Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent.
(Jeremiah 20:9)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
Highway 61—6 + 1 = 7 (Dream)
I have shared on the following dream periodically throughout my writings; specifically, it is recorded at
the conclusion of the article Six Days, then the Seventh . Since this article dovetails what follows, you are
encouraged to read it along with the Upward Call titled Man's Day . Here are the links.
Six Days, then the Seventh
Man's Day
There are three facets or levels to this dream. As noted later, they could be called paths . The first two
levels are personal; the first being a short-term path, and the second being both a mid-term to a long-
term path (still in-process). The third level, which came by revelation, speaks to Elohim's historical path
for earth and its inhabitants, that is, us humans.
Now, the dream (a re-editorialized version of the one appearing in the cited article) …
In the middle of the night of December 6, 1998, I had a vivid dream and a song on my heart, based
on 1 John 3:1 ( See what kind of love the Father has given to us ), which, contextually, speaks of
My wife and I were driving around a town, trying to get out of it. It seemed that every way we
turned, there were roadblocks. As we worked our way out of town, we took a meal to an elderly
sister whom we knew. Her name was Helen and she was 103 years of age. We eventually
worked our way out of the town and inquired which way to go. Someone pointed to the left
and told us we needed to get on a certain highway. I looked down the road and there was a
blue and red interstate sign with the number 61 on it. We headed for the sign, as if we were
heading out of town, and the dream ended.
First, a little background is needed. On December 4, we made plane reservations for our fourth trip
to Ghana; however, on the night of December 5, my wife and I both became unsettled about the
trip, which led us to wonder if, perhaps, we had missed the Lord's will.
Immediately upon waking from the dream, I got out of bed and inquired of the Lord for its meaning.
He specifically directed me to get a calendar and count out 61 workdays, excluding weekends and
holidays. I counted them the first time and could not believe my eyes. I counted two more times to
make sure that I had done it correctly. There it was as clear as could be—March 4, 1999, the date
that we had already booked to fly to Ghana.
Our assembly was divided into groups, and each group was responsible for caring for the needs of
the brothers and sisters in the group, which included taking the Lord's Supper to those who were
unable to leave their homes due to illness. As it turned out, in January 1999, it was our turn to serve
Highway 61—6 + 1 = 7
Helen. This is an important point; we did not do this to fulfill the dream. It was simply our turn, and
we were fulfilling our responsibility out of love. At the time, we did not even recall the dream. We
took her "a meal," as I had dreamed. On February 16, 1999, she fell asleep in the loving arms of her
Jesus. According to the dream, after the meal, we would be heading out of town and toward
interstate highway 61, signifying our departure to Ghana.
As great as this confirmation was, this was only the first level of the dream—a short-term path that
was soon completed.
But there is more; before March 4 th , I had to inform my boss that I was going on the trip and,
afterward, I was resigning from my job. After inquiring of the Lord for ten years, I knew that it was
time to come out of secular work. In many respects, I felt the Lord telling me that my job with this
particular company was over. However, I still did not know what date to select for my official
resignation. So, I met with my manager and explained the entire matter and even shared my
personal testimony. He agreed to allow me to take a month off and told me to enjoy the trip and to
see him when I returned; if I still wanted to resign, then we would discuss it.
When we returned from Ghana, I went to work, still not knowing the date of my resignation. I met
with my boss and informed him that I was leaving, but I still did not have a date of departure. I
offered to train a replacement for my position and not leave until this had been accomplished. I was
at peace that waiting a while longer was in the Lord's will.
A dear sister in the Lord worked in my group, and we were very close in spirit. We were part of the
same assembly, so we had much in common, and the Lord often used her to encourage me. I went
to her one day and said: "I don't know what date to set for my resignation. I feel that it should be by
the end of May, but what date should I select?" She answered, "June 1." So, I typed up my
resignation for June 1, 1999.
After I left, sometime in the latter part of June, we were sitting in worship service, and the spirit of
God revealed to me that the date of my resignation was also in the dream. Call me dull if you wish,
but it never occurred to me that June 1 was actually 6.1 or together the number 61. This was the
Lord's doing.
Thus, according to the dream, I had only 61 more days of work, which is why the weekends and
holidays were excluded. The Lord was telling us that when we stepped on that plane, my job (work)
was completed. It was very true, for when March 4 th came, the job had become so easy and was
running so smoothly that there was little left for me to do. I was bored! I had been blessed to manage
an exceptional group of people that were some of the best in their profession.
This is the second level of the dream; one that set us on a path that continues to this day and reaches
back to a word the Lord gave us in 1995: Launch out into the deep . We were being launched out
further in the Lord, much like Abraham who stepped out, not knowing where he was going (Hebrews
11:8). Except, in our case, our path was and still is on highway 61. In our experience, we have not
known when it would be a smooth path or when we would face the potholes of life. But what we
do know is that it is all leading to God's glory. There is an end or, rather, a new beginning at the end
of this highway and it is discovered in God's Son, our Lord Jesus!
Highway 61—6 + 1 = 7
As wonderful as this was to us personally, there was a much greater revelation signified by highway
The same night (December 6, 1998) that I received the dream and I inquired of its meaning, the Lord
revealed that the number 61 is to be understood not as a single number but as a combination of the
numbers 6 and 1. When added up, they yield the number 7. Think of it as an equation: 6 + 1 = 7 .
