Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent.
(Jeremiah 20:9)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
"Great Cataclysmic Upheaval is Coming!" (Word)
At 4:25 am, on July 9, 1999, I heard:
Great cataclysmic upheaval is coming, the likes of which no man has ever seen or will see again. I
will shake the heavens and the earth and this will shake the institutions of the world. In that day,
no man will stand; no man will deny that it is the Lord who does such things. All will see that it is
the Lord but not all will turn to the Lord God Almighty. Prepare your heart for the days that are
We need to be clear that shaking, even cataclysmic upheaval, is not a new thing for our earth. Throughout
its long history, whether thousands, millions, or billions of years in the making, the earth has been through
many shakings. Genesis 1:2 indicates the result of such a shaking and, of course, Noah's flood is a known
shaking, whether it involved the whole earth or a vast region of it. Some shakings, perhaps even many,
occur repetitively in cycles, especially climate change. Just take the various ice ages, as an example. The
sun itself plays a major role in climatic cycles, based on its intensity that ebbs and flows in cycles.
The point is: using Solomon's wisdom, there is nothing new under the sun. God the creator knows when
these cyclical events will occur and why, since He is the one who put creation into play in accord with His
design. Simply, He knows how things work. This doesn't mean He cannot break into His creation to bring
about change as He deems necessary for His creation. Further, it doesn't mean that man cannot mess with
God's design either. The 20 th century experienced two world wars that killed millions. Surely, this was a
great shaking and even an upheaval as the balance of global power and wealth shifted. We are presently
living through another great global shift that we hope will end with the coming of God's kingdom.
With all this said, when we hear that shaking is coming, the shaking doesn't have to be unique, as if it has
never happened before. It could be the result of any of the above suggestions or more. Further, to the
generation of people experiencing the shaking, it might appear as the worst the world has ever seen. To
them, it actually is the worst, even though comparable events of similar intensity and results could have
(most likely, have) occurred throughout earth's history. By the way, scripture is full of examples where
climactic events are described in hyperbolic fashion, as if they are once-in-a lifetime events.
Further, although we might focus more on the tangible, that is, physical signs of crumbling, let us not
forget that similar events occur in the intangible realm of the abstract, incorporeal, or invisible, such as
spirit and soul. Institutions, governments, economics, cultures, and societies, even humanity itself, to
name a few, all have intangible qualities that can fall apart, even cease to exist as they once were.
What needs to be kept in mind is that when a word comes from the Lord that great cataclysmic upheaval
is coming, the word is for our generation now . To use a slang expression, it is our turn in the barrel. We
are nearing the end of our present age that has gone on now for nearly 2,000 years, depending on when
one places its start date, and we should not be surprised that shaking has come upon us, especially during
"Great Cataclysmic Upheaval is Coming"
the 21 st century or the 3 rd millennium. God's age—the age that openly manifests the kingdom of the Son
of God's love on earth—is very near. King Jesus is coming!
It should be no surprise to the Lord's people that when the Lord God Almighty decides to tell us that our
present order is going to be shaken up a bit (a lot), He does so with purpose. It isn't just some whimsical
act for the sake of it.
As Christians, how are we to respond to such a word? Well, the Lord has given us the answer: Prepare
your heart for the days that are coming . In other words, He is after a heart preparation, not a material
preparation. This is not to say He will not lead us to make material preparations, if needed, but the most
important preparation is of the heart. He is after hearts that are sold out to Him and are living in His
presence, readied to literally meet Him—not hearts that are fighting against His judgments. Heart
preparation requires abiding in Him, standing in His council in union with Him, knowing Him as our trust,
seeking Him, hearing Him, and, most of all, loving Him, among other things.
Considering the many things that have happened since the beginning of the 21 st century, there is no doubt
that something significant is going on. Clearly, regional events on this order have occurred, and there have
been man-made crises that have shaken the institutions of the world, such as the financial crisis of 2008
that was foreshadowed by the collapse of the World Trade Center seven years earlier.
Consider these examples of major upheavals that have occurred over a ten-year period.
September 11, 2001
World Trade Center attacked and crumbled to the ground;
nearly 3,000 killed in all locations attacked
December 26, 2004
Indonesia 9.1 quake and tsunami; killed upwards of 280,000;
1.69 million people displaced
August 29, 2005
Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans; flooded major portions of
the city; killed over 1,800 and cost $81 billion
September 18, 2008 forward to 2012
Near meltdown of entire global financial system; vast amounts
of paper wealth evaporated
January 12, 2010
Haiti 7.0 quake wiped out the nation; killed over 300,000; left
one million homeless; destroyed 280,000 structures
February 5-10, 2010
Worst snowstorms in centuries hit Washington DC, the Mid-
Atlantic, and the Northeast. Dubbed "snowmaggedon." One
storm was likened to a snow hurricane. Chicago had a major
snowstorm and quake on the same day
February 26, 2010
Chile 8.8 quake, followed by 6.0 quake in Argentina. Structures
September 4, 2010; February 22, 2011
Christchurch, NZ 7.1 and 6.3 quakes. Structures crumbled
March 11, 2011
Japan 8.9 quake and tsunami; led to nuclear reactor
meltdowns; global radiation release; killed over 18,000
May 6, 2011
Worst flooding of the Mississippi River in history
July 5, 2011
Biblical proportion dust storms in Arizona
August 23, 2011
Rare 5.9 quake hit the US from New York to South Carolina,
especially Washington DC where the National Cathedral and
the Washington Monument were damaged
"Great Cataclysmic Upheaval is Coming"
I did not realize it at the time, but this word set the stage for the beginning of the 21 st century and the
shaking of things created. We are witnessing its fulfillment.
The question: Is there yet a future great cataclysmic event—one that will simultaneously shake heaven
and earth and the institutions of the world in a way that no one will be unaffected by it? The Lord knows,
so we wait.
Regardless of how our present age concludes, even if it involves a lone climactic event, it is simply a sign
of an upheaval to follow, the likes of which no man has ever seen—it is called the kingdom of the Son of
God's love . What we see transpiring in our day is the way into God's coming age of phenomenal change.
It is new creation change!
Let us turn to King Jesus with a whole heart that loves the very love of our life, our beloved Lord! Jesus is
our only way into the glory of the next age, as sons of God through the redemption of our bodies.
And, let us eagerly wait for the Son to come from heaven (not us going to)—being readied to welcome
and usher Him back to earth for all to see.