Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent. (Jeremiah 20:9)
The testimony of JESUS is the spirit of the prophecy. (Revelation 19:10c)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
Numbers 18 & 11 (Commentary)
Before I start into these two numbers, I need to add to a recent posting in which I emphasized that war is
coming. This morning I was searching for a word that came to me some years ago; I had to search back to
2014 to locate it. This led me to look through notes from 2014-2019. What jumped out at me was that
starting around September, 2014, the spirit of the Lord began to speak to me on numerous occasions
warning that war is coming, and this will lead to the end of the age. I'm not so sure this war (or: wars) is
the kind being talked about today; it seems more like military wars that cause death and destruction. Yet,
on the other hand, people out of work is a destructive force. Regardless, in the midst of this will be another
war of an entirely different nature, not fought with guns but with peace and love, and it will be fought by
a company of the Lord's people gushing forth with the anointing and presence of King Jesus that will arise
from within them. These are the conquerors shod with the gospel of peace—the sons and daughters of
the kingdom fully matured into the image of the Son—and they will wage the war of peace . The good
news is that peace wins! See: War of Peace
Now, in two previous prophetic insights ( Sovereignty of God and Worst Year—2021 ), I commented on the
numbers 18 and 11 in light of the pandemic and a pattern that seems to be in play regarding the 21-year
cycle that commenced at the onset of the 21 st century. By the way, in case you forgot, the number 21
signifies a time of distress or the exceeding sinfulness of sin when it appears as a time factor. For the last
20 years, we have been in a time of distress, which has now risen to a new height for the entire world. On
the flip side, the number 21 also signifies coming out of distress and into divine perfection . The number
22 signifies light , so coming out of distress into the light tells us that there is light at the end of the dark
tunnel, so to speak. Of course, the light waiting for us is none other than the Light of the world—King
Jesus . Does this have any significance for the year 2022? We'll have to wait and see. See: Number 21
To begin, I thought it might be helpful to offer some biblical explanations of why the number 18 signifies
bondage , and the number 11 signifies disorder, disintegration . I'll conclude with some commentary in
light of the pandemic.
The following biblical explanations have been taken from three sources: Number in Scripture by E.W.
Bullinger; The Meaning of Biblical Numbers by Stephen E. Jones; Biblical Mathematics by Ed. F. Vallowe.
Number 18
In Hebrew, the number 18 is written as yod-chet . The literal meaning of yod (number 10) is closed hand
symbolic of deed, work, to make . The literal meaning of chet (number 8) is fence, hedge, chamber
symbolic of private, to separate . Putting these meanings together yields to make one fenced in ; thus,
bringing people into bondage or oppression .
Eighteen is specifically cited in two back-to-back accounts presented by Jesus: the ones upon whom the
tower fell who were in bondage to sin, and a woman who was bent-over in bondage to a disabling spirit.
Numbers 18 & 11
Or those eighteen on whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them : do you think that they were
worse offenders than all the others who lived in Jerusalem? (Luke 13:4 ESV [bold italic added])
"And ought not this woman, a daughter of Abraham whom Satan bound for eighteen years , be
loosed from this bond on the Sabbath day?" (Luke 13:16 ESV [bold italic added])
Going back in history, we discover that the 18 th time Abram is mentioned was when his wife was in
bondage in the house of Pharaoh (Genesis 12:18). The 18 th time Abraham is mentioned, the Lord spoke
of Sodom and Gomorrah in the bondage of sin (Genesis 18:19). Moving forward in time, the 18 th time
Israel is mentioned speaks of the sons of Jacob beginning their bondage in Egypt (Genesis 46:8). In the
Book of Judges, the children of Israel were in bondage to their enemies for 18 years (Judges 3:14; 10:7-8).
Finally, there are 18 references where Israel is spoken of in bondage, and the 18 th time is a reminder to
the children of Israel that they were brought out of the house of bondage in Egypt (Judges 6:8).
Number 11
The number 11 sits between two divine numbers: 10 signifies divine order or ordinal completion , as well
as the works of the law (we see that Moses was given ten commandments); 12 signifies divine government .
Given that 11 is one more than 10 signifies something more than God's order, meaning man adds to it,
creating disorder; and given that 11 is one short of divine government signifies that man's ways fall short
of God's ways of governing, leading to imperfection or incompleteness . We could say it leads to disorder
or disintegration .
In Hebrew, the number 11, like the number 18, consists of the letter yod , meaning hand , plus the letter
aleph , meaning one's strength . We could say that when man works apart from God (i.e., independently),
it is an imperfect work that is out of order (not lining up with God's order) with the ultimate outcome
being disintegration. Man's work apart from God will always fall short, for it is incomplete and imperfect.
