Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent.
(Jeremiah 20:9)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
September 8, Wednesday (Dream)
Something significant is going to occur in a year that September 8 th falls on a Wednesday.
On June 26, 2003, I had a four-part dream with a vision within the dream that is just as vivid today as it
was then. Here it is (with some commentary):
Part 1—I was repeatedly singing the words holy night, all is calm , from the song Silent Night. I
sensed that the return of our Lord Jesus would occur on a calm night set apart, sanctified (holy) by
the Father. (I very rarely sing in my sleep. Actually, I only recall this happening twice in my life. Of
course, Silent Night has to do with the birth of Jesus. Is a birth on the horizon? Could it be a first
fruits type of harvest?)
Part 2—Then, I saw a paper like an affidavit slowly moving across my vision as if on a movie screen.
I saw the date September 8 scroll across the screen. There was no year attached to it. Then I saw
the word Wednesday scroll across the screen.
Part 3—Then, I saw myself with a group of people and two brothers in Christ that I know. In a vision
(within the dream), I saw the Lord coming and I announced it to the others. (If I personally have one
calling, it is in the realm of the second arrival of Jesus—something I have held onto and proclaimed
for nearly 40 years. Actually, it will be 40 years in 2021.)
Part 4—Then I saw people in the shadows or dark places of a room; they were coming out of
darkness approaching us and, as they did, they prostrated themselves before us. I was given the
impression that they were being drawn out of darkness by the spirit of God, as we stood in the light.
Over the years, I have felt that the scrolled date is central to all the parts of the dream and together they
have something tremendous to do with the coming of the Lord. To reiterate, September 8 th must fall on a
Wednesday—a combination that occurs on a repeating cycle of 6 years and 11 years (with leap year
exceptions). From 2003, the years are 2004, 2010, 2021, 2027, 2032, 2038, 2049, etc. As of now, two of
these combinations have passed with no apparent events occurring during these years that coincide with
this date, and we are very close to the next one in 2021.
For those who believe the coming of the Lord will coincide with the Hebrew fall feasts of trumpets and
tabernacles (booths), 2021 is rather interesting. Trumpets or Tishri 1 falls on Tuesday, September 7, and
Tishri 2 falls on Wednesday, September 8. Looking forward in time, this is as close as it gets (at least in my
expected lifetime.) Some might say that 2021 doesn't quite line up with the feasts. But let's not be so
hasty in our judgment. The Hebrews designated two days for trumpets, since they were looking for the
first sliver of the moon. If it were an overcast night, they might have had to wait until the next night to
blow the trumpets—thus, Tishri 2. We need to keep in mind the law of the second order that is discovered
throughout scripture. He takes away the first in order to establish the second (Hebrews 10:9). Could we
be looking at the second order in our interpretation? Naturally, this only applies if one believes the fall
September 8, Wednesday
feasts are integral to the Lord's arrival to meet His people in clouds in air as they receive spirit-animated
bodies (new booths).
It does seem that the dream follows a chronological order. It starts with a calm night and a song we all
recognize as speaking of the birth of Jesus. Is another birth in view; this time of a people birthed into new
creation bodies? Of course, night could signify spiritual darkness and calm could signify that the world is
comfortable with this darkness. Given all that is going on in the world today, most would agree that a
darkness has settled upon the nations—a word that has come to me more than once over the last decade.
So, part 1 could be the set-up for what follows on Wednesday, September 8. If this is intended to coincide
with the fall feasts, then this is tremendously significant, to say the least. But is it what we hope it is, or is
it an event (spiritual or natural) that sets in motion other events that lead to the ultimate arrival of King
Jesus? After all, part 3 announces the coming of the Lord. Finally, part 4 indicates a dramatic change as
people come out of darkness, bowing down to ones in light. Is this a sign of a fully manifested anointing
welling up from within the Lord's people at the end of the age or, better still, the resurrection and
transformation of His people, having put off mortality and having put on immortality, taking on spirit-
animated bodies? Saints in light!
What about the upcoming year 2021? Are there any other indications that the world is heading toward
some climactic event? I have written (recently updated and re-posted) on the three 7-years cycles that
comprise a 21-year cycle that ends in 2021. Interestingly, I have read predictions by others from a number
of disciplines (not just Christian prophecies, but financial, political, civil) that indicate the world is coming
to a climactic point in 2020-2022. On the other hand, I have seen a number of predictions that the year
2032-2033 is going to be quite significant. For the tabernacles crowd, Wednesday, September 8, 2032
doesn't quite line up with Tishri 1, as it falls on Tishri 3, but it is in the neighborhood, so to speak. Perhaps,
God is going to change things up a bit to surprise all of us.
See: 21-Year Cycle: 2000-2021
In reviewing past writings, I was reminded of a word that I believe came to me from the Lord twelve years
to the day after I received this dream. It was on June 26, 2015, and it was about the presence of King Jesus
and seismic change. We are living in a time of seismic change that, I believe, will culminate with the arrival
of our beloved Jesus. His arrival alone will be seismic on an order this world has never seen. Glory to God!
This word has been updated and re-posted.
See: Seismic Change is Coming!
I make no definitive predictions, at least at this point; I just offer possibilities. If anyone has any specific
insight or word from the Lord in this regard, I would be most interested.
Only the Lord knows how this will all play out. Given this, my sole purpose in posting these insights is to
raise the expectation (hope) of God's people to the coming of King Jesus. We don't know when He will
arrive. But, He will; we can be sure of this. Until then, we wait expectedly and patiently for Him.
Postscript 1
Sometime after writing this, I added something in my journal that, based on what someone sent me,
added to this dream. Here is what I documented on September 1, 2017 .
September 8, Wednesday
A brother in Christ recently pointed out to me that the song Silent Night is significant because it is
about the birth of Christ. Based on his extensive study of scripture, he believes Jesus was actually
born on September 8, 2 BC . Having seen other dates posited in the month of September (i.e.,
September 11 and 29), this is the first time this date has come into my view. Further, independent
of me, he also came to the conclusion that September 8, 2021 is significant and suggests that this
may be related to the birth of the body of Christ, the head and body united. This goes along with
the word I was given about the Anointing and the Presence of the Lord. Of course, all of this bodes
well for those who are called and chosen in Christ.
This also goes along with a word that came to me on August 16, 2017 about how the Lord's people
are in deception and that the Lord is about to remove all their props and falseness, even their false
gospel and religion in order to lead them to repentance . I heard: The day is coming when I will
unite My people into one people, removing every barrier and hindrance. They will be one as I asked
My Father they would be; one people under one Head, with one purpose and one voice. There will
be no more division along doctrine or creeds or any such thing .
Although not related to the dream, at least directly, the date of September 8 is given some historical
significance by some. Interestingly, some claim that the siege of Jerusalem by Titus in 70 AD ended
on September 8. Also, I just learned that the Roman Catholics claim Mary was born on September
At this point, until further revelation is given, this is as far as I can take this dream at the moment.
Regardless, for the Lord's people, I only see it as good news. I suspect it will be good news in the
midst of great tumult leading up to September 8, 2021.
Postscript 2
I must add that prior to 2010 I thought there was a strong possibility that 2010 would be quite significant
in light of the dream. But I wasn't alone in this for someone else had a dream about this date and saw it
relating to 2010. Of course, we were both off on the year, but I continue to believe we are not off about
the month and day. But keep in mind, I saw that it was linked to Wednesday which adds more specificity
to it. Here is a link to what this other brother saw (not the same brother as noted above); a blog posting
dated July 30, 2008.
Another Dream About Sept. 8, 2010