Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent. (Jeremiah 20:9)
The testimony of JESUS is the spirit of the prophecy. (Revelation 19:10c)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
"Worst Year—2021" (Word)
"War is Coming" (Word)
"Next Great Event—Resurrection" (Word)
I have been burdened of late to write this insight but hesitated posting it due to its implications and,
frankly, out of an abundance of caution not to misrepresent the Lord. However, looking back over all that
has already been posted (and much that has not), it is becoming more and more apparent that much of it
has come from the Lord, as evidenced by where we are at this very moment in world history, with
governments running at a heightened sense of urgency that many are now calling the perfect storm , and
a crossroad for the world as it faces tumultuous times , drastic change , even upheaval and crumbling
conditions that I have heard were coming as far back as 1995.
Rather than continually repeat myself, for those interested in seeing the pattern I have been given over
the last 20-plus years, you are encouraged to read through the prophetic insights. The first four insights
provide a general overview, followed by the more specific ones listed by year from the oldest to the
newest. Here's the link:
Before sharing some further insights, there are a few matters on my heart that I must reiterate.
First, all that has been transpiring since the beginning of the 21 st century are signposts on the highway to
the coming (presence) of King Jesus and the open manifestation on earth of His kingdom . I use the word
manifestation quite often to distinguish that which is spiritual and discerned today by the spiritual (as Paul
would say) from that which the nations of the world will eventually see and experience. Those of us who
are in Christ today—possessing an earnest of His spirit as a down payment—have been transferred from
the domain of darkness into the kingdom of the Son of God's love. In spirit, we experience the reign of
God as we sanctify (set apart) Christ as Lord in our hearts (1 Peter 3:15). After all, we are being built up
as a dwelling of God in spirit (Ephesians 2:22). But a day will come when the nations will enter into the
reign of God on earth as Jesus prophetically prayed: Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as
it is in heaven . Doing the will of God is entering into the kingdom of God, for Jesus said: He who does the
will of God will enter the kingdom of the heavens —that is, the reign of God on earth as it is in heaven.
So, to be clear, the signposts are like road signs telling us what road we are on and where it is heading. All
the documented prophetic insights (and their manifested events) are signposts telling us that when we
see these things (for they are ahead of us), we will know we are on the right road (regardless of how
bumpy and dangerous it might be) to the ultimate destiny for the human race and all creation. The destiny
is the kingdom of God. In spite of the potential trauma of these events, this is good news. By the way, we
have already passed many signposts and arrived at their location on the timeline of world history.
Second, I have suspected for many years now that as we approach the end of the age and the coming of
the Lord Jesus, events will not unfold according to the mainstream eschatology (doctrine) of our day that
has been taught to the many. Over time, I have been persuaded by some of these doctrines for a season
but have been just as quick to discard them as I did to receive them. It must have been thirty years ago
"Worst Year—2021"
that I had a conversation with a blind (literally) brother in the Lord. I don't recall who said it first, but we
both came rather quickly to the conclusion: events will not unfold as most have believed or been taught .
Though he was blind, he had more spiritual insight than most with physical sight—plainly, a spiritual
The lesson is that we must be willing to throw off the shackles of organized and systematized religion,
along with its multi-various and often contradictory doctrines. Jesus was crucified outside the camp of
organized religion that held the wrong view of how things were to be when the Messiah of Israel arrived .
They read the prophets Sabbath after Sabbath and missed the signs as the true and ultimate Prophet
appeared, proclaiming the kingdom of the heavens in their midst and proving it to be so by healing every
kind of disease. In that day, the camp was Jerusalem, the priesthood and its temple, and all that it stood
for within the age of Moses. This camp had become a harlot divorced from God that rode (aligned itself
with) the beast-like empire of Rome, as prophesized by Daniel. As prophesied by Jesus, this camp was
destroyed in 70 AD, thus ending the age of Moses that was made obsolete on the cross.
The point is that we must heed the lesson of ancient Israel (as Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians 10) and
come out of all that stands in the way of Jesus being central, supreme, and preeminent in our lives in a
personal and relational way, not in a religious way that boxes Him into a set of doctrines extracted from
(or: read into) scripture, as interpreted by men. As I often remind, in this day, we need to hear the voice
of the Lord for ourselves . It was always meant to be this way, and today it is just as essential to hear His
voice. I can report on the signposts, but I cannot tell individuals what to do with these signs and their
associated events. Each must discern in spirit what course, if any, they must take.
