Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent. (Jeremiah 20:9)
The testimony of JESUS is the spirit of the prophecy. (Revelation 19:10c)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
World War 3 (Word)
China Conflict (Word)
Just when I thought there was no more to pull out of my archives, I came across more insights that clearly
speak to where we are on God's timeline. Before sharing these, I need to repeat something I wrote in a
previous insight. As a longtime friend tells me: "Keep telling me the same thing and eventually I'll get it."
Or, to quote Paul, to write the same things again is no trouble to me, and it is safe for you.
First, all that has been transpiring since the beginning of the 21 st century are signposts on the highway to
the coming (presence) of King Jesus and the open manifestation on earth of His kingdom . Signposts are
like road signs telling us what road we are on and where it is heading. The prophetic insights I have
documented are telling us that, when we see these things, we will know we are on the right road
(regardless of how bumpy and dangerous it might be) to the ultimate destiny for the human race and all
creation. The destiny is the new creation of the kingdom of God. In spite of the potential trauma of these
events, this is good news.
Frankly, I find it more useful to retrospectively look at (as opposed to trying to predict future events) what
has come to me over the years, for then we can add more specificity and explanation to them. Besides,
looking back and then comparing to where we are today serves, at least in my mind, to validate that these
insights are from the Lord and not some figment of my imagination.
Second, since the turn of the century, have you noticed how many things have been classified as a crisis ?
It seems as if everything is a crisis these days. Now, add to this: once something is identified as a crisis, it
doesn't take much time before it is labeled a war , as well. Truly, a war is a crisis, but does every crisis have
to be hyped up as a war? The fact of the matter is that for years we have been told we are in various types
of war—drug war, poverty war, financial war, currency war, trade war, social war, political war, cyber war,
information war, to name a few. With the pandemic, President Trump and others have described the
battle over the covid-19 virus as a war. The point is that, in our day, labeling something a war often doesn't
refer to conventional war that is fought with guns and bombs. We could call these abstract wars .
However, we must not lose sight of Paul's exhortation: The warfare we're engaged in isn't against flesh
and blood. It's against the leaders, against the principalities, against the authorities, against the world-
holders, of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenlies (Ephesians 6:12).
Down through the centuries, there have been unseen dark, spiritual forces driving world leaders to take
evil courses of action. A 20 th century example would be the dark forces that drove the Nazis in their
conquest to establish the Third Reich throughout the world.
These driving forces are like a wind (unseen, but felt) that sweeps people up and carries them to a new
place. The danger comes in when these forces use deception (lies), coercion, manipulation, fear, and
appeals for the common good (or: "it is for your own good"), either nationally or globally, in order to
lead people into a dangerous, evil place, by herding them into an ideology, much like corralling cattle,
WW3, China Conflict
so they are penned into thinking and reacting a certain way. This is often done through fear and
authoritarianism . Are we now facing something similar?
Now, during 2015, I was woken in the night with several significant words. These came like "breaking
news" that interrupted my sound sleep. Frankly, I'm not sure why I never reported on these, except,
perhaps, it all has to do with the Lord's timing. Besides, I see my calling as pointing out the signposts along
the way to the kingdom of God and the arrival of King Jesus. The events to get there will come and go,
much of which most people will soon forget. The destiny is what matters most. So, if I am mistaken over
some of these insights, it really doesn't matter. What matters is looking at the insights as a whole to see
the pattern that the Lord has shown me over 25 years. To this end, I often recommend that, in order to
see this pattern, people need to read through the many insights I have presented. What follows goes along
with Worst Year
I'll present the three words that came to me and then offer commentary on them, for there seems to be
a linkage between them.
At 2:47 am, on August 17, 2015, I was woken with this word: World War 3 has begun. He (man) has taken
his stand in the temple of God .
At 2:57 am, on August 21, 2015, I was once again woken with a word: China is the source of the next
major conflict .
At 9:23 pm, on September 7, 2015, I heard: The whole earth will shudder . With this word, I physically felt
my body shudder.
