Kingdom and Glory

Upward Call

Complete List of Upward Calls from 2007-2021

(2-page commentary based on scripture and current events) 

Listed alphabetically

Abodes in My Father's House HTML PDF

Adam Did What Love Demands HTML PDF

Adam Loved His Body HTML PDF

Adam Tried to Save the Love of His Life HTML PDF

Ages [Eons] Made Through the Son HTML PDF

All in the Christ HTML PDF

All Things From, Through, To Him HTML PDF

All Things - The All HTML PDF

Antichrist HTML PDF

Appointed Times HTML PDF

August 24, 1814 - 197 Years Ago Today HTML PDF

Begotten of God to Believe HTML PDF

Blessed...Whose Trust is the Lord HTML PDF

Bread of His Presence HTML PDF

Brimstone - Agent of Love HTML PDF

Celestials & Catastrophism HTML PDF

Christ, Our Life & Expectation HTML PDF

Church - Temporal or Spiritual? Divided or United? HTML PDF

Clouds Start on the Inside HTML PDF

Come, Let Us Reason Together HTML PDF

Conception of the Orderly Arrangement HTML PDF

Conformed to the Body of His Glory HTML PDF

Consistency HTML PDF

Cords of Falsehood Revisited HTML PDF

Craftiness in Deceitful Scheming HTML PDF

Cycles of Time HTML PDF

Daffodils Blow the Trumpets HTML PDF

Daniel's 70 Weeks Fulfilled HTML PDF

Day of Salvation HTML PDF

Deal is Done - Transcend Time HTML PDF

Dove of Peace HTML PDF

Ecclesiastes 3:11 - Obscurity in Man's Heart HTML PDF

Effective Prayer of a Righteous Man HTML PDF

Elijah: Taken Where? HTML PDF

Enemies at the Gate - Do Not Be Dismayed HTML PDF

Enoch: Taken Where? HTML PDF

Eonian-Aionian Life: Knowing God & His Son HTML PDF

Eonian Judgment - New Age, Liberal Theology or Not? HTML PDF

Epoch Event is Coming! HTML PDF

Establishment, Listen Up HTML PDF

Evidence of the Enthroned Christ HTML PDF

Expectation of Glory - What Bliss!

