Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent.
(Jeremiah 20:9)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
Partridge, Bear, Eagle (Dream)
In the early hours of December 16, 2019, I dreamed the following:
I saw a wooded area and running (from right to left in my view) along a slope among the trees was
a brown bird clutching its young to its breast. It was impressed on me that it was a partridge. The
color brown most likely represented a mother partridge . Strangely, the partridge had a double
topknot that looked more like eyes on the top of antennae.
Then I saw a sparsely wooded area with a bald eagle standing on the ground with its head bent
down and an evil look upon its face and in its eyes (much like depictions of vultures). On the other
side of the area was a brown figure standing on two legs and, like the partridge, clutching its young
to its breast. Although I had no specific word about its identity, since the other figures were animals,
this too had to be one. (In retrospect, my impression is that it was a mother bear , for this goes along
with the meaning of the partridge; can't say for sure, but it seems to fit.)
I was looking at this scene from the side closest to the eagle, and my wife was on the other side of
the area with her back turned to me. I yelled to her to turn around. This is very much like me since
it is always on my heart for her to see what I see. Although I didn't see her do so, I am sure she
turned around; it would be out of character if she had not. Being on opposite sides is not an
indication of division but rather an indication of complementary callings; like two bookends.
Finally, I looked at the eagle and said: Don't you dare! I sensed it was eying the young one that was
clutched to the breast of the bear, plotting to devour it.
Frankly, at first, this dream puzzled me, until I realized it fell in line with many of the other insights I have
been given that, taken together, bring into greater clarity and confirmation God's plan at the end of our
present age. Through the spirit of the Lord, I believe that central to this dream is a word I was given about
the anointing that is coming and the need to pray for it. More on all this in a moment.
A word of caution: As with most dreams involving animals, we need to consider the symbolic nature of
these creatures and not look for a perfect match to their natural characteristics.
To begin, let us consider the partridge.
Interestingly, birds do not carry their young as this partridge did. After all, with only beaks and no arms,
how could a bird hold onto its young and run at the same time? The key to our understanding is that it
was clutching it to its breast, meaning it was very protective of its young. In nature, some partridges are
known to be fiercely protective of their young and will do anything to protect them. Interestingly, in fleeing
from danger, a partridge often runs (as this one did) rather than taking to flight. Partridges aren't known
for topknots; quail and peacocks (both relatives in the pheasant family) are. Also, the peacock has
Partridge, Bear, Eagle
beautiful eyespots on its long feathery train. So, it would appear that this partridge had elements of all
three birds. So, why was it identified as a partridge, and what do these other symbols mean?
The key to these questions is discovered in the spiritual identity of the partridge. It is no coincidence that
this dream came so close to Christmas. A very well-known carol titled The 12 Days of Christmas starts
with: On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me … a partridge in a pear tree . According to
tradition, the partridge represents Jesus, the Son of God. Christ is symbolically presented as a mother
partridge, the only bird that will die to protect its young .
In other words, the partridge in the dream symbolized Jesus and His love for His prized possession, His
beloved people who are betrothed to Him. He holds them close to His heart and protects them even in
the midst of trial, never leaving them nor forsaking them. Of course, the cross is clearly represented in this
since love drove Jesus to the cross in order to birth a new creation that will ultimately rescue the whole
of humanity.
What about the double topknot with eyes? Scripture gives us two indications.
Yahweh— His eyes go to and fro in all the earth , to show Himself strong [for] a people whose heart
[is] perfect towards Him … (2 Chronicles 16:9a CLV [bold italic added])
And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are open and laid bare to the eyes of
Him with whom we have to do. (Hebrews 4:13 NASB)
Yahweh who has become our Yeshua is on the constant lookout. His eyes go to and fro in the whole earth,
and He will show Himself strong towards His own whose hearts are perfect toward Him. The word perfect
in Hebrew is shalem which means "complete, full, just, made ready, peaceable, perfect." Does this not
speak of the matured sons of God? Considering the hour in which we live, the words made ready take on
greater meaning. As a mother holding her precious young, so does Christ hold to His heart of love those
He has been making ready by His spirit; His completed complement, the dwelling of God in spirit. His eyes
are continually on the lookout for danger, discerning the ways of the world and the evils that seek to
overcome His people. But, praise God, they are hidden with Him in God. Nothing can touch them that will
remove them from this place of security.