Now, let us start with World War 3 (WW3). Based on history, the term world war refers to an all-
encompassing military conflict involving most of the nations of the world—thus, World War 1 (WW1) and
World War 2 (WW2). It only follows that WW3 refers to a global military conflict, as well. Keep in mind
that the two great wars of the 20 th century did not commence as if a switch were turned on and the whole
world were embroiled in conflict; rather, they began with a series of events. It is in this light that we must
approach this matter of WW3.
To put this in the proper framework, we need to pay attention to the verb tense. In August, 2015, WW3
was already in motion (i.e., has begun ), without indicating exactly when it started. (I have been given no
indication to transcend time with this word.) We can only assume it started either before or during 2015.
Based on current events, it is still in play in 2020 and will only increase, probably climaxing with a major
military conflict. But here is the interesting thing; it appears that there is a war (or: are wars) within a war.
Starting in 2018, I began once again hearing of war coming (1.14.18), the world and the church are at a
crossroad the end has begun (4.14.18), a great storm is coming (4.2.19), urgency was in the air (9.11.19),
and the world is about to go through a dramatic change (10.27.19). The change has begun!
Based on the previous comments about the many types of wars people see in our day— abstract wars (in
contrast to military conflicts)—it appears that these abstract wars are precursors to a military conflict,
which is not abstract.
Obviously, a global military conflict did not start in 2015, so to understand the commencement of WW3,
we must search for events starting in 2015 that lead the way. Plainly, we should be looking for some crisis
WW3, China Conflict
(or: a series of crises) that grows into a war (or: wars) along the lines of those already mentioned. This
would go along with the perfect storm where many crises come together in a short period of time that
cause major disruption in the life of many to the point that conditions on earth are described as seismic ,
even as a climactic upheaval .
So, what was going on during the summer of 2015? There were two noteworthy events.
First, the world began to take note of China's movement into the South China Sea as they began to occupy
some island reefs in that area, expanding them through land reclamation and then militarizing them.
Several nations in that region, along with the United States, objected. During 2015, the US warned China
(May 30) and began naval operations in the area, as well as flyovers of these islands; all to the objections
of China. As recently as April 2020, it was reported that the US continues to send ships into this area, once
again over the objections of China. We'll come back to China; but next, we need to consider the seismic
political event of 2015 that connects back to China.
Second, June 2015 was the rise of the populist movement in the US with Donald Trump in the lead. Trump
declared his candidacy for president and, in August 2015, he appeared at the first debate of a full house
of Republican candidates. In July 2016, he was nominated at the RNC convention and went on to win the
election in November. This was a seismic political event that sent shock waves across the US, especially
among the elite establishment of Washington DC, that extended to the capitals of many nations around
the world. And, these waves have continued unabated into 2020 and will continue until we see what
happens with the November presidential election. It is safe to say that the global establishment,
including its well-entrenched component in US politics and mainstream media, declared war on Donald
Trump; a war that has not abated but grown more intense as the years have progressed .
In a strange twist, Trump's presidency has sent a shudder of panic and fear throughout the establishment
as Trump has upset their coconut cart (pun intended).
Is there any doubt that Trump and China are at the center of this war that has already begun? The answer
is discovered in the second word I received that China would be the source of the next major conflict.
One promise Trump made in his campaign for president was to turn back what he sees as the unfair trade
deals with China and our loss of many manufacturing jobs to Chinese factories. To this end, starting in
2018, a tariff war began between the two nations. I won't go through the details; you can read them
yourself. As part of this, on August 11, 2015 , China devalued its yuan. On August 5, 2019 , a global news
headline read: US and China may be Headed for a Currency War . I'll leave this for those who understand
things like this to explain, but the point is that conflict has been building between the US and China at
least since 2015.
Now, enter 2019-2020 and what is the main news every single day: The China Virus also known as covid-
19 ! Since early on, Trump has been pounded by the press for calling it the China Virus , yet the 1918
pandemic virus is generally called the Spanish Flu (without objection). As of today, this virus is stirring
more conflict between the two nations as Trump ramps up his rhetoric against China. Mind you; I'm not
justifying any of this, nor am I taking a position. As they used to say: I'm just reporting the facts (something
that is dreadfully lacking in our day). You can draw your own opinion. Regardless of how one views this,
China is the source of this major conflict (i.e., the virus) that has swept across the globe .
