Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent. (Jeremiah 20:9)
The testimony of JESUS is the spirit of the prophecy. (Revelation 19:10c)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
Upwelling—The Gushing Fountain (Thoughts)
Just as I finished writing the last prophetic insight on Pegasus , I came across a blog that mentioned a
prophecy given by Bob Jones sometime before his death that when the Kansas City Chiefs win the
Superbowl, you will know that revival is about to come. As you know, the Chiefs did win the Superbowl
on 2.2.2020, their first chance in 50 years. As one report notes: this was the 222 nd win for the Chief's
coach. (Note all the 2s—a witness, and the number 50—a jubilee?)
See: Pegasus
When people speak of revival, I wonder what they mean by it. Revival means to bring something back to
life, to what it once was (my definition). But to what? The ecclesia's first Pentecost? Some link revivals to
an outpouring of the holy spirit like at Pentecost, what some call a latter rain revival . On many occasions,
I have witnessed people wafting the air with upraised arms calling on the holy spirit to come or fall upon
them with an expectation they will experience or manifest the supernatural. For a period of two years, I
met with brothers in Christ who frequently would say that they loved the supernatural. And, these were
ones who either knew Bob Jones personally or were well-acquainted with his prophetic life.
Are people looking for a repeat performance of past revivals like the American Great Awakening of the
1700s or the Welsh Revival of 1904-1905? Are they looking for another Jonathan Edwards or George
Whitefield to show up on the scene; a revival of old-time religion where the preaching attempts to scare
people out of a fictitious, paganized hell?
Have we become nostalgic for the old days because it seems like it is getting more and more difficult to
reach people in our humanistic, modern, high-tech world? Is this attitude any different from the slogan:
Let's make America great again ? Great by what standard and comparable to what period in history?
Somehow, the truth of history fades and new pictures of the past are painted with beautiful colors to be
admired. And, we say: O, how wonderful it would be to live back then? Do we really think so?
Thinking back on the Christian revivals that some continue to fawn over, I am reminded of Moses when
he came off the mountain radiating the glory of God, which gradually faded. Gradually, the glory of past
revivals (if they were of God) faded until it was all gone. Perhaps it could be argued that some revivals
have had some lasting effects, at least for perhaps a generation, yet none of them have continued on and
none are with us today—they have faded into history with no lasting glory except in the imagination of
those who long for repeats of these one-off events.
O, people of God, let us not look back in nostalgia. As Jesus said: No one, having put his hand to the plow,
and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God . (Jesus was alluding to the fact that the old religion of
Judaism was in the rearview mirror, so to speak. It was becoming obsolete, and soon would pass off the
scene. The cross made sure of that.) Or, as Paul said : Forgetting what lies behind (same allusion as to
Judaism) and stretching forward to the things that are in front; bearing down upon the goal, I am pursuing
on for the prize of the call from above of God which is in Christ Jesus . Why should we look back on things
Upwelling—The Gushing Fountain
that have faded when God is always moving on into new territory? He declares: Behold, I am making all
things new! Consider Jonathan Mitchell's rendering of this declaration.
And the One (He who is) continuously sitting upon the throne said, "Consider this! I am continuously
making (or: I am repeatedly creating ) ALL THINGS (everything) NEW [new in nature; different from
the usual; better than the old; superior in value and attraction -- Kittel; new in quality -- Vincent;
Wuest]." And He is saying [to me], "Write, because these words are faithful ones (ones full of faith)
and true ones." (Revelation 21:5 JM-NT)
The Father is making everything new in nature, better and far-more superior than the old; His "all new" is
of the highest quality and purity, more so than anyone could ever imagine. God puts His stamp of
ownership on these words; they are trustworthy and dependable (Wuest rendering). Make special note
that this is not a one-off making; it is continuous, meaning God has been repeatedly creating new things
for the last two millennia. But how is He doing this, or rather, through whom is He doing this? His name is
Jesus, the Son of God.
