Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent.
(Jeremiah 20:9)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
"Urgency" (Word)
On September 11, 2019, I woke not knowing that this was the infamous 9/11 day. This is not unusual, for
I generally do not track days and have no clue what day it is until I open my journal later in the morning.
However, as soon as I woke on the 11 th , I began hearing the word urgency . With this, a sense of urgency
came upon me, as if it were in the air, so to speak. When I eventually learned what day it was, I quickly
made a connection to my experience leading up to September 11, 2001, eighteen years ago. This is
documented elsewhere, but it is about the word the Lord gave me: When you see the structures crumble,
testify of My kingdom . Along with the rest of the world, I literally watched the structures of the twin towers
crumble to the ground that day, which altered the very soul of America. Check out this link.
When the Structures Crumble
Here is an excerpt from that writing.
… The world literally witnessed a graphic illustration of structures crumbling on September 11, 2001
in New York City. Interestingly, it wasn’t until the early summer of the year 2001 that I began to
sense a change was coming to the world. I recall exhorting an elderly Jewish woman, a survivor of
the Holocaust, that great change was coming and that it was time to look to God. It could only have
been by the spirit of the Lord that as September approached, in my spirit, I knew something dramatic
was coming. It was no coincidence that on the morning of September 11, before I knew a terrorist
attack was imminent that very day, my heart was deeply burdened to begin writing on the matter
of watching, with specific reference to the royal appearing of our Lord Jesus and the open
manifestation of His kingdom on earth. It was on this specific day, early in the morning, that I
purposed to begin testifying of the kingdom of our Lord with greater intensity and urgency . I was
sitting in my office meditating on how to start writing on the subject. It was a beautiful day; the sky
was as blue as I had ever seen. There were no clouds in the sky, and the birds outside an open
window were singing happily. As I was getting ready to write, my phone rang; it was from a friend
who told me that I needed to immediately turn on the television. I did, and a short time later, I,
along with millions, watched the first of the twin towers of the World Trade Center crumble to the
ground, followed by, within the hour, the fall of the second tower. When you see the structures
crumble! This event was the trumpet call that set in motion the crumbling of many structures to
follow. When I saw the two structures crumble, I knew that the spirit of God had given me a witness
of the burden that had been placed upon my heart. There were two structures, which is a witness.
What is the witness? The kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ is coming —the governments
(kingdoms) of this earth are soon to be replaced (crumbled) by a new government—a heavenly one.
As I write this, I did not know that when I penned the above, I actually used the word urgency . Now,
eighteen years later, rather than having a sense of urgency leading up to this day, I have been given a
sense of urgency on the day. By the way, I have no expectation of a major event occurring on the 11 th . It
seems to me that this urgency is one that goes forward from today, and this urgency is about testifying of
the coming kingdom of our Lord Jesus, the ruler of the kings of the earth.
Interestingly, later this morning, I met with some brothers in Christ for breakfast. Their thoughts were on
the significance of the day as they recounted where they were at that infamous moment in history. When
it came time to share, I gave the above account and added the sense of urgency that came to me today
(9.11.2019). They all looked very somber; some just looked down at the table. There was no verbal
response. At this point, I am not sure how to interpret this, so I will not assume anything.
However, I do have a general observation about fellow believers that I have been around over many years.
What I have noticed time and again is pretty much business as usual. Most have something that is
important to them, based on some emphasis, generally based on scripture, whether it is praying over
issues, reaching the lost, etc. Most all of them are far more active in doing what they consider as service
for the Lord than what I do every week. But here is my observation: I sense little to no urgency among the
Lord's people. It strikes me very much like the days of Noah; everyone is going about their business with
little or no expectation of the Lord's soon arrival, let alone no urgency to the hour in which we live.
I just posted an account of my experience with believers regarding the coming of King Jesus, so I won't
repeat it here, but if interested, check out this link.
Transcend Time
O, people know things are not right, but how many put it in the context of the coming of our Lord? How
many see the kingdom rising on the horizon of world history? How many even know what the kingdom of
God is all about? Don't get me wrong; I am not trying to paint a bleak picture about God's people. I know
there are those who do sense the urgency of the hour; I am simply trying to stir up a sense of urgency in
those who don't and encourage those that do.
What does urgency mean? Definitionally, it is this: "need for action, haste, etc.; stress; pressure, as of
necessity; something urgent." Frankly, the concern I have with sharing this word and its definition is that
people will take it to mean that they must go do something; so, they will engage in a whole flurry of
activities as Christians are so prone to do without seeking the Lord's heart on the matter.
I am going to propose something totally opposite to the natural reaction of the Lord's people, especially
those who believe they must advance the kingdom or even build an organizational church or run out and
"get people saved." For starters, do nothing except seek the Lord to know His heart . Seek the presence
of the Lord and allow the anointing that you have within you—the spirit of truth that is there to teach you
all things—to speak to your heart. In this dark hour of world history, we must hear the voice of God for
ourselves, not a homogenized or predigested word from men. This is our way through the urgency of this
So, I am not encouraging anyone to take this word and run with it. Go to the Lord, be silent, and listen for
His voice. I have written on this based on a word that came to me in 2014. Check out this link.
Let All the Earth Be Silent