Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent.
(Jeremiah 20:9)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
Two Letters—Double Witness
"Launch Out into the Deep" (Word)
"Worcester in the News"—Joseph a Pioneer (Word)
In this issue, I want to share two experiences that I had, one in 1995 and the other fourteen years later, in
2009. These were unusual for they began with a word given by the spirit of the Lord that was confirmed
by a third party the very same day. Although, at first glance, they might seem unrelated to each other, I
see them pointing to the same thing, and that is the coming of our Lord Jesus.
Launch Out into the Deep
During July 1995, I was away from home on a business trip. I took a book along to read in my leisure time:
The Names of Jesus , by A.B. Simpson (Christian Publications, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, 1991).
As I read this book, a little phrase caught my attention in a chapter titled The Baptizer . I remember praying
the phrase to the Lord with very little comprehension of what I was praying. The phrase was: Launch out
into the deep. The following is an excerpt on this word as presented by brother Simpson. I have added the
BOLD ITALIC because these are critical to the story. This word was contained in the subsection titled…
The Spirit of Hope
11. He is the Spirit of hope. "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him,
so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit" (Romans 15:13). He, and He
alone, can take the fears out of your heart and the shadows from your future. He can thrust away
the dark clouds of dread that blot out all light and confidence and that cover everything with the
dismal shadow of despair. He can illuminate your own path through life with sweet and heavenly
confidence. H E CAN UNFOLD TO YOU THE VISION OF THE LAND THAT IS VERY FAR OFF . He can show the stretches
of the outreaching of God's blessed promises for you and all His glorious work for you. Y ES , H E CAN
What is implied in receiving this baptism?
1. The very thought of baptism suggests the deeply solemn thought of death and resurrection.
Baptism is burial and a new life; and, therefore, to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit there must
be death—the death of all that will and can die, for only that which is imperishable ought to live.
The gold cannot be burned; therefore, you need not fear to die in the arms of Jesus to everything
that is capable of dying. Everything that will not die is safe, for only that which is divine can stand
the fire of God. Yield yourself unto His death in all the fullness of His thought and then rise into life
in all the fullness of His will and be baptized into the Spirit. Therefore, you that have died to self and
Two Letters—Double Witness
earth have received, and will receive in that measure the fullness of His Spirit and life, even in those
very places where you have most truly died. And you that have not received the fullness of His
baptism are, perhaps, hindered because in some place you have not died with your Lord, or having
died, have not risen again as well as to die, and the voice of heaven, which says, "Arise, shine, for
your light has come, and the glory of the L ORD rises upon you" (Isaiah 60:1).
2. The term baptism suggests great fullness. It is into an ocean that you are baptized. It is not a
sprinkled drop, but it is a great unfathomable sea, and God is calling us to go out into the depths of
Himself. Too long we stayed in the shallow surf, swept by its mighty breaker. Out beyond are the
depths of calm, the fullness unfathomable. L AUNCH OUT INTO THE DEEP , OUT INTO THE FULLNESS OF G OD .
There is a lot packed in these few lines that I leave to the reader to discern, but when I read this material,
the phrase that struck me most was launch out into the deep. I did not even realize that this was from
scripture, for the translation I regularly used at the time states it differently. I drove home that day; and
as I drove along the interstate, I remember praying to the Lord and crying out: Lord, launch me out into
the deep.
It was the spirit of God that put this cry in my heart on that day. But the real surprise was coming. When
I arrived home, there was a letter waiting for me. A dear sister in the Lord, who faithfully prayed for us,
wrote me a letter that arrived in the mail on the very day of my cry to the Lord. This is what she wrote.
As I was praying for you yesterday, the Lord gave me a word for you, Stu. It may be that the Lord
has already given you this scripture in the past—if so, may this be a confirmation. It's Luke 5:1-11.
"Launch out into the deep" was the first word He put on my heart as I was praying, so I looked it up
in the Concordance and there was the wonderful account of the huge catch of fish and the Lord
telling Peter that, from then on, he would be "catching men." I just rejoiced at all the implications
this has for you, Stu. It involves stepping out in faith—may the Lord give you understanding.