In scripture, when Joseph was sold off into slavery by his rebellious brothers, Jacob's house was in disorder
with only eleven sons. Later in the history of this rebellious house, Israel was rebellious against God ten
times from when they left Egypt until they arrived at Kadesh-Barnea and the twelve spies returned from
the land with their report. Their eleventh rebellious act occurred when they refused to enter the land, for
which the first generation was banished until they all died on their 40-year wilderness journey. It took
them eleven days from Mount Horeb to Kadesh-Barnea; if they had gone into the land it would have been
on the twelfth day, indicating God's divine government. The eleven-day journey was prophetic of their
falling short. There are other references to the number 11 indicating disorder: the Babylonians destroyed
Jerusalem in the eleventh year (Jeremiah 39:2), and Ezekiel was given revelation of the destruction of Tyre
and of Egypt, both in the eleventh year (Ezekiel 26:1: 30:20). Even the eleventh hour, spoken of by Jesus,
indicates something out of order. Idleness when men should be working is out of order. As we see in our
day, many are now idle due to government mandates.
And about the eleventh hour he went out and found others standing. And he said to them, 'Why do
you stand here idle all day?' (Matthew 20:6 ESV)
Other examples of both numbers can be found in scripture but the ones presented are enough to make
the case.
Numbers 18 & 11
Now, let us consider these numbers in light of some of the news that has been reported during this
pandemic, starting with the number 18. Previously, I wrote:
During the 2008 crisis, some world leaders were declaring that the financial crisis could be overcome
in 18 months. Now, in 2020, we are hearing the very same number coming from the so-called health
experts . It will take 18 months before there is a vaccine and this virus comes under control. It seems
rather strange to see this number appear in both crises. What is so special about 18 months? Does
it take that long to get enough momentum to achieve one's objective? I don't have an answer, so I
leave it with one thought—the number 18 signifies bondage .
After writing this, three more references appeared in the news: one from a Federal Reserve president who
said we could see 18 months of rolling shutdowns, one came out of France that they were facing another
18 months, and one reiterated by Bill Gates, the one driving for vaccinations across the globe. Why 18
months? Of course, the simplest and most innocent explanation for this could be that, through experience,
these people know it will take that long to achieve success for whatever is in view, whether it is the
development of vaccines or financial stability or whatever. But why is this now coming from divergent
sources? Is there really an innocent explanation or is there some other driving force behind It? What do a
money man, a national leader, an uber-rich philanthropist who claims to understand public health, and
public health officials who have shut down the world have in common that would lead them to this
mystical number? Money? Power? Control? Fame? Ignorance?
Some say the elitists, often occultists, have a code that says they must tell the world what they are up to.
I'll leave this to others to explain. However, by staying somewhat generic and using language I have used
in other writings, it appears to me that there is an overall driving force, as in a spiritual force , behind this
so-called pandemic telling us what it's up to—that is, to bring the people across the globe (i.e., us) into
some form of bondage. If so, this could be one of the reasons for so much confusion and chaos being on
display through exaggeration, over-reaction, deception (lies), coercion, manipulation, and appeals to
follow orders, even to the point of destruction of livelihoods and businesses.
Will this force win out in fencing people in their own homes for 18 months? Early signs in the US indicate
that some (perhaps, the many) will not put up with such action.
Don't take me wrong; this virus has a very serious side to it, in that it kills the very vulnerable, and some
precautions are in order. However, the information that is being fed to us by those calling the shots and
the many voices analyzing and critiquing (criticizing) every word given in briefings and every step or non-
step taken leaves one's head spinning in trying to sort out fact, fiction and, frankly, manipulation of data
and so-called science to achieve an agenda based in some ideology. The official line is that we need a
vaccine to combat the virus and one is right around the corner, but as I write this, another so-called health
expert is saying we may never have one. Which is it? As I have said, it is a vortex—as in the perfect storm.
Within this vortex, there does seem to be an overall agenda being pushed on us that goes beyond simply
isolating all of us in our homes in a panic over a single virus, and it is called globalism . A former UK health
official recently said that global health security and global climate change are two critical issues requiring
partnership across the globe, which goes along with the call for global governance to combat not only
these issues but to push agendas, attempting to inoculate the world with dangerous ideologies. Don't be
Numbers 18 & 11
surprised when climate change and over-population are blamed for pandemics. We're already hearing
that the herd (world population) needs to be culled and that humans don't belong on earth.
