Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent.
(Jeremiah 20:9)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
"I Have Lifted Up a Hammer Over the US" (Word)
Pounding the Fortresses of Man
At 9:21 pm, on February 10, 2009, I heard:
Thus, says the Lord, 'I have lifted up a hammer over the United States, and I am about to strike at
the very heart of the nation.'
Scripturally, I was led to Jeremiah 23:29: Is not My word like fire? declares the Lord, and like a hammer
which shatters a rock?
This was my initial interpretation.
The heart of a nation generally refers to the seat of government. We see scriptural examples
of this with the two capitals of ancient Israel and Judah, Shiloh and Jerusalem, the two places
where the Lord placed His name, only to remove it when His people turned from Him to other
gods. He spoke His word of judgment over these two capitals and then proceeded to literally
destroy them by raising up foreign nations to conquer them.
We don't have to guess the meaning of the hammer, for the word of God defines it for us.
"Is not My word like fire?" declares the LORD, "and like a hammer which shatters a
rock?" (Jeremiah 23:29 NASB)
The hammer of the Lord is His word, which is also likened to fire, which, in turn, is likened to
His law, the fiery law of God (Deuteronomy 33:2; Psalm 29:7; Isaiah 4:4; Romans 7:14). His
word is also the sharp two-edged sword that divides soul and spirit and judges (Hebrews 4:12).
And, He will strike the earth with the rod of His mouth (i.e., His word) (Isaiah 11:4).
The Hebrew word pattiysh is translated as the word hammer , which means "to pound," and
refers to a hammer that is used to smooth metal, which could be likened to something
precious (Isaiah 41:7).
The Hebrew word puts is translated as the word shatters or breaks , which means "to dash in
pieces, literally or figuratively, especially to disperse – break, dash, shake into pieces, cast
The Hebrew word sela is translated as the word rock or stone , which means "to be lofty ; a
craggy rock , literally or figuratively a fortress ."
From these definitions, we could say that the word of the Lord goes forth and pounds the
fortresses of man until they are shattered and reworked until something precious is produced.
"I Have Lifted Up a Hammer Over the US"
So, as a hammer, the word of the Lord serves two purposes—to destroy that which stands
against Him (i.e., fortresses) and to build up or create something of value for Him or, we could
say, something that reflects His Son.
Thus, as His word of judgment goes forth to strike the heart of the USA, it goes forth to destroy
fortresses, which in this case is every system and law of man that is in opposition to God and
every spirit that drives these systems. Paul makes it very clear.
For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the
destruction of fortresses. We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up
against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience
of Christ, and we are ready to punish all disobedience, whenever your obedience is
complete. (2 Corinthians 10:4-6 NASB)
We could say that the US political system is in for a pounding . The good news is that when
God's judgment is completed, we will once again sing America the Beautiful , for she will be
precious in God's sight.
While recently (2019) reviewing this word, I was struck by the above conclusion made in 2009— the US
political system is in for a pounding . Now, ten years later (2019), we are witnessing this pounding, not
only of the US political system but also of the entire global political system that, using Daniel's imagery, is
likened to a beast empire . However, given the 2009 word is about the US, we must begin here.
God's word has gone forth like fire, like a hammer which shatters a rock —in this case, the rock is the
political fortress of Washington, DC that defies the will of the people and defiles the land, much like in the
ancient days of fallen Israel when God removed His name from their capital. It is no longer for the people;
instead, it is for the politicians and the elite establishment. How can it stand in the light of King Jesus and
His kingdom of righteousness and justice? It cannot and will not! I received a dream about cutting the cord
of this corrupt system. See: Cords of Falsehood
It is proposed that starting as early as June 2015, when Donald Trump announced his run for president,
the Lord's hammer began striking at the heart of our nation. It is a present reality that really started with
Trump's rise through the populist and nationalistic mood of ordinary citizens that believe the political
system no longer represents them. The US political system has become a fortress against Americans.
Perhaps there was some level of pounding during Obama's term as president, but, without doubt, we are
in the midst of a major pounding that began in earnest with the 2016 election of Donald Trump.
Surveying the optics of our day, one might conclude that Trump is the one being pounded as his opponents
wage a non-stop war against him on practically every front of his life. To the surprise of the political
establishment, Trump is not one to sit by idly and take all the hits; he fights back against all that is hurled
his way. What we are witnessing is a political fistfight . These are the optics of the day, but is this what is
actually going on? I propose that what we see is a man that God has raised up as one of His hammers to
pound away, not only at the US political fortress but also the global elite order that seeks to destroy
America and keep the common man throughout the world in bondage to its beast-like system. Using
scriptural terms, the global order is driven by the spirit of the world and is antichrist .
"I Have Lifted Up a Hammer Over the US"
By the way, just as Trump has been raised up, I believe Barack Obama was raised up, but each for a
different reason. To my fellow believers, you cannot have one raised up by God and the other not. Either
God puts all in authority or He doesn't. Obama was necessary to open the door for a populist like Trump.
I clearly recall the day I was in attendance at a prayer time for the outcome of the 2012 election. There
were prophecies flying around the auditorium, all speaking to the defeat of Obama, as if it was God's will.
And, a lot of scripture was being read to support the prophecies. In the midst of this, I asked the Lord for
His view. I heard: Obama wins; tea party loses . And so, it happened. Has anyone seen the tea party lately?
