Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent.
(Jeremiah 20:9)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
Boiling Pot, Ancient Book, Light—Jesus! (Vision)
In the late evening of January 15, 2013, I had a vision consisting of four distinct scenes.
1. A woman was stirring a boiling pot over a fire stove. As I watched, I thought it was about to explode.
2. Then, I saw the pot turn into a book. It was a big, heavy-bound book with a hard cover, much like
an ancient book.
3. Then, the book moved to my right and it appeared silvery, and then it turned into a bright white
4. Then, the light turned into a man in a white robe. He had his arms outstretched in an inviting way,
as if saying, "Come to Me."
Parts 2-4 seem clear enough to interpret, but the boiling pot, signifying something chaotic and perhaps
ready to explode, is somewhat of a challenge. Two scenes from scripture come to mind. The first comes
from the opening scene of the Bible when our earth was in a state of chaos, the spirit of Elohim hovered
over it, and then Elohim spoke forth light, which started six days of restoration (Genesis 1:1-3). The second
scene is when the Lord gave Jeremiah, the prophet of Judah, a vision of a boiling pot in the north that was
going to pour out evil upon the Judahites because they turned to other gods (Jeremiah 1:10-16).
I must confess that as I began to write this up, I went down this long road of explaining the above verses,
but then decided it was becoming too complex, so I discarded most of what I wrote. Instead, I will cut to
the chase, as the expression goes, and state the interpretation.
Woman & the Boiling Pot
How are we to interpret this woman stirring a boiling pot? The answer lies in a dream I had in the early
morning hours of that same night (January 16, 2013) in which I saw myself stand up and declare: If I hear
someone mention another speaker's name, I will explode. Interestingly, about twenty years ago, I literally
stood up in the midst of an assembly of the Lord's people and declared: If I hear another message, I am
going to explode . Obviously, a speaker's name and a message signify pretty much the same thing—words
For a good number of years, I have been burdened that there are far too many voices trying to speak for
God within what we could call the Christian community or, if you prefer, the church . I often cite: But the
LORD is in His holy temple [us]. Let all the earth [our earthen vessels] be silent before Him (Habakkuk 2:20).
Over the years, I have felt that if I heard another word from the many speakers, all speaking in the name
of the Lord, I would explode (figuratively, not literally). I continue to believe there is a need to be silent
and listen for the voice of the Lord, not the voices of men.
Given this, it seems the boiling pot and my declaration in a dream reinforce the concern I have for the
Lord's people not hearing the Lord's voice for themselves and being led astray by the many voices. In my
experience, the Lord's people rely way too much on what comes out of the pulpit or the many ministries
Boiling Pot, Ancient Book, Light—Jesus!
with their own brand of emphasis and doctrinal teaching (add to this what is found on the internet)—and
not enough on their own study of scripture and waiting upon the Lord to hear His voice to give them
understanding, even revelation. We need to challenge ourselves, to take what we hear and bring it before
the spirit of the Lord to see if it is true, and not accept as "gospel" a word just because it comes from the
pulpit (or, any other source), as if it must be true because the one delivering it is "anointed." We need to
get our eyes off men and their words and onto the Man who is the Word! This is the heart of this vision,
which we will take up in a moment, but before we do, let us continue along the line of the boiling pot and
the many voices.
As Christians who all have the same spirit, we might expect that we all think alike on any number of
Christian topics, especially on doctrine, even what we call the basics . The truth of the matter is that we
don't think alike and, on many fronts, we are miles apart in our understanding, as far as A is from Z. We
would think that the so-called theologians are in agreement. Not so! I have read very large tomes written
by theologians in which they attack other theologians over perceived error; mind you, backing up their
assertions with scripture and words from other theologians. This extends to the basics as well. Take the
basic topic of resurrection, which we would think is so clear-cut that all would be on the same page. Not
so! There are two major camps on the topic, and even within the camps, there are variations (differences).
For example, one camp adamantly denies, even belittles, the thought of a bodily resurrection, making
resurrection entirely spiritual, as if our future lies in disembodied spirits.
The point is that if we could survey across the entire spectrum of Christian teaching over the last 2,000
years, we would undoubtedly come to the conclusion that we have been and continue to be a confused
lot, at best. To the outside world, it might even appear to be chaotic.
So, here is the interpretation of the opening scene of this vision. The woman represents the church that
has given forth, and continues to do so, a multitude of messages that often conflict with one another,
producing an incongruous soup that is boiling to the point of explosion, which signifies a chaotic state.
Explosions create not only confusion but also chaos.
The word chaos is stressed because it plays into scene two of the vision. But first, a word about chaos.
Generally, it is believed that God doesn't produce chaos and that He is not in it. The reason is that chaos
is a negative and it is difficult for His people to lay a negative at the feet of our God, so to speak. How
could something so positive (Jesus Himself) come out of something that, on the surface, appears so
chaotic? The problem with this view is that we are looking at the chaos and not seeing what is going on
within it. We see it as a single dimension. In mathematics, there is what is called chaos theory . This is way
beyond my ability to explain, so I will give you the short version—what appears to be randomness (i.e.,
chaos) simultaneously contains a broader pattern of order. In non-technical terms, there is order in chaos .
Think about it: we look out at the landscape of the visible church and see disunity—so many names, titles,
ministries, denominations, all with their own brand (messages) marketed in the name of Jesus. If we all
have one spirit, then why is there so much apparent disunity in our day? The religions of the world and
the secular organizations of the world seem to have more unity than God's people.
