's hospital
stay to write this on our hearts. Again, we give Him all the glory. May He write this on your heart, as well.