However, having said all this from the perspective of fallen man, there is a driving force behind all this that
we must not overlook. What I am really driving toward is the word Paul has left us regarding our true
battle. It's no secret; one that is so obvious we might overlook it or take it for granted during times like
this, as we adjust to this so-called new norm of masks, social distancing, etc.
Put on the panoply of God, to enable you to stand up to the stratagems of the Adversary, for it is
not ours to wrestle with blood and flesh, but with the sovereignties, with the authorities, with the
world-mights of this darkness, with the spiritual forces of wickedness among the celestials."
(Ephesians 6:11-12 CLV)
Simply, there are spirit-forces of darkness that drive people to follow a course that is actually detrimental
to humanity. They are evil forces that are so diabolical that they lead some, especially leaders and their
followers, into what could be called subhuman activities , that is, things that go against the grain of what
it means to be human. Case in point is Hitler and his Nazi regime, along with other despots of history that
have aimed to bring people into bondage to failed ideals.
As Christians, we need discernment in these dark days—that is, discernment of the type of spirit that is at
work, not only today but in the days ahead. Test the spirits! This is particularly essential in this day of cult-
heroes that people practically worship. I'm concerned that there are brothers and sisters in the Lord that
have drunk the kool-aid of this cultishness. There are no saviors out there. Some in the limelight might be
well-intentioned, but they themselves are in bondage to a corrupt system (as we all are) that is crumbling
before our eyes, no matter how positive the spin some leaders put on it to pat themselves on the back.
See: Cords of Falsehood
As we put on personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, etc.) to protect ourselves from an unseen
enemy, let us not lose sight of the most important protection of all. Let us put on Christ! There is only
one who can and will set us free from this bondage to corruption. There is only one savior. You know
His name—JESUS!
To the Lord's people living in the US, don't be deceived by warm and fuzzy speeches that say all will be ok
and things will get back to normal (or: some new normal, indicating it really won't be normal) very soon
and we will soar to the heights of economic success and greatness. And, don't be lulled into thinking a
$1200 check is going to make a difference for most people who live from paycheck to paycheck and who
already have a mountain of bills they can't pay.
On May 3, 2016, a word came to me that there is a mighty storm brewing that will sweep across the
globe—death and destruction . Then, on April 4, 2020, a word came to me straight out of Jeremiah 12:12:
Destroyers have come. There is no peace for anyone. Then, on April 20, 2020, another word came to me,
only this time from Jeremiah 11:12: Their gods will not save them in the time of peril. What we see today
is only a precursor of what is coming. As I have said, it is a test run or a trial, and the next storm may not
be a pandemic (although not ruled out) but something greater, like war, or literal upheaval of the earth
itself (and all that these things bring upon nations). I'm not predicting specific events, but only what the
spirit of the Lord has given me. By the way, I have hedged on this a bit in other writings, but I can't any
longer: the spirit of the Lord has come to judge the world!
Numbers 18 & 11
The darkness of our day is much greater than most realize. Why? I believe most don't realize it because
we have just come through the most prosperous and peaceful and technologically advanced period of
world history, and we who have been blessed to be in the heart of this cannot fathom this going away.
We have been taught that there is no limit to economic and technological growth, as if it is always going
to be exponential. I saw this early on in my career working for one of the largest companies in the world
at the time. Every year had to be better than the last year, and if it wasn't, people were laid off or budgets
were drastically cut so that the mirage of growth could be presented to shareholders. This was when I
learned life does not operate on a straight line that keeps going in one direction—up. In actuality, it goes
up and down in a cyclical fashion. Yet, most of us in the western world have lived with the illusion that the
sky is the limit, meaning there is no limit. Or, we have lived by the illusion of the American dream. Have
you ever considered that a dream is not reality? We have to wake up from dreams. It is time to wake
from our sleep. Nations have life cycles as well, meaning they rise and fall. Don't be fooled by the rhetoric
that says or indicates otherwise.
The reality is that all of us have been in bondage to a corrupt system all our lives and we have been blind
to this fact. It has been like the Jews living in the heart of Babylon; they were told to thrive in their captivity
and many did to the point that when it was time to head back to Jerusalem, many chose to stay. Bondage
wasn't so bad for them. It hasn't been bad for us either; but the time is up and we are being called to fully
enter the greatest and most profound kingdom of the whole universe and beyond. Will you go or stay?
It has been impressed on my heart many times over the years that the world is about to go through
dramatic change as life for all of us dramatically changes. It is no longer coming; it is upon us! The present
world system likened to ancient Babylon is corrupt to the core; it is judged and must fall and, as it does,
the days will be dramatic for all. But the good news is that in its fall, the kingdom of God will begin to fill
the whole earth through a people, the conquerors, who have reached maturity, the full stature, through
the anointing and presence of the Lord Jesus.