WW3, China Conflict
In searching for a timeline for this virus, I came across the following that provides a link from 2015 to the
November 9, 2015 : Wuhan Institute of Virology publishes a study revealing they created a new virus
in the lab from SARS-CoV. (Recently, it has been reported that the US funded some of the research
at this lab during this period.)
December 6, 2019 : Five days after a man linked to Wuhan's seafood market presented pneumonia-
like symptoms, his wife contracted it, suggesting human to human transmission.
December 27, 2019 : China's health authorities reported a novel disease, then affecting some 180
patients, was caused by a new coronavirus.
December 26-30, 2019 : Evidence of a new virus emerged from Wuhan patient data.
Thus, based on what came to me in light of what is transpiring before our very own eyes, it is apparent
that WW3 has truly begun. Interestingly, as if on cue, this very day that I am writing this, a video appeared
on the internet in which a retired Air Force General said: We are in World War 3. We are at war with
China . With the Lord, I don't believe in coincidences.
Truly, the whole earth shudders under the weight of this pandemic that started in China, which is the
source of this current major conflict. The question is how far will this shudder go?
Consider the meaning of shudder to shake or to tremble, often with fear. Is it not true that fear has
swept across the globe? As I watch people out in public and listen to interviews of everyday people, I think
it is safe to conclude that there is a level of fear among the populace. A recent poll in the US revealed that
a large percentage of Americans do not want the nation opened up too soon and are willing to live under
"house arrest" until the government gives them a sense of feeling safe. Yet, there seems to be a conflict
in these polls as more Americans are rising up against stay-at-home executive orders.
I can personally attest to the fear out there. I walked into an "essential" business and the manager yelled
at me with a frantic voice telling me to stop in my tracks and not move. Fortunately, I remained calm and
tried to calm her. She then explained to me that a person had just entered her store with a letter from a
physician saying the person had the flu and was looking for a certain vitamin. This literally freaked her out.
With that, she closed her store to walk-in customers. Now, to buy from this store, you have to call in the
order, pay for it over the phone, and she'll deliver it curbside. Adding to this, in our area, people walk on
nature trails or travel in golf carts while wearing masks.
Unfortunately, the public health establishment doesn't seem interested in quelling these fears as they
push for massive testing, tracing, wearing masks while in all public places, constant social distancing, and
as they push for "scientifically"-proven treatment protocols and, ultimately, vaccines for everyone
(perhaps with tracking). Is it any wonder we keep hearing 18 months? On top of this, every day we are
told they are learning something new about this virus, as if it is some alien from outer space. (Of course, I
jest, but this is how ridiculous it has become.) This is enough to send a shudder throughout the masses.
This shudder will not end anytime soon; in fact, it will only increase, if not with this pandemic crisis, then
with the next wave of crises. Perhaps the earth itself will physically shudder at some point, as in a major
WW3, China Conflict
seismic shaking of the earth. This could come from an earthquake unlike any we have ever seen. See:
Quake America and Hand Sweeps Across
Eastern USA Of course, there are other things
that could bring a shudder to the earth, but at this point all of this is mere speculation.
Now, there is one more word that needs to be considered. The commencement of WW3 is joined with
someone having taken (notice: it has already begun, meaning it's not future) a stand in the temple of God.
Interpreting this presents a challenge because of all the end-time doctrines out there dealing with an
antichrist; much of which I question. Rather than drudging through the weeds of these views, I'm going to
simply offer my interpretation, recognizing that it could change if conditions on the ground change.
Taking a stand in the temple of God is a metaphor for one who takes the place of God as if a god. We
see this same type of wording through Paul who warned of a man of lawlessness soon to arise in his day
(i.e., first century AD), not one to arise thousands of years later, as so many teach today. What we need
to see is the principle of one standing and not focus on end-time teaching of a single individual called the
antichrist who will rule the world. In other words, let us look for the spirit of the matter that is driving
people (i.e., leaders) to take a stand as if gods.
