Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but this is my one aim:
to forget everything that's behind, and to strain every nerve to go after what lies ahead.
I press on toward the finish line, where the prize waiting for me is the upward call of God
(Philippians 3:13-14)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
May 5, 2009
Parallels Between America & Ancient Israel
Elsewhere, it has already been shown that Jacob's distress started with Jacob, individually, and then was
repeated with the sons of Israel, nationally. For 21 years, Jacob was in bondage to Laban, and, for 210
years, Israel was in bondage to Egypt. Further, for 21 years, Jacob was separated from his son Joseph,
whom he presumed was lost (dead), and for 210 years, the house of Israel was separated from the house
of Judah until Israel was taken into Assyrian captivity and dispersed among the nations and presumed to
be lost as they became the lost sheep of the house of Israel (Matthew 10:6; 15:24).
We need to be clear that being lost is not a reference to eternal salvation but rather a reference to the
house of Israel losing its national identity . A compelling case could be made, and has been made by
others, that the house of Israel was dispersed throughout Europe, the British Isles, North America (Canada
and the United States), Australia, and South Africa. They were the Caucasians that first migrated north by
way of the Caucus Mountains and spread throughout Europe and eventually into North America. Of
course, if one follows this understanding, it would of necessity eliminate the current state of Israel in the
Middle East from being the lost house of Israel.
An understanding of the 21-year and 210-year cycles will go a long way toward improving, if not
transforming, our understanding of end-time prophetic events and, frankly, lead us away from much of
the great tribulation and rapture (left behind) teaching of our day. Based on the following, an argument
could be made that the history of the USA is a modern-day fulfillment of Jacob's distress, which means
that we are approaching the end of a time of distress instead of heading into one. In fact, it appears that,
based on the 210-year cycle, the history of America has been and continues to be on a parallel course with
the history of ancient Israel, starting with their tax revolt.
So, let us consider the parallels.
First , the house of Israel revolted against the high taxes of the Davidic kingdom, and the American colonies
revolted against the unfair taxation of the British kingdom. In both cases, a division of what could be called
brothers occurred; after all, those that populated the American colonies had come from Britain and
Europe. In the case of America, the American Revolution began two years later, leading to the
independence of the colonies and the formation of a new government on July 2, 1776.
Second , there were 13 original colonies that rebelled against Britain and became states, and there were
13 tribes of Israel. It is a fact that Jacob had 12 sons, but it is also a fact that Joseph's two sons, Ephraim
and Manasseh, who were blessed with the name Israel , became two tribes, yielding a total of 13 tribes.
Further, the number 13 generally refers to rebellion . Rebellion is a major part of the history of ancient
Israel, and it was through rebellion that the American colonies were released from British control.
Third , following the division of Solomon's kingdom, another event occurred in 745 BC when the Assyrians
began to take captive the house of Israel that was located in Samaria. This is where it gets interesting, for
2,520 years or twelve 210-year cycles from 745 BC is the year 1776 AD, which is when the new government
was formed that became the United States. So, 2,520 years after Israel fell into captivity, America was
released from captivity. One government began to fall, another began to rise. By the way, the number 12
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Parallels Between America & Ancient Israel
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signifies divine government , which adds further credence to the importance of these cycles and God's
hand in the governmental affairs of ancient Israel and the US.
Fourth , 24 years after the first assault upon the house of Israel by the Assyrians, the capital of Israel
located in Samaria finally fell into the hands of the Assyrians. This introduces another 2,520-year cycle
that overlaps the first one. From 721 BC to 1800 AD is also 2,520 years or 12 times 210 years. The year
1800 was a very significant year as the nation's capital was officially transferred from Philadelphia to
Washington DC, where it has remained for nearly 210 years (as of 2010). One capital fell, another was
raised. Again, we see the number 12 in action as it relates to the seat of government.
Fifth , the number 21 refers to a time of distress or affliction . Jacob and, later, the nation of Israel went
through periods of distress, and so has the United States. Actually, it appears that the US has been in
Jacob's distress (in varying measures) for its entire history. The year 1986 marks the end of a 210-year
cycle starting in 1776, which is the 13 th such cycle from 745 BC. Dividing these 210 years into 21-year
segments and studying their history reveals that the US has engaged in a war or conflict in every single
21-year period. Through today, the US has been engaged in 20 wars or conflicts, of which 12 were major.
Sixth , the year 1986 does have some significance in regard to taxes. Those who label themselves
conservatives fondly look back to the presidency of Ronald Reagan (1981-1989), who emphasized lower
taxes and less government. Significant changes occurred in the level of taxation and the tax code itself,
beginning in 1981 and culminating in 1986 with the enactment of Tax Reform Act of 1986 , acknowledged
as one of the most far-reaching reforms in the history of the US income tax system.
Seventh , from the beginning of Israel's captivity (745 BC) to the fall of its capital (721 BC) was 24 years.
Likewise, from the release of the American colonies (1776) to the rise of its capital (1800) was 24 years.
Further, the time separating the end of the first overlapping 210-cycle (1776-1986) and the end of the
second overlapping 210-cycle (1800-2010) is 24 years. Is this a coincidence or a prophetic 24-year cycle?
There are too many similarities between the events surrounding the history of the house of Israel and the
United States to write them off as coincidences. With God, nothing is a coincidence; everything is planned
out according to His plan. I realize that some reject the whole notion that America, as well as Canada,
Great Britain, and other nations could somehow be part of the prophetic history of the lost house of Israel,
but given the above, how are we to explain these facts?
Eighth , will something significant manifest in the year 2010, which completes the 210-year cycle that
began in 1800? Will it manifest as a tax issue? Retrospective insert: Yes; it was called the tea party
movement that sought to stop President Obama from transforming America according to his worldview.
The 2010 midterm elections led to the Democrats losing 63 seats in the House of Representatives, handing
power over to the Republicans in this legislative branch. There has been a political fistfight going on
between the two parties since then that has kept our nation divided. But don't miss the taxation
connection with the use of the term tea party . This harkens back to Boston Tea Party of 1773 that was a
protest against taxation without representation .
I have not kept it a secret that, based on a dream and other words that have come to me, the political
system of the US is being judged, which will lead to the release of the American people from the political
cords of falsehood . The number 22 ( light ) follows the number 21. Interestingly, the US started in rebellion
with 13 states but now has 50 states. The number 50 signifies jubilee . Is a jubilee coming for the US and
perhaps the rest of the world? I leave you with this word that came to me at 4.44 am on April 13, 2009: A
crisis is coming . The number 444 is a triple witness of the number 4 , which refers to the world . What is
coming will not only affect the US but the entire world! Time will tell, so we wait. But it is time to wake