Faith of Jesus HTML PDF

Father - Name of the One True God HTML PDF

Firstborn of All Creation HTML PDF

First Love HTML PDF

Flee These Things HTML PDF

For He Is Coming! HTML PDF

Foundation of Christ Must Be Cleared HTML PDF

Free Will or God's Will HTML PDF

From the Disruption of the World HTML PDF

Gates of the Unseen (Hades) HTML PDF

Glory & Deep Darkness HTML PDF

Glory Fills the Earth

Glory - Ultimate Freedom & Union

God Gave Them Over to Carnality HTML PDF

God's Highest Order HTML PDF

God's Salvation Equation of ALL HTML PDF

God's Ultimate PurposeThe All HTML PDF

Great Cloud of Witnesses HTML PDF

Greatest Comebacks in History HTML PDF

Having Been with Jesus HTML PDF

Healing of the Body of Christ Corporately & Spiritually HTML PDF

Heaven Comes to Earth HTML PDF

Holy Kiss; How About A Hug? HTML PDF

Hope In Tumultuous Times HTML PDF


Inhabitants of the World Learn Righteousness HTML PDF

Is Christ Enough? HTML PDF

Is God on the Ropes? Chaos, Divine Order, God Particle HTML PDF

Isms of Man HTML PDF

Israel Shall Be Your Name HTML PDF

Jacob's Distress - 21 & 210-Year Cycles HTML PDF

Jerusalem: Has Peace Been Fulfilled? Tale of Two Cities HTML PDF

Jesus - A Living Stone HTML PDF

Jesus' Birth - September 29, 2 BC HTML PDF

Jesus - Christ and King! HTML PDF

Jesus - Clear & Clarify the One Foundation HTML PDF

Jesus - God's Moral Standard HTML PDF

Jesus is Trust HTML PDF

Jesus - No Other Foundation HTML PDF

Jesus - the Ingenerate Word HTML PDF

Jesus the King! (Psalm 98) HTML PDF

Jesus - the Pattern Son PDF

Jesus - the Temple of His Body HTML PDF

Jesus-Yeshua the Deliverer - Number 110 HTML PDF

Joy Set Before Him

Judgment is for Glory HTML PDF

Just the Facts, Ma'am HTML PDF

Kingdom of God: Creator's Rights HTML PDF

Kingdom of God: God's Family HTML PDF

Kingdom of God: Realm of God's Will HTML PDF

Kingdom of Our Lord: The Declaration PDF

Kingdom of the Heavens Suffered Violence HTML PDF

Kingdom of the World HTML PDF

Kingdoms of Men Divided HTML PDF

Kingdom Tower - A Sign of King Jesus' Kingdom HTML PDF

King Jesus' Inaugural & Consummational Arrivals HTML PDF

King Jesus Loves Righteousness & Justice HTML PDF

Lake of Fire HTML PDF

Last Enemy - Death HTML PDF

Leaders of Beast Kingdoms are Smart HTML PDF

Light, Life, Love HTML PDF

Loneliness - Anxious Longing of Creation HTML PDF

Love love - Immersed in Love HTML PDF

Love of God - A Song for All by F. Lehman PDF

Love of the Pattern Son HTML PDF

Love - the Ultimate Essence of God HTML PDF

Made Lower Than Elohim HTML PDF

Make Ready the Way of the Lord HTML PDF

Making Full Restitution HTML PDF

Man's Day HTML PDF

Melchizedek - Healer of Nations HTML PDF

Message for the Nations HTML PDF

National Christmas Tree Toppled HTML PDF

New Creation in Christ HTML PDF

No Word from God Shall Be Void of Power HTML PDF

Number 17 HTML PDF

Number 21 HTML PDF

Number 61 & 37 HTML PDF

Number 70 PDF

Number 93 - Sons of God's Love HTML PDF

Number 144 - Perfection of Government HTML PDF

Number 153 - Sons of God HTML PDF

Number 888 - Jesus HTML PDF

Number 1776 - America, Jesus, Israel HTML PDF

Only Jesus! 700th Upward Call HTML PDF

One New Man in Christ - A New Creation HTML PDF

Only One - Advocate, Deliverer, Mediator HTML PDF

Open Heaven - The Anointing PDF

Out-Resurrection From Among the Dead HTML PDF

Parallels Between America & Ancient Israel HTML PDF

Paul's 3:11 Verses - Good News for All HTML PDF

Paul's Omissions HTML PDF

Predestinated According to the Purpose HTML PDF

Preeminence of King Jesus HTML PDF

Proclaim King Jesus HTML PDF

Proclaim the Coming Arrival of King Jesus HTML PDF

Purpose of the Ages HTML PDF

Quack, Quack! HTML PDF

Replacing Man's Mess with God's Glory HTML PDF

Rod of Iron: Scepter of Truth PDF

Rule in the Midst of Your Enemies HTML PDF

Salted (Preserved) with Fire HTML PDF

Salvation Among the Nations HTML PDF

Scripture Inspired by God HTML PDF

Scripture - Springboard to Union-Life HTML PDF

Second Death HTML PDF

Second Order HTML PDF

Seeing the Lord in 2020 HTML PDF

Seek Above HTML PDF

Seek Me That You May Live HTML PDF

Sermon from Mars HTML PDF

Set the Evidence Before All HTML PDF

Shaking Has Purpose HTML PDF

Shalam, Shabath, Shalah HTML PDF

Simultaneous Time, Turning Points, Chaos HTML PDF

Sodom & the Rainbow HTML PDF

Solar Eclipse & Number 400 HTML PDF

Sons of God - 153 Fish

Soul - Perception of the Senses HTML PDF

Spirit of Stupor HTML PDF

Starting Point - 400 & 430 Years HTML PDF

Stimulate One Another to Love HTML PDF

Stones Cry Out PDF

Testimony of Jesus HTML PDF

Thief in Paradise: When? HTML PDF

Through Many Tribulation - Entering the Reign HTML PDF

Times of Unrest HTML PDF

Time to Grow Up! HTML PDF

Understanding the Times HTML PDF

Unshakable Kingdom of God HTML PDF

Victorious Love of God HTML PDF

We See in an Enigma HTML PDF

What Kind of Body? PDF

What's the Endgame? HTML PDF

What the Gospel Is HTML PDF

When Immortality is Put On HTML PDF

When Were You Saved? HTML PDF

Worries of Life - "Be On Guard" HTML PDF

Your Kingdom Come HTML PDF