Let us not lose sight of the origination and consummation of this all new. Jesus, the firstborn of creation
and the firstborn from among the dead, declares: I am the Alpha and the Omega: the Beginning (Origin)
and the End (the Goal; Consummation). To him who is continuously thirsty, I will give from out of the
spring (fountain) of the Water of the Life, as an undeserved (free) gift (Revelation 21:6).
Let it be shouted from the rooftops that if any so-called revival of the past (or: in the future) did (does)
not have Jesus as the center, then it was (is) nothing but an event without any spiritual meaning. And, if
the event did (does) not produce more of the life and character of Christ in people, new in quality, then it
was (is) nothing but an event without any spiritual significance. All moves of God lead to one result: that
His Son is central, supreme, and preeminent in all things . Why? Because it is through His Son—and His
Son alone—that He is continuously making everything new in quality. Christ is the far-more superior; He
is the highest quality and purity; He is the new creation which God is driving toward, in which the Father
is all in all—all new and all in love. Anything less than this is not of the spirit of God, no matter what label
God's people place on it. It is time to wake up to this truth!
I recall the day very clearly when I was with the men noted above. Every time we gathered together, the
conversation focused almost entirely on the supernatural, to the point of idolatry. On this particular day,
I shared my heart about how much I desired to see Jesus and longed for His return. The group stared at
me like deer caught in headlights. The group never picked up my longing and continued with their love of
the supernatural; although one brother at least began to consider this longing. Whether he does today, I
do not know. Later, I was told that the group did not know what to do with me, and eventually I left them.
The reason for sharing this experience is to underline the fact that we can get caught up in many things
that seem right to us, to the point of highly spiritualizing them, and yet we leave Jesus out of them.
(Probably because Christ was never in it in the first place.) These experiences, regardless of what they are
called, become experiences all unto themselves that bring attention to the person or group and not to the
person of the Lord Jesus. Of course, such experiences cast some doubt on the true nature or source of
these experiences. Are they of the spirit or of the soul?
In reality, there was and still is only one outpouring of the holy spirit that began in the 1 st century at
Pentecost and has continued to our day and will continue as long as there are people needing to know
the Lord Jesus, the Savior of the world. This outpouring is not a one-off event but a continuous one that,
Upwelling—The Gushing Fountain
each day in each generation, leads people into the presence of God through His Son as they partake of
the spring of life. This is the latter glory (rain) that builds the holy temple in the Lord, a dwelling of God in
spirit (Ephesians 2:21-22) that has come down from heaven (God's realm) as New Jerusalem. When people
are given the faith of Jesus, the author and finisher of faith, and their eyes are opened to see Him, an
outpouring of the holy spirit comes upon them and the spirit of the Lord takes up residence within them
as the love of God is shed abroad in their hearts, and they become a microcosm of God's grand temple of
many living stones, sons brought unto glory. It becomes Christ in them, the expectation of glory. As Paul
wrote to Timothy: Christ Jesus is our hope and promise of life!
John, the apostle of love, reveals to us the result of this outpouring; he calls it the anointing .
And as for you, the anointing which you received from Him [constantly] remains within you, and
there is no [continuing] need for anyone to [continually] teach you. But since His anointing
[continuously] gives you instruction in all things—and is true and is no falsehood [lie]—you are
continuing in union with Him even as it [the anointing] has taught you to do. (1 John 2:27 WNT
John reminded his little children: you have an anointing from the Holy One , and you all are aware (1 John
2:20), meaning they knew it and should not forget it (obviously, to John a danger). These ones were dear
to his heart—which is what one would expect from one who knew the Lord loved him. In light of this,
consider what he did not say: I am your teacher because I have the anointing . John saw the anointing in
every one of God's children, regardless of their place in the body of Christ. This goes against the thinking
among some groups that anointing is reserved for special people in the body of Christ and that one has to
have a special anointing to function in some capacity (e.g., teacher, prophet, pastor, leader). It really boils
down to a clergy-laity mentality , which goes against the new creation covenant of Christ's body. Some
commentators believe that the deeds and the teachings of the Nicolaitans (Revelation 2:6, 15) speak to
this mentality—something, by the way, Jesus hated and told the ecclesias to repent over. This same spirit
exists today where, in some groups, the response is touch not the anointed when anyone challenges one
in a leadership position, as if they are infallible, without mistake.