Third, God is a consuming fire and His fire is for the good of the human race . The purpose of what I call
His spirit-fire is to remove all the chaff of the old, carnal nature of Adam's race (the first order) in order to
bring forth a new-creation race patterned after His Son, our Lord Jesus. One could say that God's fire
makes way for His Son to be all in all. The Father is going to have a great family that is in the image of the
Son of God; it is the second order of humanity—the new creation. God's fire is good and, ultimately, all
the human race will be brought through this fire until God is all in all—all new and all in love.
Fourth, this should remind us of the prophecy of Isaiah pointing to the voice of John the Baptist crying out
in the wilderness to make ready the way of the Lord, to make His paths straight—that is, prepare the way
for the arrival of King Jesus who baptizes with the holy spirit and fire. As Isaiah proclaimed: make every
valley be lifted up, and every mountain and hill be made low; and let the rough ground become a plain
and the rugged terrain a broad valley; then the glory of the Lord will be revealed . This manifested in the
first century and it is once again manifesting. We are living in a day of valleys of deep darkness that will
be lifted up (i.e., removed) and the kingdoms of mankind that will be made low (i.e., crumbled). In other
words, all the obstacles to the arrival of King Jesus will be brought to naught to usher in the King of Glory .
No matter what the days ahead look like, we can be sure of one thing: everything—all the rugged patches,
ruts, deep valleys of darkness, and the reign of man that opposes God's reign—will be brought to naught.
Well, I have written much about this, but it is important that these thoughts be kept in the forefront as
we pass the signposts along the highway to the kingdom. Some of these events, most likely, will instill fear
and panic in the many and lead them to dangerous pastures. As the Lord's people, we must not go their
way; instead, our way is one of peace and love and living in the green pastures of our good shepherd. We
are in the war of peace. We proclaim King Jesus, the Prince of Peace .
"Worst Year—2021"
Dear saints, let us not lose sight of the good news, which is the person of our beloved Lord Jesus, who is
not only our king but also the King of all kings, the ruler of the kings of the earth.
Now, it is time to consider some things I have only indirectly reported on up to this point. What follows is
a compilation (not presented chronologically) of prophetic insights along similar lines that came to me
over a period of many years that have indicated we were heading into times (events) that, on one level,
could be called dark times or valleys of darkness (tumult and war) and, on a more encouraging level, could
be called glorious times or smooth paths to glory (resurrection). We are in the dark times. But please keep
in mind that the dark events are nothing in themselves; what matters most is the destiny .
Worst Year of 21-Year Cycle
Probably the most poignant of these insights that summarizes them all came on April 3, 2012 , when I
heard: I am coming, but before I do, there is a great shaking coming. Desperation must come.
On March 10, 2012 , I heard: Turmoil and chaos are coming. The worst year will be 2021, but My glory is
in it for I am coming. Look up. Do not be dismayed. Hold fast your hope. I am coming. Proclaim it! The
world must be brought to the point of utter desperation before it will turn. I love the world, but it needs
to be awakened, not by a people living in the miraculous (this will come) but by a people who have no
place to turn but to the Almighty God. Your place will be in this hour.
The definition of dismay is "to make afraid or discouraged at the prospect of danger or trouble; fill with
apprehension or alarm." The noun form is "loss of courage or confidence at the prospect of trouble or
danger; consternation." This word definitely fits the times we are in today and into which we are heading.
By the way; I believe the public church that is in and of the world will be brought into desperation, as well.
Also, please keep in mind that, as I have presented with the 21-year cycle, each year generally starts in
September, meaning that 2021 starts in September 2020, right in the midst of the divisive US presidential
race for the White House and the fallout or aftermath of the pandemic (assuming it has passed). Given
this, the worst year, most likely, will begin in the fall of 2020.
As reported on September 11, 2019, I had a sense of urgency , much like I did on September 11, 2001. I
had no indication something was going to happen on that day; just that there was a new sense of urgency.
The ones I shared this with brushed my sensing aside. I now know why the word urgency came to me then.
