Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent. (Jeremiah 20:9)
The testimony of JESUS is the spirit of the prophecy. (Revelation 19:10c)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
"139 Years Ago; Trouble Started" (Word)
About 2:30 am, on November 27, 2012 , as I tried to go to sleep, I heard a word in two parts:
139 years ago. Trouble started.
In my head, I tried to subtract 139 from the year 2012 but it just was not computing, so I got out of bed
and grabbed the calculator. 139 years ago was the year 1873. I had no clue as to the significance of this
year. I went back to bed puzzled. When I woke, I began searching the history of this year.
I found several articles that explain the key event(s) of that year and I learned that on September 18, 1873
a major financial collapse occurred when Jay Cooke's investment/banking firm went bankrupt. It started
what is called the Panic of 1873 which set off a 4-year depression.
Jay Cooke was the Lehman Brothers of 1873!
Cooke wrote a pamphlet titled: How Our National Debt May Be a National Blessing. The Debt is Public
Wealth, Political Union, Protection of Industry, Secure Basis for National Currency . He stated: Why
should this Grand and Glorious country be stunted and dwarfed – its activities chilled and its very life
blood curdled by these miserable 'hard coin' theories – the musty theories of a bygone age?
This is nearly the exact same philosophy or economic theory/policy that is being carried out today under
the power and control of the Federal Reserve System of central banks and the US Congress. Debt has been
embraced without any stops; thus, we have trillions of dollars of debt being accumulated each year with
no end in sight.
Now, here's the interesting thing: September 18, 1873 is exactly 135 years from September 18, 2008 , the
year in which the world financial system nearly collapsed in one hour. The 139 years I was told is dated
back from 2012, but the key to this word is that the very system that Cooke advocated nearly came
unraveled in 2008.
It seems to me that the take away of this word is that the very system Cooke advocated that all of us are
enslaved to is a "trouble," meaning it is not a good system. The question is how long will it last and what,
if anything, will replace it.
However, the greater question is if a monetary system will even exist in the kingdom of God, meaning will
money be necessary. I propose that when love, in all its God-fullness, is truly the fabric of humanity,
without exception, there will be no need for a monetary system. I realize such a concept may be difficult
for most of us to grasp since we have only known the bondage of what modern humanity has lived with
for decades. But let's think outside the box and imagine what our world would look like without this
bondage. We can be sure of one thing: what God has planned will be trouble free.