I see two answers to this question. First, this has been part of God's plan all along, for it protects His people
from coming under the headship of a man on earth that would utterly destroy the testimony of the life
within the true body of Christ. If we had all been outwardly united on earth in the absence of our Lord
being with us on earth, we would have become a force in the world ruled by our flesh, not by the spirit. A
Boiling Pot, Ancient Book, Light—Jesus!
case in point is the popery of the Vatican. The reformation and later Napoleon were necessary to break
the power of this earthbound religion and keep it from uniting all of God's people under one man that has
usurped the place of Christ. If you don't believe this, then consider what Boniface VIII, the pope of 1302
AD, wrote in his Unum Sanctum (notice how he quotes previous popes):
"Wherefore, no marvel if it be in my power to change times and times , to alter and abrogate laws,
to dispense with all things, yea, with the precepts of Christ ; for where Christ biddeth Peter put up
his sword, and admonishes His disciples not to use any outward force in revenging themselves, do
not I, Pope Nicolas , writing to the bishops of France, exhort them to draw out their material
swords ? And whereas Christ was present Himself at the marriage in Cana of Galilee, do not I, Pope
Martin , in my distinction, inhibit the spiritual clergy to be present at marriage feasts , and also to
marry? Moreover, where Christ biddeth us lend without hope of gain, do not I, Pope Martin , give
dispensation to do the same ? What should I speak of murder, making it to be no murder or
homicide to slay them that be excommunicated?" "Likewise, against the law of nature, item against
the apostles, also against the canons of the apostles , I can and do dispense ..." "This authority is
not human, but rather Divine. Therefore, we declare, assert, define, and pronounce that to be
subject to the Roman pontiff is to every human creature altogether necessary for salvation ."
Disunity protects God's people from this sort of evil control by a single religious power.
Second, and the most important for this vision, within the chaos and confusion we see on the surface of
all that is called Christian , there is a thread of order that runs through it all. It is called divine order , and
this order is in the life of the Son of God. Jesus orders everything according to the heart of His Father. Our
God reigns and, as such, He reigns even if outwardly all seems to be chaotic.
Thus, when the boiling pot explodes, it explodes into the very order of God. Just as the Word of God
declared over the earth in chaos— Let there be light —this vision speaks to the end of our age when a new
restoration will begin for all the world to see, as if to say once again— Let there be light ! This is what we
see in the remainder of the vision.
Ancient Book
The pot turning into an ancient book speaks of Daniel 's vision as thrones were set up and the Ancient of
days took His seat and the son of man was given dominion, glory, and a kingdom (Daniel 7:9-14). In his
vison, the Ancient of days was the Father, but the Son is truly ancient, as well, for He precedes all things
in creation and is the firstborn of creation. Who is the son of man? The obvious answer is Yahweh of the
old testament and Yeshua-Jesus of the new testament. Some claim that the son of man in this scene is
actually, collectively, the saints that Daniel saw taking possession of the kingdom that cannot be
destroyed, in contrast to the beast kingdoms of man that are destroyed. Why not make room for both?
After all, both the king (head) and the body (of the king) possess the kingdom—the two are inseparable.
However, having said this, in my vision, the ancient book strongly suggests it refers to the one who is the
Word of God who was in the beginning with God, who is an extension of God.
Within a beginning there was The Word (The Thought; The Collection of Thoughts; The Idea; The
Reason; The Discourse; The Communication; The Verbal Expression). And the Word (the thought;
the expression) was (and continued being) facing, directed and moving toward (or: with) God. And
Boiling Pot, Ancient Book, Light—Jesus!
the Word (the thought; the idea; the reason; the expression) continued being God. [or: Originally
the Word was existing and continued to be, and the Word was being projected toward God. And
the Word, It was existing being God (idiomatically: And the Word was just what God was; And the
Expression was an extension of Deity).] (John 1:1 JM-NT)
By the way, the book was a bound hard back, not a paper back, signifying a treasured word that endures.
Moving Right, Silvery, then Bright White Light
The ancient book moved to my right, for Jesus, the Word of God, is at the right hand of the throne of
glory . It turned silvery because silver signifies redemption . He is the one and the only one who brings
redemption and salvation to all mankind. The book turned into a bright white light, for Jesus is also the
light of the world . He was the light at the very beginning of creation and at the restoration of an earth in
ruin when the command went forth: Let there be light! In fact, it was His light that went forth to form
matter as we know it. When God's light fills all things, there is only one word to describe it—Glory!
Jesus Draws All to Himself
The final scene of this vision is the most glorious part; the man in the white robe with outstretched arms
could be none other than the Lord Jesus Himself, the Anointed One of God . He appeared in the vision
calling all to come unto Himself. And, here is the good news: by the consummation of the ages, He will
succeed in not only calling but bringing all humanity to Himself and, ultimately, to God the Father, from
whom are all things. And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself (John 12:32).
With the many prophetic insights given to me over the last twenty years, I can compare and reference
them both retrospectively and prospectively, looking for the thread or pattern that runs through them all.
On January 18, 2019, I heard: Behold, the day has come when no man understands—confusion,
deception, lies abound. Where is truth? What is truth? They ask. I am the way, the truth, and the life.
Until mankind understands this, the confusion will continue .
The vision of the boiling pot deals predominantly with the church and Jesus as the Word of the church.
This more recent word deals with the world outside the church. How will the world come to this
understanding? Through the Lord's people when the anointing comes that unites us all in a way we have
never seen before. I submit that the anointing is the sequel to the boiling pot as the Anointed One
explodes forth from the multitude of confusing messages that have come forth through His people. In that
day, we will manifest as one body with one message—Jesus!
See: Pray for the Anointing
The good news is that all of this is driving toward the coming of the one who calls all unto Himself.
The presence of King Jesus is coming!