Six months later, America (including the entire world) found itself once again in a state of urgency. Urgency
filled the air, so to speak. Some argue that there was no need for this level of urgency that has led to panic
and fear, but the fact of the matter is that, for whatever reasons, the governments, along with their
bureaucracies, of the world made this a crisis mandating and forcing an urgent response.
Regardless, what does this mean to us who belong to King Jesus? We must not let our spiritual guard
down. Our urgency is to know Him more than we have ever known Him before; to know Him in life and
through experience, knowing Him as our trust. Let us not rush into the pews to sit before pulpits or even
to internet streaming. Let us run to the one who loves us and is coming to rescue us, along with all creation.
"Worst Year—2021"
Interestingly, 18 months from March 2020 brings us to September 2021. Again, here is the number 18 ,
which signifies bondage . Is not isolation a form of bondage? Further, in reviewing my journals, it seems
the month of March has some significance. In what follows, take note how often the number 11 ( disorder,
disintegration ) and number 22 ( light ) show up; even the distance from 11 to 22 is 11.
On March 11, 2008 , exactly six months before the near collapse of the world financial system, I dreamed
of the Titanic sinking , signifying the financial collapse, and then, as if scrolling across a screen, I saw the
year 1917 and the month of May (connection yet to be determined).
Notice, it was on March 10, 2012 that I heard 2021 would be the worst year (I assume of the 21-year
cycle). Fast forwarding eight years, on March 11, 2020 , the World Health Organization (WHO) declared
covid-19 a global pandemic and, on March 13, 2020 , President Trump declared a national emergency for
the US.
There is more—on March 11, 2011 , Japan experienced the sixth largest recorded earthquake (at the time)
in history and the worst to hit the island in centuries. It caused a devastating tsunami that led to the
meltdown of a nuclear reactor(s). Nearly 16,000 perished and over 400,000 people were displaced. I
believe this one event was profoundly prophetic, and yet, the Christian world never grasped its
As I have written elsewhere, I see a connection between this event and a dream I had on February 22,
2009 in which I saw a FedEx box truck tumbling through the air and crashing to the ground. Exactly one
month later, on March 22, 2009 , a FedEx cargo plane crashed and tumbled down the runway in Tokyo,
Japan. One news outlet reported that the plane had tumbled down the runway . At this point, I knew the
dream was prophetic and wondered if there was something coming related to worldwide shipping (world
economy) , as in world commerce. Then, on March 22, 2011 , exactly two years from the FedEx plane crash
in Tokyo, Japan experienced 3 more major quakes, one of a 6.6 magnitude, and it was reported that water
was boiling in one of the nuclear reactors that went into meltdown, releasing gamma radiation. (Notice,
this was reported in the news 11 days from the initial quake and tsunami.)
Plainly, there is a pattern to these March events that progresses in severity from a warning (3.11 Titanic
sinking) to a crash (3.22 FedEx plane) to a cataclysmic upheaval of the earth on two-levels (3.11 Japan
quake and tsunami) to a meltdown of a man-made structure (3.22 Japan reactor). These are all connected
on a prophetic level, so we should expect to see events occurring along these lines.
Putting aside the actual years, note the 11-day intervals that seem to be in two waves: from a warning to
a crash is 11 days; from a cataclysmic upheaval to a meltdown is 11 days . Notice the increase in
intensity—a meltdown is greater than a crash. Could it be that we are now in the second wave, which is
one of upheaval to meltdown? I've been considering the possibility that, in addition to the three 7-year
cycles we've been in since 2000, there might be 11-year cycles beginning in 1999 (1999 to 2010; 2010 to
2021). If so, is there a third cycle running from 2021 to 2032?
But there is one more thing—there was a second part to the February 22, 2009 dream that has left me
puzzled. In this part of the dream, I ran from the crash while someone else ran toward it, and then I
received three packages shipped from Ohio by different carriers. I'm still not sure of the meaning, but it
seems that running from the crash was the right thing to do, meaning we must not embrace the events of
"Worst Year—2021"
our day or what is coming. I submit we must keep our eyes on Jesus and not the events per se. It is much
like going outside the camp to where Jesus is.