As I have shared elsewhere, I experienced such a reaction from the same group noted above when I was
asked for my view of a Sunday sermon from the head pastor. I simply stated I didn't think the message
was very good, giving my reasons, while not challenging the character of the speaker. The response was
touch not the anointed . I responded by stating what I saw as some very good qualities in this pastor,
reminding the group that I was responding to their question about the message, not the man who
delivered it. It fell on deaf ears, for they still came back with the same touch not attitude, to the point of
physically moving their chairs away from me, as if a lightning bolt was about to strike. This is called
superstition . It also underlines a lack of understanding of the true nature of the anointing.
John reminds us of the anointing, but it started with Jesus receiving the anointing the day he was baptized
in the Jordan by John the Baptist.
And John testified (gave witness), repeatedly saying that, "I have viewed and continued gazing at
the Spirit progressively stepping down ( continuously descending ), as a dove forth from out of
heaven (or: as a pigeon out of the sky), and it remains upon Him (or: It abode dwells upon Him).
(John 1:32 JM-NT [bold italic added])
Upwelling—The Gushing Fountain
In that glorious moment, heaven opened and the spirit of God descended on Jesus and remained upon
Him and in Him. It was an open heaven signifying Jesus was and is the Anointed Son of God. A few lines
later, in John's gospel, Jesus spoke of heaven opening up.
And He is saying to him, "Verily, verily, I am saying to you, henceforth you shall be seeing heaven
opened up and the messengers [agents] of God [habitually (progressively; continuously;
repeatedly)] ascending and descending on the Son of Mankind ." (John 1:51 CLV (bold italic added)
It is clear that behind Jesus' saying was Jacob's dream.
And dreaming is he, and behold! A stairway set up earthward, with its head touching the heavens .
And behold! Messengers of the Elohim are ascending and descending on it . And behold! Yahweh
is stationed on it. And saying is He, "I am Yahweh, the Elohim of Abraham, your forefather, and the
Elohim of Isaac. (Genesis 28:12-13a CLV [bold italic added])
Clearly, Jacob was given prophetic insight into Jesus-Yeshua (Elohim, Yahweh) as the ladder joining heaven
and earth. Heaven was not shut up to the earth; quite the contrary, it was an open heaven and the
messengers of Elohim continuously traversed both heaven and earth (i.e., active in both realms) through
the Son of humanity, Jesus, the Son of God.
It didn't take long for the open heaven, almost literally, to manifest to the Lord's disciples. Shortly after
Pentecost, Stephen saw heaven opened up: Now possessing the fullness of faith and holy spirit, looking
intently into heaven, he perceived the glory of God, and Jesus, standing at the right hand of God, and said,
"Lo! I am beholding the heavens opened up, and the Son of Mankind standing at the right hand of God"
(Acts 7:55-56). Peter had a vision in which he beheld heaven open with a large sheet being let down to
earth, ultimately signifying there is no division in Christ who is all in all (Acts 10:11). Some decades later,
John, in his Patmos vision, saw a door standing open in heaven (Revelation 4:1). Of course, in a sense, all
of John's Revelation came through an open heaven where Jesus is enthroned in glory as the ultimate and
consummate Conqueror of all.
Some reading this might be thinking: Well, I have never experienced such dreams or visions; therefore, I
do not know this open heaven. O, dear saints, the fact that Christ dwells in you is an open heaven, and
every time more revelation comes to you of who and what He is, not only to you, but in you, the more
you experience this open heaven. To make it practical, every time you are touched by the love of God or
you express this love to others, you are living under an open heaven. We could add many other attributes
to love—such as peace, joy, righteousness, grace, and mercy. (Remember: God is infinite!) Whenever we
are touched by these and much more, we are living under the open heaven.
As further proof, consider the ladder or stairway. What does the ladder signify? Christ—that is, the
Anointed One! Jesus is the ladder, the one who brings both heaven and earth into union within Himself.