We need discernment to know God's heart, mind, and will; whether in prayer or in prophecy.
For many Christians, the thought of the Lord using Trump as a hammer might be untenable. After all, as
the thinking goes, his actions and words are so un-Christian like. Look at his immoral relationships with
women or his personal attacks against all sorts of people; his words are downright mean and harsh. So,
the argument continues: This man is seriously flawed. Where is the life of Christ in all this? I get it; I have
asked the same questions and have had the same struggle. However, stepping back from it all and
considering it in light of the word I was given, I have concluded that Trump must be from God's tool bag,
so to speak. To be sure, he is not the only hammer God is using or will use going forward, but I propose
he is one of God's tools, at least for the moment. And, mind you, none of what I propose about Trump is
based on whether he succeeds or fails politically or otherwise. Trump is not infallible, by a long shot. If he
fails, it might even be part of God's pounding of the fortresses. What comes after Trump may be just as
telling. But one thing is for sure: God's word has gone forth and it will not return to Him void!
What comes to mind is Jesus' encounter with the woman caught in the act of adultery. The scribes and
Pharisees brought her before Jesus. Moses commands us to stone her, what do you say? To this Jesus
responded: He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her (John 8:7). This
response goes to the very heart of the cross. For God has shut up all in disobedience so that He may show
mercy to all (Romans 11:32).
There is another way to frame this issue. Which would we rather have: a man who is so transparent that
even his dark side is on display (something the media is determined to continuously expose and his
detractors continuously exploit), or one who is so opaque that the dark side is hidden? Of course, the best
answer is neither. Yet, given the cards we have been dealt, having such a transparent man, unlike anything
we have seen in modern-day politicians, who mostly get elected through their opaqueness, if not
downright dark deception, is sort of refreshing. ( Opaqueness means not only nontransparent, but also
dirty, dingy, muddy, grimy.) See previous link on cords of falsehood .
This is not a defense of Trump but the realization that God can and often does operate in ways that seem
contrary to religious minds. (The word religious is used to highlight the legalistic prejudices of religion.
Case in point: the Pharisees in Jesus' day on earth.)
Doesn't the Lord have the right to take a man of many flaws, raise him up (i.e., put him in authority) in
order to expose the evil heart of the political system, not only of America but of the world led by the elite
globalists? Besides, one who has lived in the heart of a beast system, even knowing how to game it (e.g.,
art of the deal ), surely is in a better position to pound away at it than one who has lived outside of it.
Whether one agrees with Trump or not, likes him or dislikes him, the one thing he is doing is driving the
political elite crazy, along with the socialists, as he continually upsets the humanistic, world order that has
been built up or expanded upon in our generation. It should remind us of the Pharisees in Jesus' day who
"I Have Lifted Up a Hammer Over the US"
knew who He was but were so fearful of losing their political power over the people that they cried, Crucify
Him! (Of course, this in no way implies Trump is like Jesus.)
So far, Trump has been unpredictable and often contrary to the US political order, as well as the globalist
order. But with his unpredictability, he is exposing the dark powers that are enraged over anything and
anyone that threatens its power over the people. He won't play by their rules, and they don't like it. Then,
there are others not directly part of the political system that are enraged because Trump is tearing at the
fabric of the so-called transformational legacy (amoralist legacy) of the previous president. Some in this
crowd, particularly among the entertainers, are on the verge of insanity, if not already there. Simply, the
beast is outraged, and God is using Trump to expose its dark lies by hammering away at it.
Having said all this, let us be clear on one thing. It matters not who sits in the White House, regardless of
the political party. There is only one kingdom and one king that matters, and that is the kingdom of our
Lord and of His Christ. Every fortress of man will be exposed for its evil and will fail as it is pounded and
ground to dust. Those who believe they must get engaged in the system of the world to change it are in
for a great disappointment. It is not time to engage in it; it is time to come out of it. The word of the Lord
has gone forth; it is time for pounding fortresses. It has begun.
The kingdom of this world will fall; its very structure will crumble—count on it. The political/globalist
system as we know it today will fall—count on it. However, the verdict is still out on how this will play out.
Many things could happen, even for Trump who might be only one of many tools in God's kit. God knows!
We can be assured of one thing; all will be done according to the plan of God, and He will not fail to fulfill
His plan through His Son. The good news is that this pounding will ultimately produce something of great
value, all to the glory of God the Father and His Son, our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One of God.
The stone kingdom is grinding away at the kingdoms of men—all the beast systems of the world—until
they are nothing more than chaff in the sight of God that is blown away by the wind.
Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver, and the gold, all together were broken in pieces, and
became like the chaff of the summer threshing floors; and the wind carried them away, so that not
a trace of them could be found. But the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and
filled the whole earth . (Daniel 2:35 ESV [bold italic added])
The great mountain is the kingdom of God that is unshakable and unmovable, for it is built upon God's
Rock—Jesus—that grows into a new creation where all things are new and in love!
Don't you know that we who are in King Jesus today are new creations? We are becoming a great kingdom
that will fill the whole earth with the glory of God in the age to come, when many sons will be brought
unto glory in order for God to bring about His ultimate purpose for all creation and all humanity. King
Jesus must head up all things in heaven and on earth so that He can deliver the kingdom to His Father so
that God may be all in all.
We who believe are called to this purpose. Here is some really good news…
The kingdom of the Son of God's love is coming because King Jesus is coming. Pound away!