As to the Ohio shipments; this is one of the few states from which we personally order specialty food
(starting in 2019; ten years after the dream). The carriers could indicate that this will be (or: has become)
the primary means of getting goods. The number three signifies divine perfection or completeness . Does
this signify that God will provide in time of need? Or, without any spiritual meaning, could it signify a limit
on what will be available? Today, it is difficult to find certain products. We will know soon enough.
At this point, we need to pause and consider the matter of war. Since the turn of the century, many have
mentioned that we are in various types of war—drug war, financial war, trade war, social war, political
war, cyber war, to name a few. And let us not forget the spiritual war that has gone on for centuries. With
the pandemic, President Trump and others have described the battle over the covid-19 virus as a war. The
point is that when the spirit speaks of war, it might not necessarily mean conventional war that is fought
with guns and bombs. We need spiritual discernment!
On August 9, 2012 , I heard that two wars are coming with the second one being the worst .
One might draw the conclusion that 2021 is the year for war; frankly, I don't know. Since no years were
given, we need to leave it as a "we'll have to wait and see." These wars could be years after the 21-year
cycle or, again, they could be wars of an entirely different nature from the typical guns-and-bombs war.
We could be in these wars at this very moment! Could this be part of the war that is coming? Could it be
a precursor?
On February 26, 2005 , I heard: 500,000 in one hour ; Great change is coming! No further insight was
given. Who or what? Is it a literal hour or a period of time? What will the change look like? When we see
the number 500,000 appear in the news, we will know that what is transpiring is part of a great change.
On July 1, 2011 , I dreamed: I saw a McDonald's Happy Meal box, but in it was a measly hamburger, no
bun, only a piece of thin meat with a lot of filler. It did not look very appetizing. Food shortages?
Pandemics, global climate change (cooling), and wars can produce food shortages.
On March 9, 2012 , I heard: Gog and Magog war is coming. Look at the clock for the day. It was 10:28,
meaning October 28 ; no year was given. Later that night, I heard: I love you. Do not be dismayed.
I have struggled over the interpretation of this enigmatic war that is found in Ezekiel and Revelation to
the point that, initially, I had doubts about even reporting this. I'm not alone in this struggle, for there is
no universal consensus on its meaning. All I know is that Gog was of the line of Reuben, firstborn of Leah
who defiled Jacob's bed (of the line of Noah's son, Shem). Magog means either the land of Gog or refers
to one who is of the line of one of Noah's other sons, Japheth. Until further clarity comes, I leave this.
As for the date, please don't mark it on your calendar. I don't encourage anyone to wait each year to see
if something happens. Besides, we need to be open that it will manifest in a way totally unexpected.
"Worst Year—2021"
Supernatural Working of Deception
There is something curious about the date of October 28 . Prior to the manifestation of the financial crisis
that hit the globe in September, 2008, I had an experience in which I heard a humming sound all night
that my wife did not hear, then I heard that tumult was coming . I later learned that, in Hebrew, the word
for tumult phonetically sounds like hum . This came to me during July, 2008. But then, during October of
the same year, in the midst of the crisis, I had a dream on October 4, 2008 that was followed by another
night of hearing a humming sound, on October 28, 2008 . At the time (and still today), I saw the two events
as related and pointing to another crisis beyond the one we were in during 2008. In other words, in the
midst of a crisis, I was given the impression another crisis would follow— more tumult was coming!
The dream went like this: My wife and I were driving and water began to roll across a field to our right; it
started to come real fast, so I turned around and sped in the other direction, only to see the areas in front
us being very rapidly inundated, as well. However, we remained on dry ground. Then, in a second part to
the dream, I saw a very large, tidal-type wave violently crashing ; it was huge. I looked at the clock and it
was 1:13 am, and I immediately thought of the number 13 , which signifies rebellion and depravity .
I'll spare you the details, but I came to see this as a flood of supernatural deception or falsehood along the
lines of what Paul wrote, warning what was coming upon the first-century generation.
And for this reason, God will send to them a supernatural working of deception, for them to
believe the lie, so that they shall be judged, all the ones not having believed the truth, but the
ones having delighted in unrighteousness (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 ALT).
