Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent.
(Jeremiah 20:9)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
"In the Name of Jesus, the Doors Shall Be Opened" (Dream)
At 10 pm, on January 8, 2019, I woke from a dream that went like this:
I was in a building that held the Lord's people. It was dark and seemed filled with weeds or tangled
material of some kind. The people were being held captive. I had a sense of danger that the people
needed to be set free. However, I had no fear. I then began running along the inside of this building,
along a wall, until I saw large double doors (much like seen in a large department store). As I ran
toward these doors, I saw light shining outside the doors as the building was in darkness. As I
continued toward the doors, I suddenly raised my arms high up in the air and yelled out: "In the
name of Jesus, the doors shall be opened." There was no doubt in my proclamation. It was a
command that it would be done. I knew it was a declaration of setting the Lord's people free.
I shared this dream with a brother in Christ in Arizona. He replied with an interpretation.
Now, to what I see as one possible interpretation of your dream. The world has gone dark. It
is very dark. This is the room. The Lord's people are in there also, because we are all in this darkness.
It is up to us to follow Jesus. And you aren't afraid, nor should you be! You ran down the wall, and I
got the impression that you were looking for a way out of the darkness. The vines are black too,
because everything that is presently growing is darkness and blindness. Everything is part of the lie;
even often what we presume to be growth! Yeast has permeated everything! Most of the Lord's
people have been fooled by the darkness and they think that it is normal. The door represents Jesus,
and He is the only way to find the light, because He IS the light. You reached out for the Door and
the light, and began running for them prophetically proclaiming, "In the name of Jesus, the doors
shall be opened!" And they will be opened! The light is shining through the glass right now for those
that have eyes to see, and these doors will open at the Second Coming. You never reached them,
because the Coming is not yet, but when they open, the world will be flooded with light!
I cannot add anything to this interpretation, at least at this point, except to say, Amen!