No one should be deluding you by any method, for, should not the apostasy be coming first and the
man of lawlessness be unveiled, the son of destruction, who is opposing and lifting himself up over
everyone termed a god or an object of veneration , so that he is seated in the temple of God ,
demonstrating that he himself is God ? (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 CLV [bold italic added])
Thus, being seated in the temple of God represents one who attempts to take the place of God in ruling
over a people. A similar representation is discovered in Matthew 23:2 where Jesus said the scribes and
Pharisees sat on Moses' seat. Obviously, they weren't literally sitting on a chair. In this context, Jesus spoke
of how this group was ruling over the people—telling them what to do, placing heavy burdens on them,
while not placing the same burdens on themselves.
Note that both examples speak of being seated but the word I received spoke of standing. As I see it,
taking a stand implies that one is beginning to exercise absolute authority in some special god-like way.
Combining this with the other words that came to me, it implies a war-like stance. Paul gives us
precedence for this view as he described a Christian's battle as a war in which we must stand and
withstand with the full armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-17).
Again, I want to stress that it would be a mistake to look for one man in the world today that has taken a
stand in the temple of God, that is, demonstrating that he is a god and thus qualifying as the antichrist.
The word I was given refers to something much broader—what John called the spirit of antichrist . I say
this because the word that came to me could be reworded as he, that is, man has taken his stand in the
temple of God . In other words, he is defined as man, generically speaking, and not an individual.
With this understanding, we need to focus on the spirit of antichrist (a dark, driving force) that has swept
across the globe. In a revised edition of a previous insight, I explain with a little more clarity the spirit of
antichrist , which is a spirit that usurps the rule of Christ . Rather than repeat my explanation here, I refer
you to this insight, specifically pages 5-6.
See: Sovereignty of God
WW3, China Conflict
In principle, the ones who have begun to take their stand are ones who have usurped that which belongs
to God alone. They are a gross misrepresentation or counterfeit of the true temple of God with God's Son
on the throne. These usurpers have made themselves like gods, much like the Caesars in the first century
did as they called themselves sons of god . This is the spirit of absolute authoritarianism. Their word, not
God's word, stands in authority.
Without naming names or taking a political side in any of this (by the way, our side must be the kingdom
of God )—looking across the broad spectrum of what has been happening during this five-year period
(2015-2020), it should be clear to the spiritually discerning that man (again, generically speaking) has taken
his stand in the temple of God. Leaders in a multitude of disciplines, not just in politics, have declared
themselves gods, not through a verbal declaration but through their actions and words. They have placed
themselves at the center of their temple, which, in this case, is their being, as represented by their body
(a temple). Instead of having Christ as their center (which they probably never had in the first place), they
are openly manifesting that they are like gods. Again, this is not just among the politicians but among
many other disciplines. The most notable ones today are discovered with those who seek to unite the
world under one global governance and those in the medical/public health arena that are trying to drive
humanity toward what could be called a subhuman existence as the new norm. Humans weren't created
in God's image to live six feet apart and wear masks when around one another. Is the new norm hiding
our facial expressions, especially our smiles, when communicating with one another?
Adding to this is the latest move by social media and big tech firms to censor across their platforms any
views that are considered by them to be misinformation that undermines that which is being pushed by
the so-called establishment . One platform has censored views that challenge what is coming out of the
World Health Organization . The same platforms have censored those who challenge the so-called settled
science of global warming (now disguised and hyped up as manmade climate change ) and anyone who
tries to raise awareness to the dangers of vaccines .
By the way, science is never settled ; it is constantly seeking for answers. But today, science and
technology, especially AI (artificial intelligence), have become the new gods , as if we are not to question
what comes out of science, as presented by the establishment . What we hear is: We must follow the
science , which, in certain sectors, is being manipulated by some to sell the world a false, ideological
narrative. Case in point: global warming is real and bad, or tainted vaccines are good. Or, we need to
follow the data , meaning massive amounts are necessary in order to make decisions, along with the
science. To do this, they need to track our every move, which only adds to the security state . Or, AI is
smarter than humans so we must follow its every lead and ignore our own spiritual intuition that, by the
way, comes from God. This is idolatry!