I submit that this manifested as the wrath of God in 70 AD; however, it most likely applies to our day, as
well—a day in which people believe lies, driven by spiritual forces of darkness. We are living through what
could be called a second wave of tumult , indicating a world in rebellion, fed by a supernatural working of
deception. The virus spreading across the globe, along with the draconian actions of the nations, could
also be likened to a wave of destruction that not only kills people but also kills economies and individual
livelihoods. To this latter point, deception (a virus in its own right) is a huge wave that has spread across
the globe, crashing into the nations with its infection of lies.
But there is good news in this: those who are in Christ are on the dry ground and in Him are protected
from the deception. Do not be moved off the ground of King Jesus, who is the Truth! He is faithful and He
will see us through to the end. Let us have faith like Paul: The Lord will rescue me from every wicked deed
and will save me for His heavenly kingdom —that, by the way, will manifest on earth in the next age.
On April 11, 2012 , I heard: Hiroshima. You will see one in your lifetime. Frankly, this one has caused me
the most concern. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed on August 6 & 9, 1945 . The year 2021 will be
76 years from this infamous event that has not been repeated since. The number 76 signifies cleansing
or blotting out . Is a great cleansing coming? Is a pandemic a form of cleansing? Is it a literal bomb or,
perhaps, a spiritual one—God's spirit-fire burning up the chaff of our carnality, leading to a great anointing
and the presence of King Jesus? May it be the latter! If it is the former, some might wonder how this could
occur in our day; after all, consider the consequences. The answer is the supernatural working of
deception. All it takes is one leader of a nation to believe a lie and take action based on this deception and
this, in turn, triggers a domino reaction across the globe.
"Worst Year—2021"
On September 24, 2007, the number 5467 came to me and puzzled me for many years until November 4,
2012, when I discovered it could apply to Strong's numbering of the Hebrew and Greek words in the Bible.
H5467 is Sedom , translated as Sodom , and we know what happened to this ancient city when God's
judgment fell upon it.
G5467 is chalepos , meaning "hard to do or bear, difficult, violent; grievous, painful; hard to handle."
This word appears in only two places: Matthew 8:28—" extremely violent " and 2 Timothy 3:1—"in
the last days difficult times will come."
Adding to this, on April 2, 2018 , I heard that we are in a time of chaos and confusion , and then on January
18, 2019 that we are in a day of confusion and deception , and no man understands .
Surely, all these words apply to the world today. Are we not in difficult times? Are we not in a day of chaos
and confusion? During this pandemic, too many people are in on the act, as they say, and there is far too
much information being disseminated each day—whether fact, fiction, or opinion—further heightening
the confusion, along with the fear and anxiety—whether intentionally instigated (i.e., deceptive ) or not.
Add to this the many opposing agendas and ideologies in play that seek certain outcomes (some of which
could be quite destructive to the world as we have known it), and this makes for a mighty maelstrom , a
situation in which there is chaos , fueled by great confusion .
It seems to me that the world's current state is nothing new, for it harkens back to the very beginning of
man's downfall through the serpent's temptation. Whether a literal account, an allegory, or some
combination of the two, doesn't matter; what does matter is the underlying principle. The temptation is
(still is) that you will be like God, knowing good and evil . The result is if you attempt to become like God,
based on your own nature, you will die in your knowledge . Ever since, humanity has sought to overcome
or conquer death (of all types) through knowledge. However, the deeper principle is that the human race
entered into its destructive path of seeking independence from God , being god-like in knowledge, which
is what partaking of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil signifies. What we are witnessing in our
day is the manifestation of the matured tree of the knowledge of good and evil with the internet now
the repository (library) of this knowledge. In many respects, the internet has grown into this tree; it is the
voice of the tree of knowledge .
As for this pandemic, we are witnessing, on a grand scale, humanity seeking to overcome death and willing
to do anything—taking extreme measures, no matter how destructive to the social fabric of humanity and
its supporting structures (e.g., economies, human interaction through gatherings)—to defeat death
caused by this virus. I'm not implying that we shouldn't take steps to protect ourselves from this virus, for
we should. But how far are we to go to defeat death, which, by the way, Adam's race has never been able
to do? Wasn't this at the core of the serpent's temptation? You surely will not die! Don't we see this today
in those seeking for immortality through advanced technology?