Then there was a verse in "Daily Light" that I know was for you, also—actually, two verses: It is better
to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in
princes . Psalm 118:8,9 (July 28, 1995)
The Lord had given me this word just hours prior to receiving her letter. His timing is always impeccable.
Two is the number of witness, and I had received two words on this matter of launching out. This was no
coincidence. It was the Lord's doing. Double witness!
Without doubt, A.B. Simpson's words are for all believers as they speak to that inner, very personal life
with our Lord Jesus and the need for death to self and resurrection to life in the Lord, not only as a future
reality, but also as a present one. It is launching out into the fullness of God. As for my wife and me, our
testimony is that the Lord launched us out into the depths of His love in 1995. It was not a word about
reaching the lost; it was a personal word of what the Lord is doing in our lives as He has led us to know
Him in deeper ways; especially, not just as our trust but trust itself. Blessed is the man who trusts in the
Lord, and whose trust is the Lord (Jeremiah 17:7). As a confirmation of this word, within a year, the Lord
launched us out into our first trip to Ghana, and within four years, He launched me out of gainful
employment. In retrospect, the groundwork for this launching out started in 1994 with a series of
experiences, and it has continued unabated since then.
Two Letters—Double Witness
Now, A.B. Simpson drives home that our hope and expectation is in the coming of King Jesus. Here it is
H E CAN UNFOLD TO YOU THE VISION OF THE LAND THAT IS VERY FAR OFF . He can show the stretches of the out-
reaching of God's blessed promises for you and all H IS GLORIOUS WORK FOR YOU . Y ES , H E CAN SHOW YOU
Let's consider this in parts. First, vision is required; that is, we need vision of our future destiny. The land,
metaphorically speaking, is our beloved Lord Jesus and the new bodies reserved for us that are just like
His resurrected body. These new creation bodies are necessary for us to fully enter into and reign with
King Jesus in the kingdom of God in the ages to come. These ages speak of the open manifestation of the
sons of God and the new creation.
Second, this will manifest when He comes to transform us into His image, as we, by the power He has to
subject all unto Himself, put off this mortality and put on immortality in spirit-animated bodies just like
His body.
We are citizens of heaven, you see, and we're eagerly waiting for the savior, the Lord, King Jesus,
who is going to come from there . Our present body is a shabby old thing, but he's going to
transform it so that it's just like his glorious body . And he's going to do this by the power which
makes him able to bring everything into line under his authority. (Philippians 3:20-21 Kingdom NT
[bold italic added]).
It is sown as the embodiment of ordinary nature, and raised as the embodiment of the spirit . … But
you don't get the spirit-animated body first; you get the nature-animated one, and you get the
spirit-animated one later . (1 Corinthians 15:44, 46 Kingdom NT [bold italic added])
Third, until then, we behold and know our king in our hearts with all the hope and expectation of literally
seeing Him one day. As Paul wrote: that the eyes of your heart be enlightened to know what is the
expectation. Until then, we see Him with the eyes of our heart and engage in His works prepared
beforehand for us to do. I'll conclude with a word about works.
Worcester in the News
On October 1, 2009, around 7 am, I heard: Worcester in the news . This is a very unusual word to receive
first thing in the morning. Why Worcester? The city is not unknown to me. I grew up in the Worcester, MA
area and my family's roots are planted there, so I am familiar with this city. However, Worcester has not
been on my radar screen, so to speak, for quite a few years, especially since the passing of my parents.
So, throughout the day, I checked the news to see if anything of note had happened in Worcester;
however, there was no news. But then our mail arrived late that same day, and in our mailbox was a letter
from a very good friend of my deceased mother. This woman lives in a town near Worcester, and enclosed
in her letter was an article and an obituary from the Worcester Telegram & Gazette . Worcester in the
news! Double witness!
Two Letters—Double Witness
The news was about the death of a former CEO of the company my father had worked for practically his
entire working career. I met the man, perhaps three times, but that was the extent of my exposure to him.
As far as I was concerned, the man only existed as a distant or forgotten memory.
Based on my experience with the Lord, I knew that this news from Worcester had to be important,
especially in light of the man's name, his legacy, and the industry in which he worked.