And, this ladder is not some sort of ethereal object hanging between or bridging the two realms. It is Christ
Himself in you; Christ dwelling in your heart. Christ Jesus is the very bridge, the clear path into the presence
of God the Father. Another way to view the ladder is that it is the way into communion with His Father.
Jesus is the Way; consequently, He is the ladder, and this ladder (i.e., Jesus) is in us by His spirit. For those
of us who believe; we are here on earth and also seated in the heavenlies in Christ on the basis of His life
dwelling in us. You could say we have the best of all worlds.
Upwelling—The Gushing Fountain
Now, another point: most translations use the word angels in place of messengers , which skews the image
toward heavenly beings. But, in the Greek, the word angelos means messenger , leaving it open for anyone,
including humans, to be messengers.
Throughout scripture, we are reminded that the word is in us and we are to abide and continue in this
word. And, of course, we have Christ, who is the word (our only message), within us and we are to abide
in Him. Substituting message for word , could we not say that we have the message residing within us,
making us messengers of the good news of Jesus Christ? Just as profoundly, we are the message on earth
of the risen, ascended, glorified, exalted, and enthroned Jesus now seated in heaven (not part of our
creation, but exclusively in God's realm or dimension.) As Paul reminds us: Is not the message close to
you, in your mouth and in your heart, that Jesus is Lord and is the one who has risen from among the
dead? But let us be clear that this message is not simply words proceeding out of our mouth. No; the
message is the person of our Lord Jesus and His life that is to be manifested within us and out from us
here on earth. The message and the messenger are to be one, and this leads to this matter of the anointing
the Lord told me to pray for in 2016 (which, most likely, relates to Bob Jones' prophecy, but explaining it
not as a revival of an outpouring of the spirit but as the anointing, an upwelling of the rivers of life from
See: Pray for the Anointing
The key to understanding this anointing is discovered in the account of Jesus going to the feast of the Jews
(the ones who were trying to kill Him). It was the time of the Feast of Booths that concluded with the
great day— the eighth day .
Now on the last, the great day of the festival , Jesus stood and cries, saying, "If anyone should be
thirsting, let him come to Me and drink." He who is believing in Me, according as the scripture said,
out of his bowel shall gush rivers of living water ." Now this He said concerning the spirit which
those believing in Him were about to get. For not as yet was holy spirit given, for Jesus is not as yet
glorified." (John 7:37-39 CLV [bold italic added])
The number 8 signifies new beginning or new creation , so that when Jesus yelled out these words for all
to hear, He was announcing not only the soon to come (in that generation) outpouring of the holy spirit
at Pentecost (once again, repeated countless times for new believers down through the centuries) but,
most profoundly, the anointing that John told his little children they had within them. Keep in mind we
are dealing with John's writings. The gushing rivers of living water speak of the very life of Jesus in His
people and this is the anointing that we who believe have within us. As Pegasus typifies, we have a gushing
fountain within us. And, all of this speaks to the open heaven we all have when we are given the faith to
believe on Jesus and we believe—obeying and trusting His life in us.
From another angle, this gushing spirit is the spirit of truth that Jesus promised His disciples and which
now resides in all of us. John reminds us of this fact in three places.
And I shall be asking the Father, and He will be giving you another consoler, that it, indeed, may be
with you for the eon— " the spirit of truth , which the world cannot get, for it is not beholding it,
neither is knowing it. Yet you know it, for it is remaining with you and will be in you ." (John 14:16-
17 CLV [bold italic added])
Upwelling—The Gushing Fountain
Now, whenever the consoler which I shall be sending you from the Father may be coming, the spirit
of truth which is going out from the Father , that will be testifying concerning Me." (John 15:26 CLV
[bold italic added])
Yet whenever that may be coming— the spirit of truth it will be guiding you into all the truth , for
it will not be speaking from itself, but whatsoever it should be hearing will it be speaking, and of
what is coming will it be informing you." (John 16:13 CLV [bold italic added])
Of course, Jesus is the truth, so the spirit of truth has been given to continually lead us and guide us into
the Anointed One. Again, this is the open heaven that brings us into greater revelation and experience of
Christ. By the way, revelation and experience go hand-in-hand; we need both.