Thank God, there was another tree in the garden that gives us all great hope. It is called the tree of life ,
which is the embodiment of God's Son, our Lord Jesus.
"Worst Year—2021"
Jesus is where we find all the hidden treasures of wisdom and knowledge (He is the truth, after all), and
He has done what no one of Adam's race could ever do—conquer death . He is the ultimate embodiment
of life and the absolute hope of humanity.
A Death Unlike Any Seen Before
One more thing along this line: previously, I have reported that on February 10, 2009, I received a word: I
have lifted up a hammer over the US, and I am about to strike at the very heart of the nation . Since I
have already elaborated on this in several writings, I won't repeat it here. However, one thing I have not
reported on before is a second word that came on the same day: A death is coming the likes of which no
one has ever seen . Without any further context, this word was too open-ended to report on.
Now, I am wondering if this word refers to the US. Is the US going into death as a nation; at least, as the
nation most of us have grown up in since WW2? Is it the death of not only the US but also of what is called
the western world ? One well-known international trader has forecast that the financial strength of the
west will shift to Asia over the next decade or so. Is the current pandemic simply the first wave of the
rattles of death as the present global order dies and is replaced with a new order? At this point, we are
left with questions and speculation.
As God's people, we need to hear what the spirit is telling us to do, asking for God's knowledge and wisdom
to steer us through these days. No man understands, but the man Jesus does and He will lead us out of
confusion and into all truth. There is truly good news in all this, so don't be dismayed.
Finally, on November 2, 2007 , I dreamed of dead people with mangled bodies as a result of war . Then, I
saw the dead rise up fully healed . I also saw a body being reformed and a man emerge with a big smile,
signifying resurrection life. Then, at 1:44 am , on September 26, 2008 , I heard: The next great event is the
resurrection. It seems war precedes resurrection. Take note of the time—144.
Regardless of all the events that have come and the ones yet to come, do not be led astray. Transformation
into the glorious image of our Lord Jesus is the next great event reserved for the first fruits of the new
creation. There is a new world coming that will forever reorder humanity—it is called the kingdom of God .
With this writing, I have nearly exhausted what insights I have gleaned from my archive of what has come
to me over the last 20+ years. There are a few more insights I could offer (and perhaps I will later), but
before the Lord, I believe I have offered enough to highlight the day in which we live and the endpoint to
which the spirit of God is driving, which is none other than the exaltation of God's Son in His people,
manifested to the nations. A new world order is on the horizon; it is called the kingdom of God . Those of
us who believe must hold to our expectation of glory , guaranteed by King Jesus in you .
I recognize that some reading my material might find it too subjective, making it susceptible to going-off-
the rail, as the saying goes. All I can say is that I continually ask the Lord to keep me from being misled
(through error, misinterpretation, deception, wrong timing, etc.). If something comes to light along these
"Worst Year—2021"
lines, I will make it known. It is for this reason I encourage all to seek the voice of the Lord for themselves
and to have a clear vision of who and what Jesus is, not only to us but to all of creation.
Personally, this pandemic has given me a boldness I have never had before to proclaim King Jesus and His
kingdom to neighbors and people I meet in the grocery stores (only place we are allowed to frequent).
May all of us be emboldened in this day to proclaim the only answer to the world's problems. May we all
proclaim King Jesus in this day of tumult and confusion. He alone can and will calm the storms. As for all
of us, we are called to fight the war of peace ! (Perhaps this is one of the wars that will openly manifest.)
To the globalists that say the world order is being forever altered by this pandemic, I say: You haven't seen
anything yet! The cure for all of humanity on all fronts is coming. His name is JESUS !
The Son of God is arising!
Behold, the Man in glory is standing!
King Jesus is coming on the clouds of glory!
Lift up, O ye gates, your heads, and lift yourselves up, ye age-abiding doors, That the king of glory
may come in. Who is the king of glory? Yahweh, strong and mighty, Yahweh, mighty in war. Lift up,
O ye gates, your heads, yea lift them up, ye age-abiding doors, That the king of glory may come in.
Who then is the king of glory? Yahweh of hosts, He, is the king of glory. Selah. (Psalm 24:7-10
Revised 4.25.2020 (pages 5-6)