Moving on. The next scene was that of a mother bear clutching her young to her breast. Just like the
mother partridge, mother bears are known for their ferocious protection of their cubs. They too will die
protecting them or maul anyone and anything that endangers them. Again, we see elements of the cross
and God's love for humanity in this scene.
But now we come to the white-headed (known as bald ) eagle. The eagle I saw clearly was the one that is
most prominent in North America and is a symbol of the United States. Although called a bald eagle , its
head is actually all white with the typical hooked beak. It is a powerful bird of prey at the top of the food
chain that is known for its exceptional eyesight. The bald eagle is included among the sea eagle that make
fish their primary diet, although they do not limit themselves to this alone, eating other birds and
mammals. The interesting thing about the dream is that the eagle was not soaring in the sky looking for
its prey to devour. It was on land; an unnatural place for it. Fighting the mother bear on land, seeking to
devour her young, would be sure defeat for the eagle, for it would be out of its element, the air—and yet,
the eagle clearly was contemplating such action. To this, I warned it not to even dare to make the attempt.
Partridge, Bear, Eagle
Not that I was concerned for its safety; but rather, I was stating a fact of sorts: Nothing has, can, or will
ever defeat King Jesus, as represented in the dream! Love always wins!
Knowing that the eagle eats fish should remind us of Jesus' calling on His disciples to be fishers of men. In
other words, this eagle was seeking to eat those who have been fished out of the world to belong to Christ
and be His fishermen. This should also remind us that the serpent of old was cast down to the earth to eat
dust. Since this eagle was on the land, it represents the "dust-eating evil" of the day—the satan that seeks
to devour, attempting to make that which is spiritual eat dust, that is, revert back to the carnal mind of
man. It will fail to do so to those whose lives are truly hidden with Christ in God; who are walking in the
truth, light, and love of God, embracing His eonian life.
Perhaps there is one more meaning to the mother bear. In scripture, specifically the statue prophecy of
Daniel 2 portraying the Medo-Persia Empire as a bear, we discover the Lord's anointed King Cyrus as a
type of Christ who ended Babylon's rule and set the Babylonian captives free to return to Jerusalem (see
Isaiah 45:1; 61:1). Hold this thought for a moment.
To round this out, in scripture, the word tree(s) appears over 300 times, making it a major biblical symbol
expressing a variety of spiritual truths. One symbol is that of a nation. How might we interpret the bald
eagle in light of the sparseness of trees? Spiritually speaking, the sparseness of trees could signify a
sparseness of righteousness and spiritual truth in the land, meaning there is a remnant of the righteous
who hold to the truth in Christ (see e.g., Psalm 1:1-3; Isaiah 61:3; Jeremiah 17:7-8). The eagle standing on
land could indicate it has already brought a death to the land (i.e., the nation) and it seeks to finish the
job. Matthew 24:28 gives us the principle: Wherever the corpse is, there the eagles gather . There is a
diabolical evil in the land today, but be assured— greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world !
This evil is being manifested in the great divide we see in America in the political, social, and religious
realms. We have now entered the perfect storm ! It is difficult to imagine anyone in our nation denying
that we are a greatly divided nation today along with evil of all sorts manifesting as if unhindered. Case in
point; we see this division being openly expressed in the Christian realm. Three days after this dream, on
December 19 th , the publication Christianity Today published an article stating that Trump needs to be
removed from office on moral grounds. This in turn has set off a firestorm among so-called evangelicals
who support Trump. Unity among those who profess to be Christians has been under strain for some time
now, so this is nothing new. But now it openly manifests through a realm it is best to stay clear of—that
is, the political realm—a realm that does not have the character of the kingdom of God. Christians should
be united as no other group on the face of the earth, but now we are openly divided over the kingdom of
the world to the point of attacking one another with words and ideologies while at the same time hiding
behind our favorite scriptures. I am of the Republicans. I am of the Democrats. I am of the conservatives.