In the US, what we are witnessing is a sign of the corruption and the unreasoned nature of the system
that runs our nation and to which we have been yoked—that is, brought into bondage. The leaders of our
land are like a selfie of America . Look at them and you see the very soul of America, both left and right,
and all in between. The same could be said for all nations on earth today.
Now, let us again consider the number 11 in light of it signifying disorder or disintegration . I have
referenced a possible 11-year cycle in another insight where I joined some specific dates and events into
one dialogue. This is an excerpt.
Putting aside the actual years, note the 11-day intervals that seem to be in two waves: from a
warning to a crash is 11 days; from a cataclysmic upheaval to a meltdown is 11 days . Notice the
increase in intensity—a meltdown is greater than a crash. Could it be that we are now in the second
wave, which is one of upheaval to meltdown? I've been considering the possibility that, in addition
to the three 7-year cycles we've been in since 2000, there might be 11-year cycles beginning in 1999
(1999 to 2010; 2010 to 2021). If so, is there a third cycle running from 2021 to 2032?
Others have postulated that the end of man's day or the 6,000 years from Adam occurred on September
11, 1999. I have entertained the idea but not fully embraced it. But let's assume that it is true and that it
began an 11-year cycle that ended in September, 2010. It is no secret that I see Wednesday, September 8
in some year as having great significance regarding the coming of the Lord. Interestingly, September 8 fell
Numbers 18 & 11
on a Wednesday in 1999, followed by Tishri 1 (Trumpets) on September 11. In 2010, September 8 fell on
a Wednesday with Tishri 1 falling on September 9. Technically, the evening of the 8 th was the beginning
of Tishri 1. This lined up perfectly. However, there was no discernible event that occurred at that time.
Fast forwarding, the next time Wednesday falls on September 8 is in 2021, the end of the 21-year cycle I
have proposed. What if this is also the end of a second 11-year cycle starting on September 8, 2010? As I
have proposed elsewhere, Tishri 1 in 2021 falls on September 7, making the 8 th Tishri 2. He takes away the
first order to establish the second order! This gives us two 11-year cycles with beginning and end-dates
based on Wednesday, September 8. Perhaps, the reason for nothing discernible happening in 2010, as if
passed over, was to fulfill the law of second order. In God's economy, the second is always the greater,
which points to 2021, without speculating exactly what will transpire on that day. If nothing of substance
manifests, then we might be in for another 11-year cycle of greater intensity, leading to September 8,
2032. We will know soon enough!
The point is that these 11-year cycles have been about disorder and disintegration of the systems of the
world that are destined to crumble, for they are things created that can be shaken. By all indications, this
is true and, as such, we can expect that the disorder will only continue, probably even intensify as we slide
into 2021 beginning in the fall of 2020. If we see some level of normalization soon and even hear that
everything is on the rebound, don't be lulled into false security, as if we are out of the woods, so to speak,
for we won't be. Disorder, chaos, and confusion will lead to disintegration and crumbling on many levels.
I recognize that some reading this will want to put this down as I'm branded too negative, perhaps too
doomsdayish . If you think like this, then you miss the point that I have been driving home throughout all
my writings. There really is good news, and it is discovered in the King of all kings whose name is Jesus . He
is the light of the world shining in the deep darkness. He cannot and will not fail to set all things right in
heaven and on earth. His death, resurrection, ascension, and glorification have sealed the destiny of
creation and all humanity. It is called glory !
I'm reminded of an experience I had during one of our African trips. I had finished an evening session
teaching to a good-size crowd in a remote village when I received a written question. My teaching that
night, as it was every time I taught, was on Christ being central, supreme, and preeminent to His people.
The question that came was: Why are you telling us these things? All we want to do is worship. This person
never got the message because they wanted to stay where they were. They were comfortable just dancing
up a storm to the beat of the drums. In a related sort of way, it also reminds me of the Jews in Germany
in the 1930s who, one day were sitting in the café enjoying coffee with friends, and the next day were
being branded with a star, followed by being herded onto trains that took them to the evil, subhuman
horrors of the Nazis.
Dear people of God and to anyone else reading this, it is time to wake up, for the time of this present age
is almost up. If you don't know Jesus personally, today is the day to ask Him to reveal Himself to you.
Those who are holding to the faith of King Jesus, listening and responding to His voice, will endure to the
end, regardless of bondage, disorder, and disintegration.
We are free indeed in Him! Let us live as those who are free. Let us be ones that have shod our feet with
the good news of peace, ready to enter the war of peace in the midst of chaos, confusion, dismay, and
crumbling. It's all part of God's plan.