Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but this is my one aim:
to forget everything that's behind, and to strain every nerve to go after what lies ahead.
I press on toward the finish line, where the prize waiting for me is the upward call of God
(Philippians 3:13-14)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
December 23, 2014
Jesus-Yeshua the Deliverer—Number 110
I was scanning the titles of news articles and was caught by an AP report that the oldest verified man in the US died
at 110 years of age on December 23, 2014. The number 23 can signify death , and this man died on the 23 rd . But
what really caught my attention was the number 110, which signifies Christ in a very special way, as seen in types
(Joseph and Joshua) and in Psalms 110.
What follows is not meant to be some prophetic word, a sign, a word from the Lord, or anything like that. It is simply
an observation, perhaps one that can be used as a teachable moment. Also, although what follows stresses biblical
numbers, please understand that, to me, numbers in scripture are simply a tool in our search for more of Christ.
God is the mathematical genius of His creation, and we can rejoice to whatever degree we see His handiwork
through numbers, but let us guard against making too much out of numbers.
Some months back, as I was reading about Joseph and then Joshua, I realized that it is recorded that both men died
at the age of 110. In the positive, they both lived 110 years, for a combined total of 220 years.
So, Joseph died at the age of one hundred and ten years [110]; and he was embalmed and placed in a coffin
in Egypt. (Genesis 50:26) … It came about after these things that Joshua the son of Nun, the servant of the
LORD, died, being one hundred and ten years old [110]. (Joshua 24:29 [added])
This is significant since both men are types of Christ and His arrivals. Interestingly, I did a little research and ran
across about six different biblical sites that discussed the meaning of the number 110, but not one of them
mentioned these two great biblical figures and types in reference to this number. This seems to be a glaring
Joseph typifies several things of Christ, one of which is seen in a robe dipped in blood. In order to deceive their
father Jacob into believing Joseph was dead, Joseph's brothers dipped his prized robe (coat, tunic), given to him by
his father, in goat's blood. For 21 years, Jacob-Israel thought his favorite son was dead. When Joseph was made
manifest to Israel two years into a 7-year famine, he became life, not only to his father, but to all his brothers and
their families. God had sent him before his brethren to preserve life, to keep them alive by a great deliverance
(Genesis 45:5, 7). This is a typified story of our beloved Lord Jesus who represents both the sacrificial sin-offering
goat and the scapegoat (Leviticus 16:7-10). On the cross, He died as a sin offering (first goat) to atone for sin, but
He did not remove sin. When He comes a second time without reference to sin (Hebrews 9:28), He takes away sin
as typified by the scapegoat that was sent out into the wilderness. Thus, the one that was dead (shed blood of the
first goat) is now alive forevermore, and He is coming to remove the sin nature (scapegoat) from His people. Like
Joseph, Jesus is coming to preserve life, to make His brethren alive (immortality) by a great deliverance . The
connection between the type and antitype is the robes dipped in blood.
And they took Joseph's robe, and killed a ram of the goats, and dipped the robe in the blood. (Genesis 37:31)
… He is clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called the word of God. (Revelation 19:13)
Joshua typifies Jesus in that Joshua led (delivered) the sons of Israel into their inheritance in the promised land, just
as Jesus will lead His people into the inheritance of immortal bodies (i.e., promised land) when He comes to meet
His brethren during the Feast of Booths or Tabernacles at the time appointed by His Father.
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Jesus-Yeshua the Deliverer—Number 110
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Further proof of the type and antitype is discovered in the fact that the names Joshua and Jesus are synonymous.
In the Greek, the name Jesus (G2424) is of Hebrew origin (H3091), coming from variations of the name Yehoshua
Jehoshua , Yashua , Yeshua , or Joshua . For the name of Jesus in the genealogy of Matthew 1:1, The Sacred Scriptures
(Bethel Edition) uses Yahshua , and the Complete Jewish Bible uses Yeshua . For the title of the Book of Joshua , the
same translations use the names Yahshua and Y'Hoshua , respectively, and The Scriptures (Institute for Scripture
Research) uses the name Yehoshua . Confused? Don't be; they are just derivations of the same Hebrew word. To be
sure, the translators have their reasons, perhaps even arguments, for using one spelling over the other. It really
doesn't matter for our discussion. What matters is that Joshua is a type of Jesus and the synonymity of their names
is one of the proofs.
To add to our understanding, it seems that when the Psalms were numbered by man, the Lord made sure that one
of David's most profound psalms that points to Christ and the order of Melchizedek, signifying both His first and
second coming (i.e., work), was numbered 110.
The LORD says to my Lord: "Sit at My right hand until I make Your enemies a footstool for Your feet." The
LORD will stretch forth Your strong scepter from Zion, saying, "Rule in the midst of Your enemies." Your
people will volunteer freely in the day of Your power; In holy array, from the womb of the dawn, Your youth
are to You as the dew. The LORD has sworn and will not change His mind, "You are a priest forever according
to the order of Melchizedek." The Lord is at Your right hand; He will shatter kings in the day of His wrath. He
will judge among the nations, He will fill them with corpses, He will shatter the chief men over a broad
country. He will drink from the brook by the wayside; therefore He will lift up His head. (Psalms 110:1-7 NASB)
This is a tremendous psalm that speaks of the new order established by King Jesus that is spiritually operable today
but will be progressively manifested to the nations in the next or oncoming age. So, whether we are dealing with
types or the antitype, the number 110 signifies Christ in a very special way.
Now, there is more to glean from the number 110. In biblical mathematics, the meaning of a number can be seen
by what other numbers are associated with it through division (generally, without fractions), multiplication, or
addition. In the case of the number 110, it can be divided by 10 to produce 11 (or, 10x11 = 110), or by 5 to produce
22 (or, 5x22 = 110). The number 10 signifies ordinal completion, perfection of divine order ; the number 11 signifies
disorder, disintegration ; the number 5 signifies grace ; and the number 22 signifies light .
Could we not say that Jesus brings all that is in disorder and disintegration into the perfection of divine order; or
the one who is full of grace brings all mankind out of darkness into the light of God; or by the grace of God all will
be brought into subjection (i.e., divine order [1 Corinthians 15:24-28]) by Jesus, the light of the world?
But there is more; the number 110 is found in the gematria of the Hebrew word for foundation [H3245] and the
Greek word for abide [G3306]. Through Isaiah, the Lord God says: Behold, I lay in Zion a stone for a foundation
[H3245] , a tried stone, a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation; whoever believes will not act hastily (Isaiah 28:16).
Jesus says: Abide [G3306] in Me, and I in you (John 15:4). John writes: God is love, and the one who abides [G3306]
in love abides [G3306] in God, and God abides [G3306] in him (1 John 4:16). In Isaiah, sure foundation is a duplication
of the same word, yielding the number 220, which, like the number 22, also signifies light . The combined years of
Joseph and Joshua total 220. As types, again, they reveal the light of the world.
Do you see the signification of our beloved Lord Jesus in the number 110 and its various components?
The oldest known man in the US died at the age of 110. How many in America and the world, for that matter, are
like ancient Jacob when he thought his beloved son was dead for a long 21 years? How many see Jesus as a great
man who is now in the grave? How many have given up on Him coming again, thus, treating Him as if He were dead?
Only God knows! But here is the good news: He LIVES! He is COMING! God has laid the sure foundation of the Son
of His love and the light of the world; the one who is full of grace and truth; the one through whom all things will
be subjected back unto the Father; Yeshua, the one who delivers us into immortality. Soon, He will be revealed to
His brethren, so let us be encouraged. It won't be long!