His first name was Joseph , and the article about his life described him as CEO—a pioneer . Joseph, a
pioneer, died on September 20, 2009, at the age of 90. He began his employment in a forging
manufacturing company at the age of 39 and moved up the ranks until he was running the company. He
transformed it into a modern and efficient manufacturer. At his death, he had been retired from this
industry for nearly 21 years . He was an acknowledged community leader who was instrumental in bringing
biomedical research facilities into his state. In this regard, he also was called an economic pioneer , for he
was instrumental in procuring venture capital to start up this industry.
There are several obvious similarities between the life of Israel's beloved son Joseph, who, for comparative
purposes, I will call Joseph of Egypt or the former , and the life of Joseph of Worcester or the latter .
Joseph of Egypt rejoined his family at the age of 39 when he was the CEO of Egypt (i.e., ruler of the land
under Pharaoh). Joseph of Worcester joined a company at the age of 39 to rise to become its CEO; he
became part of the family, which is how this company often described its employees. When I was young,
this company rented the local civic center and held a huge Christmas party for all its employees and their
families. During the party, all the children, numbering in the hundreds, received a nice gift. I still remember
those times.
The former Joseph was instrumental in exacting a fifth from the land in order to preserve life (Genesis
41:34; 45:5; 50:20). The latter Joseph was instrumental in procuring venture capital for biomedical
research for the purpose of saving lives.
The former Joseph was presumed dead (absent) by his family but came back to life (back in the news), so
to speak, 21 years later. The latter Joseph was retired (absent) from the family of his company only to
come back into the news nearly 21 years later, even if it were in death. Joseph of Worcester was lost in
my personal memory, but the news brought him back.
Now, the words pioneer and forge or forging are also significant and related to each other.
Pioneers are ones who open or prepare the way for others to follow. They could be called trailblazers or
ones who cut a way through the bush so that others can follow—ones who go forth into territory not
trodden by others, into uncharted territory. Pioneers leave the comfort and security of home and willingly
pay the cost to go in and occupy new territory; they put down their feet and declare that it is a new
possession. There is great cost, peril, danger, and even perplexity for pioneers. But they are obsessed to
make it through to the new land so that others may follow. They are not concerned that those who follow
will not have to pay the same price. In fact, they welcome others to enter into what they have come to
occupy. Pioneers have vision, courage, faith, and a sense of destiny. Their very life is a testimony. They go
out, not knowing where they are going because few, if any, have gone their way before. Often under
intense pressure, they forge a way for others to follow . We could say that they lead others into life in a
new place.
Two Letters—Double Witness
Forging is a manufacturing process where metal is pressed, pounded, or squeezed under great pressure
into high strength parts known as forgings; the ones who do this work are called forgers . This brings to
mind the pressure required to produce precious stones. In like fashion, the living stones of New Jerusalem,
the dwelling of God in spirit, are brought forth through pressure. They will be (are) in God's place, just as
Joseph was (Genesis 50:19).
Joseph of Egypt was a pioneer who forged the way to preserve many people alive (Genesis 50:19-20),
including his whole family. He himself was forged, made into a precious stone, through intense pressure
of being sold into bondage and thrown into prison. Joseph of Worcester was literally a forger (worker of
metal) and a pioneer in his field, for he transformed his company. He also was a pioneer who forged the
way for biomedical research to be established in his state.
Given all these similarities between the two men, it is clear that the Lord brought Joseph of Egypt back in
the news, so to speak, as a message to me. This is no coincidence; it is the prophetic hand of God that I
received this news of Joseph in the mail. It was the Father's way of directing my attention to His Son, for
Joseph, the ruler of land, is a type of King Jesus, the ruler of the kings of the earth and the owner of all the
land. He declares: The land is Mine!
The true pioneer is Jesus. The James Moffatt Translation states that we need to fix our eyes upon Jesus as
the pioneer and the perfection of faith (Hebrews 12:2), for Jesus is the pioneer of Life (Acts 3:15).
However, the pioneer is not alone, for He has a company of pioneers who are being forged into His image;
they are the conquerors, the barley, who are pioneering the way for the rest of the church, the wheat.