The number 6 is the number of man and speaks of the completion of man's work and his dominion
over the earth. The number 7 is one of the numbers of perfection and speaks of the completion of
that which is in view. It is also God's number of rest and spiritual perfection. Scripturally speaking,
six plus one is found at the beginning of the Bible in the book of beginnings, Genesis. There we learn
that God recreated (restored an earth in ruin) in six days and rested on the seventh.
Thus, the third level of the dream came as a revelation to me. (Others have seen and taught on this,
but, at this point in my life, I had not been exposed to such teaching.) This led me on a quest to
discover God's prophetic timeline for mankind; a quest the Lord put in my heart.
Now, what follows is an update to my understanding and revelation of this dream.
A point that I have failed to mention in all previous writings on this subject is that highway 61 signifies a
path or a way to go. We could say it is a road that leads to a destination. Or, as Webster's Dictionary says,
it is a direct way to some objective . Highway 61 signifies the path that Elohim has set for earth and
humanity that was created to inhabit this glorious planet.
The heavens, the earth, and all their vast array were finished. On the seventh day God finished his
work which he had done; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had done.
God blessed the seventh day, and made it holy, because he rested in it from all his work of creation
which he had done. This is the history of the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they
were created, in the day that Yahweh God made the earth and the heavens. (Genesis 2:1-4 WEB)
This is the history of the heavens and earth and, in this, Yahweh Elohim established how long He set for
mankind to have dominion over the earth. As presented in the writings cited above, God has set in play
6,000 years for man's day that will come to an end with the arrival of King Jesus when He openly manifests
His kingdom to the nations of the earth and glory begins to fill the earth. (Of course, along with this comes
the glorious resurrection and transformation of His saints as they are conformed to His immortal body of
glory [Philippians 3:20-21].)
The arrival of King Jesus ushers in the seventh day that will lead to a full 7,000 years since the first Adam.
After this, mankind and creation come into the eighth day, which initially is another 1,000-year day, that
will initiate ages to come; ages beyond our wildest dreams and imaginations, as all things are made new.
Consequently, the dream moved from something personal to a prophetic revelation of God's plan—six
days, then the seventh! This message has been on my heart for nearly forty years, and I am compelled to
share it, as well as to live in the light of it.
As if to drive the point home even more, recently the Lord showed me that since He broke into our lives,
we (my wife and I) have been a living sign of God's seven-day principle. How do I know? Recently, I was
Highway 61—6 + 1 = 7
led to consider our history with the Lord Jesus. What I discovered was that this history is divided into
seven-year periods with major events punctuating each period. Interestingly, the sevens actually began
the year we got married, seven years before Jesus broke into our lives. Further, I don't believe it is a
coincidence that I left secular work (man's labor) in the same year that some believe man's day ended,
which, according to some commentators, occurred on September 11, 1999.
To add to the prophetic highway 61, I have posted another dream that I see related to the second coming
of King Jesus, specifically, a dream about Wednesday, September 8.
See: September 8, Wednesday (Dream)
As I was writing this, I began to wonder if there is a major US highway numbered 61. According to
Wikipedia, US highway 61 is "the official designation for a major highway which extends 1,400 miles from
New Orleans, Louisiana to Wyoming, Minnesota." Since it generally follows the Mississippi River, it is
called the Great River Road . As of 2004, its two terminus points are Interstate 35 in Minnesota and
Interstate 90 in Louisiana. (Since highway systems often undergo changes—merging older highway
systems into interstates, etc.—it is possible this might have changed since 2004.)
This might be a stretch, but looking at these numbers in light of the biblical meaning of numbers, perhaps
there is a message of good news: 14 signifies deliverance or salvation ; 35 signifies hope ; 90 as a product
of 3, which signifies divine perfection or completeness and 30, which signifies spiritual maturity
(authority, leadership, rulership) , speaks of mankind spiritually maturing into the divine perfection or
completeness that Elohim has always intended for that which was created to bear His image. It is about
sonship. At the age of 30, the Father proclaimed that Jesus is the beloved Son. In terms of the kingdom of
God, it is about the placing of sons, the redemption of the body (Romans 8:23).
Thus, highway 61 is the Great River Road, the path that leads to the river of life that flows from the throne
of God and of His Lambkin. After six days, on the seventh, this river will flow to fill the earth with the glory
of God.
Finally, as I researched this highway, I saw an online picture that caught my eye. In Clarksdale, Mississippi,
US highway 61 intersects with highway 49. The picture showed the signs for these two highways with 61
over 49 with three large guitars under the highway signs and under the guitars a sign stating The
Crossroads . The meaning to this has to do with the history of blues music; however, I see something
beyond this. The number 49 signifies jubilee , when all debts are cancelled. Truly, the intersection of man's
day and what I call the King's day is a crossroads that leads to God's grand jubilee for His creation.
As I remind people, the six days of man are up. King Jesus is coming very soon! His second arrival is not
some unknown event lost in some nebulous fog of the future. No! He is coming and many alive today will
see Him. Why? Because the time is up!