Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent.
(Jeremiah 20:9)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
Yeshua (Experience)
On November 21, 2019, I experienced something quite noteworthy.
I was out driving and, as I often do, was talking with the Lord when I broke into praise and worship
by proclaiming all the expressions of who and what Jesus is, like ruler of the kings of the earth, King
of kings, the pattern Son, the one new man, the new creation, etc. I don't recall all that I proclaimed,
but it was a good time. This went on for several minutes. I sort of zoned out but managed to keep
myself alert to drive safely. During this time, I came to a T-bone in which I had to turn onto another
road. There was a car approaching the intersection; I had time to pull in front of it but instead waited
until it passed (good thing or else I would have missed what awaited me). So, I turned and drove
along behind this car, all the while continuing to make proclamations. When this ended, I was on a
part of the road where traffic had to slow a bit. Now, all the while this same car was in front me; I
knew it was there but paid little attention to it other than watch for brake lights. As I got closer to
the car, my eyes were drawn to the license plate for the first time. When I read it, I exclaimed: Wow,
The license plate read: Yeshua .
I thought this was the end of the story until the next day when my longstanding best friend called me. My
friend was driving with his wife and their son, who they long to see healed, to meet a brother who has a
gift of healing. He only prays over people if he senses the spirit leading him and is willing to drive hundreds
of miles to do so. Graciously, he agreed to pray over their son. While talking with my friend, I shared my
Yeshua experience and told him to call me later to let me know how it all went. He called several hours
later to tell me that the brother who prayed did the exact same thing I did in proclaiming the who and
what of Jesus and he proclaimed the name Yeshua . The icing on the cake, however, was that the license
plate on this brother's truck read Yeshua (with an extension). Is this not a double wow?
There is far more to this story that goes back seven years, but that's another story. However, I will say that
I believe this young man is a sign.
What is the message? First, as they say in this day of evil, be alert to your surroundings . However, for us
who belong to the Lord, we need to be alert to what the Lord is doing around us and saying to us. He is
speaking to us in a multitude of ways, but are we tuned to Him by His spirit? Are we listening for His voice?
Are we looking for His signs? Are we fine tuning our perception of that which is spiritual each day?
Second, it is a healthy exercise to proclaim the who and the what of Yeshua. It opens up the realm of God
in wonderful ways and binds evil that might be trying to come against us. For some help along this line,
you might consider the following.
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Third, we are connected to one another in ways we are not aware of and might not recognize in our daily
walk with the Lord. Our experience with the Lord may not only be just for our benefit but for others. The
fact of the matter is that it may be of greater benefit for another. We need to be open to this and stand
with our brethren, even walking through things with them if necessary. As Paul would remind us: Regard
one another as more important than yourselves; look out for the interests of others .
Fourth, Yeshua is all about relationship with us; it is about our union with Him in every aspect of our day.
He has presenced Himself in us and He wants us to know Him in this way. He is not far off waiting to come
back in a space ship. No! He is in us now by His spirit and, when He does appear, if we are alive and remain
when He does, His life in us will transform us into His image and we will be like Him, seeing Him as He is
in all His glory. When He is revealed, we will be revealed with Him in glory .
Fifth, when we have a conversation with the Lord, be prepared; He just might answer us, not through
audible words or thoughts but through a real-life experience. Faith is strengthened through experience.
Sixth, regardless of the manner in which the Lord reveals Himself, it might be a sign of something to come.
Based on all that is coming to me of late, the name Yeshua alone is a sign of the presence of the Lord, not
only today but especially in that Day that is coming very soon. Yeshua means that our Lord is the rescuer,
the deliverer, and the savior. I particularly like the word rescuer , for this is what He did for the world 2,000
years ago—rescued us from ourselves that were locked in sin and death, and it is what He is going to do
when He manifests Himself once again to the world, only this time, it is not in reference to sin and death;
it is in reference to ushering us into the fulness of new creation that He inaugurated when He rose from
the grave. He is coming to finish the work He inaugurated through the empty tomb. Praise God!
For more on the name Yeshua and new creation , you might consider the following.
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Let us live in the wow of our Lord, our Yeshua. It won't be long until He consummates His rescue mission
for all of us conquerors who have been given the faith to believe on Him and have lived in a manner worthy
of God who continuously calls us into His own kingdom and glory, and, especially, are longing for His
Now that's a wow!