Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent.
(Jeremiah 20:9)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
"Transcend Time" (Word)
During this year (2019), I have been going through nearly four decades of prophetic insights that I have
received and documented. As I have done this, a clear pattern has emerged revealing the time in which
we live and the urgency of this time as we near the presence of the love of our life, our Lord Jesus, and
the consummational arrival of His kingdom on earth. On this level, these are truly exciting days, but on
another level, these are dark days. But let us not forget that the light of the world is coming and we are
called as saints of light .
In the darkness he radiates as a light for the upright ones; He is gracious, compassionate and
righteous. (Psalm 112:4 CLV)
We do not walk in darkness but in light, for we are light in the Lord, the light of the Son of God.
Before discussing the word given to me back in 2008, there is one more point to be made regarding the
times. When confronted with the possibility that the Lord Jesus is literally coming in our day and many
alive today will be among the alive and remain , in my experience, as the expression goes, eyes glaze over .
More times than not, when I have stated this to believers, a silence generally ensues as they just look at
me, as if not knowing how to respond. But I have had other reactions, as well. Years ago, I was having
lunch with an elderly brother in Christ who had been part of planting two large churches in our area, and
when I shared my heart's desire to see the Lord, his response was: I don't care if He comes or not; I don't
care to see Him . I was stunned, to say the least. Another time, I shared that the Lord was coming soon
with a group of men (about 8-10) I had been meeting with for coffee once a week for about two years.
They all, without exception, looked at me with blank stares; no response. They were so caught up with
seeking the supernatural that they forgot Jesus. Later, I was told that they did not know what to do with
me. Finally, I was sharing my heart in the same manner with a believer much younger than me and his
response, in a very belittling way, was: What are you looking for, an eight-foot Jesus, a ten-foot Jesus?
The point is that I don't assume all Christians are looking for King Jesus to come in our day nor do I assume
that all love the thought of His appearing. I wonder if many have been anesthetized by Jesus' word of no
one knows the day and the hour (Matthew 24:36). Contextually, I believe a case could be made that Jesus
was not speaking of His second coming but was referring to the day and the hour of the destruction of
Jerusalem and the temple that occurred in 70 AD. Besides, an ancient prophet tells us: Surely the Lord
GOD does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7). Would He
not share with His servants the one thing that is most on His heart—His return to meet His loved ones?
See: Who Has Stood in the Council of the Lord
Now, at 3:48 am, on February 1, 2008, the Lord spoke to me: Transcend time!
Transcend Time
The word transcend means "to go beyond the limits of." In other words, transcending time means to go
beyond the constraints of time as we know and live in. However, it doesn't mean that we ignore time or
that time is irrelevant. Simply, we see time as God sees it, not as man lives it out linearly.
As Isaiah 46:10 reminds us, God declares the end from the beginning . God is both in our time and outside
our time. As such, He sees the beginning and the end simultaneously, and He reveals things to His people
along the entire spectrum. At any rate, when God gives what I call prophetic insights , He does so as if it is,
even though to us it is not, that is, not apparent to us at the moment.
As an illustration, let us consider vinyl records, for those who know what they are. To hear the sound on
a vinyl record, one must place the needle on a particular groove of the record. Simply, one can place the
needle any place on the record to hear the sound recorded at that specific spot. If we visualize a record
as the entire spectrum of the end from the beginning , we can see how God, metaphorically speaking, can
place us any place on this spectrum in order to hear or see what He is communicating to us. In other
words, we are actually at the spot God has chosen to place us. This was the experience of many of the
Lord's ancient prophets.
If we do not understand the concept of transcending time, we might be tempted to discount or write off
such words as not from the Lord when things do not occur as we expect them to occur, when, in fact, He
is giving us the privilege of being transported outside time to hear or see something along the spectrum
of the end from the beginning .
Now, the word to transcend time came to me through a very practical application. The full story of this is
covered elsewhere, so you if you want the long version (only two pages), check out this link.
Deal is Done—Transcend Time
Here is the condensed version. In 2007, we were trying to sell our home, which turned out to be a
challenge as the mortgage/housing crisis began to raise its ugly head. On August 3, 2007 , I was praying
over the matter and heard: The deal is done . We naturally assumed that our home was going to sell sooner
rather than later. As we continued to pray for a sale, on February 1, 2008, I heard: Transcend time . At the
time, I did not connect the two words as clearly as I do today. In the midst of a full-blown global financial
crisis that manifested in September, 2008, the situation was beginning to look mighty bleak as we had not
received a single offer for our home. Finally, in June, 2009, we received our first offer. The potential buyers
tried to take advantage of our situation and gave a really low-ball offer. We countered and eventually a
deal was struck that we could live with, even though it was a loss for us. A settlement date was set for July
28, 2009. However, a few days later, the potential buyers (not us; we wanted to close as soon as possible)
asked to extend the closing to August 3, 2009 , and so, we closed on this day exactly two years after the
Lord spoke to me that the deal was done . Thus, the Lord gave me the date (without the year) and taught
us about transcending time.
There is a second lesson about transcending time and it is this: When God speaks to us in whatever way
He so chooses (words, visions, dreams, etc.), as long as we know it is from Him, we can be sure that what
He reveals will come to pass. For no word from God shall be void of power (Luke 1:37 ASV). For more on
this, check out this link.
No Word from God…Void of Power