Now, this leads to a concern, deeply rooted in my heart. I submit that this open heaven has been and
continues to be shunted by the Lord's people who have lost sight of this anointing—the spirit of truth
within so that we do not need others to teach us—resulting in something much less than an open heaven.
Instead of living under this anointing, being totally dependent on it, the Lord's people have been led to a
dependency on the vast number of messages (theological dissertations, sermons, commentaries, blogs)
delivered through the numerous venues available to us these days (pulpits, books, libraries, internet). I
feel obligated to say that the Lord may use some of these messages from others to help us along the way,
and we should be thankful for them. However, the burning in my heart says that so much of it is nothing
more than the letter that kills the anointing.
As an aside, I must include my writings in the innumerable ones out there today. I just trust the Lord that,
in some measure, my writings have helped some as I have tried to direct hearts to the true lover of our
life, namely, Jesus. However, I gladly give it all up in favor of seeing Christ being lifted up and expressed
through the anointing of all. I see all the Christian writings as temporal that ultimately will fade away and
we see the glory of God in the face of Christ.
Back on point. The so-called scholars and theologians produce tools and techniques to study, analyze,
diagram, and systematize scripture. Then the seminaries package these things into their curriculum—
probably, more times than not, producing professional speakers who preach the letter of scripture week
after week. God's people buy into their preaching because they hold a degree, believing this is how we
are to come into the truth. So, the subtle thinking goes: After all, they have been to school and worked
for a degree; they must be smarter than me when it comes to interpreting scripture.
But the big question is this: Have they been with Jesus? Or, have they spent their life in books developing
scholarly approaches to scripture with their interpretative biases in hand? By the way; we don't need
interpretation; we need the rhema of God to speak truth into our heart. It is called the ingenerate word
of God (a topic for another writing).
I have met people who run from one teacher to the next teacher, from one conference to the next
conference, as if their whole Christian life depends on listening to messages. It's all a form of idolatry.
What so many call the word of God has become an idol in many quarters of Christianity. As expressed
elsewhere, words on paper do not make the words inspired or even make them, collectively, the so-called
word of God . What is revealed to us through the spirit of truth, through and by whatever means, becomes
the word of God to us personally—a word that gives us life, not the letter. Of course, the Bible is our
primary source through which the Lord reveals truth to us, but it must come through the anointing within
Upwelling—The Gushing Fountain
us and not through one who stands in the pulpit week after week offering the same predigested food,
that may not even be good quality food, metaphorically speaking. Some of it might even be junk food. (Let
us prefer "organic" food—that is, the untainted spirit of truth.) Of course, the spirit of truth can speak
through another person, but this is only one of many ways that revelation comes to us through the
anointing. When it does come, we can be assured that no word from God shall be void of power, and,
once this word has gone forth into our heart, it will not return to God without results.
See: No Word From God Shall Be Void of Power
Many years ago, I got myself in trouble with some leaders when I publicly declared that if I heard another
message, I would explode. This heart cry has been with me for all these years. But of late, it seems to have
changed focus a bit. Today, the heart cry is to say to the church of our day: Wake up! Wake up to the
reality of the anointing each of us has residing within us now. Pray for the anointing to become a mighty
upwelling from within our inner man where Christ dwells. Pray that it will no longer be held back, but
set free, as a mighty uncapped well gushing forth to fill the land with a people who manifest the good
news of Christ Jesus. Trust the spirit of truth within to lead us into all truth. And when we do, we will
discover that truth is the person of our Lord Jesus.
We have substituted many things for Christ. I submit that, in large measure, these very things have
overridden the open heaven and the anointing within, so that our dependence is on these things and not
on the anointing. It is all backwards. And, even more egregious, in some communities of God's people, a
counterfeit to the real anointing has arisen that comes from the soul masquerading as the spirit. To put it
bluntly, all of this and more has capped the gushing well of the spirit of truth, and, as the Lord's people,
we are living as if we are of the world, when we should be in it but not of it !
