Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent.
(Jeremiah 20:9)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
"Pray for the Anointing" (Word)
At 3:31 am on July 3, 2016, the Lord woke me with this word:
The future of humanity is in the balance. Pray!
My first reaction was: Lord , how do I pray about this? For me, prayer has always been about lining up with
the heart, mind, and will of God. I needed more to go on in order to pray for humanity. My second reaction
was that I am part of this humanity, so I must be in the balance, as well, which is the scale of justice
(judgment). Knowing my heart, the Lord spoke to me again in two parts.
He said— No, you are not part of this humanity. You are a new creation. You are of the new
humanity, the one new man. You are not destined for wrath but for glory. My Son in you is not in the
balance and neither are you. The world today is divided into two—the old creation and the new
creation. The old is in the balance, for it fails to honor Me and give Me glory as the creator of All.
The cross was like a great knife that cut straight through the very fabric of creation, severing the old order
of things from the new order that was birthed when Jesus rose from the grave. It was a complete severing
of the kingdom of this world and the inauguration of the kingdom of God in which all things become new.
In vision, John heard the Lord proclaim: Behold, I am making all things new . This new order is of an entirely
different nature from the old order. It is of the character of God's Son, Yeshua . Paul said that all who are
in the Anointed One are a new creation—a new humanity fashioned after the pattern Son. Now, the old
order is in the balance, meaning God has announced His judgment of this order—failure! The old order of
creation has fallen short of the glory of God by not honoring its creator.
But then He said something that surprised me: Pray for the anointing. It is coming! For My presence
is coming and I require an anointed body. The answer to the old humanity is in the new humanity.
It is time for the world to be introduced to the one body of Christ, not a visibly divided church but the
one new man, the one body receiving its power from its head. The future of the old humanity is in
seeing the glory of the new humanity.
Note: the call of God is not to pray about the problem (i.e., the old creation) but about the solution that
comes through the new creation—and that solution is the anointed body of Christ that is coming. So how
must we pray? Simply, stand with the throne of grace that an anointing of Jesus' body is coming that will
unite us as we have never been united, probably since the first Pentecost of the ecclesia—and on its heels
is the presence or coming of King Jesus.
Now, I have to admit that when I first processed the word anointing , I thought it was what many have
been saying for years—that at the end of this age the holy spirit is going to be poured out on either the
church to awaken her or humanity in general to usher in a great harvest, or both. This goes along with the
anointing oil pouring forth from the head to the body. Since then, I have come to see this differently. The
anointing that is coming will come from within the Lord's people, not from without.
"Pray for the Anointing"
Let us start with the title Christ , which refers to being anointed . In the ancient days of scripture, kings,
priests, and prophets were generally anointed with oil to fulfill their calling. Of course, Jesus is all three
(king, priest, and prophet). On the day of Pentecost after Jesus' final ascension, the holy spirit came upon
the embryonic ecclesia to jumpstart it, so to speak, and Acts recounts how marvelous this jumpstart truly
was. The anointing of Jesus was poured out on His new creation body. But this was a one-off event that
has not been repeated on this scale (i.e., poured out on His entire body at other points in history). This
has led many to long for another such outpouring, even to prophesy it is coming at the end of this age.
Here is my new take on the matter. Paul reminds us that Christ is in us, and we are in Christ. Worded a
definitional way: The Anointed is in us , and we are in the Anointed , meaning that, once we are given the
faith of the Son to believe, the anointing takes up residence in us because the Anointed One by His spirit
takes up residence in us. In a more direct way, John tells us that we have this anointing not as a one-off
event that must be repeated but as one that is with us constantly and continuously . Jonathan Mitchell's
expanded, amplified translation makes the point.
And you folks constantly have an anointing from the Set-Apart One (the Holy One) …. (1 John 2:20
JM-NT [bold italic added])
… and the effects of the Anointing which you folks received (receive) from Him constantly remains
(abides; dwells) within you folks , and you continually have no use (or you are not constantly having
a need) that anyone should continually be teaching you, but rather, just as His Anointing is
continuously teaching you about everything (concerning all things) and is continuously True, and
is not a lie , …. (1 John 2:27 JM-NT [bold italic added])
John called his day the last hour (not something far-off) and that hour brought many challenges (even
doubts, fears, temptations) to the Lord's people. The beloved apostle encouraged those with him that
they had an anointing within them that continuously taught them the truth so that they could discern the
lie that came through antichrist (or, anti-anointed, anti-messiah) movements, with some claiming to be
the messiah. There is a lot to be gleaned from John and what he saw in his day, but the point for us today
is that we too have this same anointing within us. We have the Lord's anointing constantly and
continuously within us, and the more the Anointed One is formed in us, the more this anointing grows.
Dear saints, the word I was given is a reminder that we have this anointing now; but I believe, as the Lord's
people, we have been led astray to think that anointing is something special, reserved for certain gifted
brethren or some final end-time outpouring. With such thinking, we have capped this well-spring of living
water. We need to awaken to the anointing all of us believers have had all along and pray for the spirit of
the Lord to uncap this well so that the rivers of living water will flow freely and abundantly. We are the
firstfruits of the new humanity, the new creation, the one new man in King Jesus. As the body of Christ,
we are called to live as such and this only comes through the anointing that resides in us, which is Christ
in us. This is what the call to pray for the anointing is all about. Further, this call is about the body of Christ
coming into its true oneness in Jesus—if you will, a putting aside of all the things that divide us. The future
of the old humanity (old creation) is in seeing the glory of our oneness in the Anointed Jesus. We are one
body now, not in some future time. May the spirit of the Lord awaken us to the anointing that arises from
within, not from without, and may the Lord unite us as one for the world to see.
Pray for the anointing! The awakening of the body of Christ is coming. When we awake, it won't be long
before we are transformed into the presence of the love of our life—into the presence of King Jesus!