Down through the centuries, the Lord has had His pioneers just as He does in our day. They all will be
manifested at the fall feasts of trumpets and tabernacles, preserved alive, so that in their kingdom ministry
as sons of God, they too can preserve others alive, just as Joseph did.
On September 26, 2008, I was jolted awake with the word: The next great event is the resurrection . With
this jolt, I was immediately told to look at the time on the clock. It was 1:44 am. For obvious reasons, this
got my attention. Some say this number signifies the resurrected sons of God . Elsewhere, I have made the
point that it signifies divine government or perfection of government based on it being a factor of 12,
which is the primary number associated with New Jerusalem . Given that New Jerusalem speaks of the
glorified sons of God that minister to the nations of the earth in the ages to come, it is safe to say that the
number 144 most likely represents all of these, especially the elect conquerors, the pioneers of Christ.
See: Number 144—Perfection of Government
Thus, Joseph in the news is truly good news, for it is a prophetic sign that, through His conquerors, Christ
is about to be manifested to the nations. His kingdom is coming!
Works and Calling
Earlier, I said I would conclude with a comment about works. Over the many years I have been around the
Lord's people, it has become apparent that certain works are given a higher premium than others. For
example, "getting people saved" (by the way; no one can save another), discipling (generally to a set of
doctrine or the ways of a particular assembly), prayer (every head bowed and every eye closed), and
preaching the "word" (interpreting scripture based on some systematic theology) are placed on the altar
Two Letters—Double Witness
of importance, so to speak. My parenthetical comments indicate some dangers I have seen in these things;
nevertheless, I do not refute their importance in the life of believers. I simply see each item differently
from the fundamental, mainline way held by many. (Perhaps a topic for another time.)
What I have discovered is that announcing the coming of the Lord is seldom, if ever, acknowledged as a
work of God. Based on personal experience, I would say that such a thing is generally not accepted as
such. In some measure, it is understandable. After all, there have been many throughout the centuries
that have declared Jesus was coming in their day. We have had several in our modern day, as well (e.g.,
88 reasons why Jesus would return in 1988), which has led most to discount, ignore, discourage, or attack
such pronouncements. For some personal examples of this, check out this link.
Transcend Time
But I believe we need to be reminded that in John the Baptist's day, the time was ripe for the arrival of
Israel's Messiah, and John was called (i.e., given the work of God to announce His arrival) to make straight
the way of the Lord, for the kingdom of the heavens was at hand. Given this, let us not be so quick to
discount that there could be voices in our day that have been called, as a work of God prepared
beforehand, to announce the soon arrival of King Jesus. This may be their only work and calling.
By the way, I am not saying that I or others are a John the Baptist (although there are those out there so
declaring). We are simply voices. Actually, I relate more to Simeon who was told he would not see death
until he had seen Israel's Messiah (see Luke 2:25-35). And so, Simeon beheld the king, literally holding
Jesus in his arms. For my eyes have seen Your salvation! The day is on the horizon when we will see our
salvation, Yeshua-Jesus.
Based on what the Lord has spoken to me over the years and exhorted me to do, this is the work of God
that I have been called to fulfill. And so, I proclaim King Jesus is coming soon. I emphasize soon to ensure
that all realize I am not saying His arrival is some event that could occur many years into our future. No;
soon means He is coming in the lifetime of many who are alive today, and I see a confirmation of this in
the double witness I am sharing.
For us, launching out required vision of THE COMING OF THE K ING IN H IS GLORY , AS OUR HOPE AND EXPECTATION . We
liken this launching out to crossing over to the other side; entering the coming kingdom of God. Joseph in
the news is one of many indications from the Lord that Joseph, a type of King Jesus, will soon be in the
news once again as the world sees the reality of the true Joseph, the very one through whom God created,
and the one who died for all and was raised from the dead, ushering in a new creation within which is a
new humanity. The time is ripe for the proclamation that King Jesus is coming soon in all His glory.
To conclude, I want to leave you with one more thought. Joseph is also connected to the name Shiloh ,
which speaks of King Jesus' two arrivals, His inaugural arrival that led to the cross, and His consummational
arrival (generally called the second coming ) that, again, will openly manifest the new creation and the
kingdom of God to all in heaven and on earth.
For more on this great subject, check out this link.
Until Shiloh Comes