Thank God; these days are soon coming to an end as God ramps up His making all things new in and
through His people. This leads to the main point of this writing.
If I am sensing the spirit of truth correctly, the well is soon to be uncapped, leading to a great upwelling
of the life of the Anointed within God's people . It will not be so much an outpouring, although many
probably will see it this way, as it will be an upwelling of what we all have had all along that has been
growing within us (metaphorically, the seed of God), getting ready to spring up or gush forth as rivers of
living water, signifying the new creation is coming into its consummational completeness in the body of
Christ—as the first fruits of the new creation that will continue to grow and manifest in the ages to come.
O, what a glorious day that will be. As the gushing fountain goes forth, all the facades of religion, especially
the Christian religion, will be broken down; they will crumble along with all the other structures built by
man that are contrary to God's kingdom of the Son of His love. Seminaries of the letter that kills will
crumble. Ministries with men or women at the center will crumble. Leaders who want to take center stage
at that time to make a name for themselves will not be allowed to do so. They will fall on their knees. All
the multi-various emphases that have emanated in the name of Christ will crumble, for there will be only
one emphasis—Jesus. All the counterfeits will crumble. The institutional and denominational systems will
crumble. All the divisions of the Lord's people that have been built up over the many centuries since the
cross will crumble. The list of crumbling structures will be extensive. Why? So that what remains cannot
and will not be shaken! What remains: Jesus the Anointed with His anointed body of believers—the sons
of God manifesting the kingdom of God to the nations of the world and all creation.
Upwelling—The Gushing Fountain
On the last, the great day of the feast of booths (speaking of receiving new creation, spirit-animated
bodies that are presently reserved in heaven, waiting to come out of God's realm into our realm to
transform us into the image of Christ Jesus), out of their bowels shall gush rivers of living water . This is
what is coming!
You might be wondering what this gushing fountain will be like or how will it feel to us or how will it
manifest. I believe it will be beyond anything we could ever imagine. I also believe this gushing fountain
relates to the very end of our present age and the presence of King Jesus. In this regard, it is something
very special and unique. I see it going along with another word John gave to his little children.
Beloved, now are we children of God, and it was not as yet manifested what we shall be . We are
aware that, if He should be manifested, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him according as He
is." (1 John 3:2 CLV [bold italic added])
According to John's own testimony (and if anyone should have known, he is the one), there is a
manifestation of Christ within us yet to be revealed. We, as a corporate people, have waited a long 21
centuries for this manifestation. So, in a sense, the Lord has allowed this capping to go on for quite a long
time. I suspect the reason is because the first fruits have to come into ripeness.
To be sure, there has been ripened fruit that has been a remnant in every generation going back millennia.
Each generation has added to God's rich garden (choose your metaphor—vineyard of grapes, field of
barley and wheat, rich root of the olive tree, ripened figs, etc.). As Hebrews reminds us…
All of them pleased God because of their faith! But still they died without being given what had been
promised. This was because God had something better in store for us. And he did not want them to
reach the goal of their faith without us . (Hebrews 11:39-40 CEV [bold italic added])
The good news is that their wait and our wait is almost over! The fruit is nearly ready for the picking! The
garden is bursting at the seams and the best bread and wine have been prepared for God's table. The best
has been kept for the last. And, let us not forget; the best is the one who is the first and the last—the Son
of God, the Anointed!
What will be the proof of this final manifestation? A new creation—the many sons of God in glory—
centered in and gushing forth with the love of God! A new creation, fully transformed into the image of
In closing, consider John's word to his little children, as presented in N.T. Wright's Kingdom New
Testament .
You, however, have the anointing from the Holy One, and you all have knowledge. I am not writing
to you because you do not know it, and you know that no liar is of the truth. … You have received
the anointing from him; it abides in you, and you do not need to have anyone teach you. That
anointing from him teaches you about everything; it is true, it isn't a lie. So, just as he taught you,
abide in him. (1 John 2: 20-21, 27 Kingdom NT)