I am of the liberals. I am of the fundamentalists. I am of the (fill in the blank with numerous causes and
ideologies). Does this sound similar to something over which Paul exhorted the Corinthians? More
recently, we are hearing groups with totally opposite worldviews claiming God is on their side. Carrying
this to its absurdity, one national leader claimed she could never hate anyone because she is Catholic, and
another claimed God favors him over someone else.
Where are the ones declaring: I am of Christ? Well, they are the ones being clutched to the breast of Jesus,
as typified by the partridge and the bear. The evil stare of the eagle has no power over them, for they are
victorious in the one who is the Victor, the one who loves them and whom they love with a whole heart.
By the way, it is no coincidence that the dream came on the 16 th . The number 16 signifies love.
Partridge, Bear, Eagle
This leads to what I feel is the heart of the matter—the anointing! On July 3, 2016, I was woken with a
word: The future of humanity is in the balance. Pray! Then, after some inquiry, I heard: Pray for the
anointing. It is coming! For My presence is coming and I require an anointed body . For more on this, see:
Pray for the Anointing
As I have written elsewhere, those of us who believe already have the anointing within us; however, we
have been asleep to the fullness of what this means. For centuries, Christians have been taught to listen
to what comes out of the pulpits (or any other source that teaches interpretative bias), for they are told
what they are hearing is the truth of the word of God. Sadly, much of this is far from the truth. According
to John, we have the anointing in us now. We don't have to wait for some great second-Pentecostal
outpouring of the spirit. No; we have to awaken to what has been in us all along that has been masked
and hindered by what we have been taught by many who know so little about having been with Jesus .
But you have an anointing from the Holy One , and you all know. I have not written to you because
you do not know the truth, but because you do know it, and because no lie is of the truth. (1 John
2:20-21 NASB [bold italic added])
As for you, the anointing which you received from Him abides in you, and you have no need for
anyone to teach you ; but as His anointing teaches you about all things, and is true and is not a lie,
and just as it has taught you, you abide in Him. (1 John 2:27 NASB [bold italic added])
Has this changed in the nearly 2,000 years since John? Hardly! It is just as true today as it was then.
What is coming is a rising up of the matured sons of God; the rising up of those being held close to the
breast of Jesus. I believe the young that I saw are the sons of God that are coming to maturity. They have
already been born and are being held by Jesus as they mature into His image (character). But soon these
ones will awaken to the reality of who and what they truly are in Christ, no longer masked by religion,
ideology, or anything of the kingdom of the world. Just as Cyrus set the Babylonian captives free to return
to Jerusalem, so is Jesus, the antitype of Cyrus, about to set free the many sons of glory as they manifest
to a world that rejects Him as king of all. As I see it, this requires the redemption of the body, being
transformed and conformed into the body of His glory as an anointed corporate body. The new creation,
the one new man, is maturing into the Anointed Body of the Anointed One (i.e., Christ) for all to see. The
good news for Christ's body of matured anointed sons is that they will soon be ushered into the Presence
of the love of their life. O, what joy we have set before us!
Obviously, for some, this will raise a whole host of eschatological questions, trying to figure out how this
all fits in with the teaching they have heard about the so-called end-times . After years of studying much
of this teaching, I find most of it simply a distraction from knowing Christ who is truth. For others,
questions might arise as to whether the matured sons refer to a remnant, the overcomers, the elect, the
bride, New Jerusalem, etc. Regardless of the term, be assured that the sons speak of the firstfruits of the
great and glorious harvest of all humanity that will unfold after the sons are revealed.
Here's the point: It is time for us to trust the anointing within and not put our trust in man—seek the spirit
of the Lord. The spirit of truth has come, and this truth is in all of us who are in Christ.
Awake! Awake to the Christ in you! He is your hope of glory! Diligently seek Him; He will lead you into
all truth!