Thus, critical thinking (not mindless criticism , as is constantly being thrust at Trump) is now being
stigmatized as misinformation from which people need to be protected. When someone or an
organization decides what people need to hear and not hear, they are placing themselves as gods in their
temple and see themselves as ruling over the people. Their word stands and they will back it up with police
action if necessary.
Let's be clear that what we are experiencing today goes much deeper than forcing people to simply follow
some rules laid out in executive orders because these things are for our own good. To be fair, some who
are driving these rules truly believe they are doing the right thing for everyone. What I am highlighting
are the evil, spiritual forces behind some of this that even the best-intentioned leaders have
WW3, China Conflict
unintentionally embraced. However, the nature of fallen man should remind us that there are others
out there who do know what they are doing and it is not for the common good. Adding to this, it seems
that once government puts new rules in place to respond to a crisis, some of these rules never go away.
Case in point is what happened after 9.11 as the security state took over and has grown stronger.
Are we like the proverbial frog in the pot with the water gradually warming up making the frog sleepy
until the water is at full boil and it is too late for the frog to jump out?
Make no mistake about it—we are in an ideological, propaganda war for the mind of the people. It is a
war over the mind of the human race! The water keeps getting warmer as the people get sleepier. It is
time to wake up, people!
We must be alert to tyranny overtaking us, something I warned about in another insight. Here is an
On April 25, 2013, I heard: Tyranny is coming. Shortly after that and continuing with greater
intensity to the present, alternate news media began reporting that tyranny had come upon us from
our governments. By the way, a tyrant is one who is a usurper, a usurper of power and authority .
The world system that we see today is a usurper, a counterfeit to the kingdom of God. Now, in 2019,
an interesting phenomenon has begun to surface in which those who first warned of tyranny are
now themselves being accused of tyranny just for raising the concern. It is an attempt to silence
voices that disagree with what is happening in our nation—a concept that is totally contrary to the
guarantees of the Bill of Rights (First Amendment). America, it is time to wake up!
As for us Christians, remember that blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons
of God. Our voice must be that of the spirit of the Lord speaking through us, just as in the days of
the first apostles. May it be: For it is not you who speaks, but the spirit of your Father speaking
through you (Matthew 10:20). [end of excerpt]
We need to heed Paul's exhortation.
Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind , that by testing
you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. (Romans 12:2 ESV
[bold italic added])
Thank God, we have the mind of Christ!
Dear saints, this is the nature of World War 3 as far as we know it today. To be sure, there is much more
to come—another wave of tumult, perhaps one that will take the world from upheaval to a total
meltdown of man's structures. At any rate, it does seem that, at least on a non-military level, the world
has entered a period called World War 3 that is being fought on a multitude of levels. Based on what I
have presented in the Worst Year , I believe military conflict will be the climax of this war, probably within
this decade. With all of this in view, we need to stay alert to what is going on with China, especially its
relationship to the US. And, let us not overlook the ongoing persecution of true Christians in the nation of
the dragon.
WW3, China Conflict
I believe God's hand of protection over the US has been lifted in some measure so the outcome of any
military action is not assured, regardless of our so-called superior military might . If I have heard correctly,
victory is not guaranteed if we engage in military conflict. Pride goes before the fall, so we need to humble
ourselves before the almighty hand of God. Our Engedi moment is ahead of us!
As an aside, the beginning of WW3 coincides with the commencement of the last 7-year period of my
proposed 21-year cycle (2000-2021). As if a spiritual pun to remind us of WW3, a state governor just
announced people need to remember the 3 W's: Wear (masks), Wait (distance), Wash (hands). What a
strange war!
We need to be like Paul who kept his eyes and heart on the prize set before him.
… that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being
conformed to His death; in order that I may attain to the resurrection from the dead. Not that I have
already obtained it or have already become perfect, but I press on so that I may lay hold of that for
which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus. Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of
it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press
on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus . (Philippians 3:10-14)
We don't shudder in fear, for we are in King Jesus, the very embodiment of the unshakable kingdom of
Let us press on; it won't be long!
King Jesus is coming to the rescue!
Revised 5.22.2020 (pages 3, 6)