Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent. (Jeremiah 20:9)
The testimony of JESUS is the spirit of the prophecy. (Revelation 19:10c)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
Valley of Vision—Panic, Subjugation, Confusion
The oracle (burden) concerning the valley of vision . What is the matter with you now, that you have
all gone up to the housetops? … For the Lord GOD of hosts has a day of panic (trouble), subjugation
(trampling down) and confusion (perplexity, doubt) in the valley of vision , a breaking down of walls
and a crying to the mountain. (Isaiah 22:1, 5)
Recently, I was led to Isaiah's oracle concerning the valley of vision . In turn, this led me to a dream that
came to me exactly eight years ago on September 15, 2012. I won't repeat the dream here, so you are
encouraged to read it before proceeding—it touches upon God's judgment.
Wave of Fire
Isaiah's burden has application to our day, but before making the point, a word is in order regarding the
historical context of Isaiah's oracle.
An oracle refers to a prophecy (in this case, a prophecy for Jerusalem)—this is called the valley of vision .
Jerusalem was surrounded by mountains, so it was considered a valley. God raised up many prophets with
visions to warn the people that judgment was coming if they did not repent. Clearly, as a prophet, Isaiah
was grieving over the destruction he saw coming upon his beloved nation. Some believe he was referring
to the Assyrians that were coming against Judah, and others believe the century-later Babylonian invasion
and destruction was in view. The latter seems to be more in order since Hezekiah turned to the Lord and
Judah was spared the invasion of the Assyrians. Judah and Jerusalem were warned that if they did not
turn from their ways, judgment would come upon them. Historically, we know that judgment did come
and Jerusalem was left in ruins. This goes along with verse 5: For the Lord of hosts has a day of panic,
subjugation, and confusion in the valley of vision , a breaking down of walls and a crying to the mountain .
Now, let's fast forward to our day, which is clearly characterized by panic, subjugation, and confusion!
Panic is defined as a sudden overpowering feeling of fear, often affecting many people at once that leads
to hysterical or irrational behavior . Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that panic and fear have
overcome the world? Why else would people willingly give up their freedoms by acquiescing to draconian
demands from their leaders who are themselves acting irrational and without any sense of critical
thinking? The world has gone irrational. Put another way—the world has gone mad. Of course, this is a
broad-brushed statement with the caveat that there are some who are waking up and there are some
good and solid critical thinkers out there giving meaningful exposés of the truth and lies.
As I see it, there are actually at least two drivers for the panic and fear. The first is fear of an unseen enemy
called a virus that has swept through the masses, and the second is fear of derailment of political and/or
specific ideological agendas, with the consequent loss of control and power over the masses.
Valley of Vision—Panic, Subjugation, Confusion
The first level deals with a fear of death and hospitalizations that has driven the masses into the corral of
dramatic change to their way of life and what it means to be human. It started with destructive
lockdowns—some of which not only continue around the globe but, in certain areas, are becoming even
more draconian as police turn on their fellow citizens and corporations set their own rules for doing
business with them. The critical thinkers are now saying this was a huge mistake that has resulted in more
deadly consequences than the virus itself. It's doubtful that the politicians or establishment public health
officials will ever admit their gross blunder. Unfortunately, the lockdowns were only the first step, as social
distancing and wearing face cloths and washing of hands have now become the global obsession.
The second level is driven not by the masses but by those who want to impose their will on the masses in
order to achieve an ideological agenda, which runs from failed forms of government (political systems) to
social issues (justice, gender, race, etc.) to a total global, technocratic, economic reset (the goal of the
World Economic Forum ) to an authoritarian surveillance state—and these are not necessarily mutually
exclusive. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list; one source I read has identified at least fifty terms
associated with these various agendas. We could say that these ideologues are trying to take advantage
of the fears thrust upon the masses, for to achieve their goals, they must control the masses. However,
they too have a fear; and that is the possibility that the masses wake up, to the extent that it causes their
agendas to be stopped dead in their tracks. This has resulted in irrational behavior among certain factions
of these groups—they have gone mad.
With this said, let's not overlook the fact that each successive seven-year period since the turn of the 21 st
century has been punctuated by fear and panic. It is likely that the 21 st year of this cycle will end on the
same note.
21-Year Cycle
Subjugation is defined as the process of bringing under control; subject to authoritarianism . The world is
being subjugated to a spirit of authoritarianism that has been building for the last twenty years. It started
with taking your shoes and belts off at airport security stations and the building of a massive global
surveillance system to track people. Now, its mandates go from lockdowns to social distancing to no large
gatherings to face cloths required in all public settings to contact tracing (i.e., surveillance). It has gotten
so bad that some areas are requiring people to wear masks in their homes and encouraging people to
report their fellow citizens who do not comply with mandates.
But it's even worse than this, for mandates themselves have become the mantra, as if only mandates save.
Recently, our county officials strongly urged the use of masks but did not mandate them. From editorials
in the local papers, one would have thought the world was coming to an end as people severely chastised
these leaders for not mandating—never mind that there is nearly 100% use of masks in most stores in our
area because big-box corporations require it. When the general public demands that their political leaders
place dehumanizing controls on the populace, demands that are not based on logic or rational thinking,
then we know we are in serious trouble. As Isaiah said, this is a day of trouble (i.e., panic). Fear drives
illogical thinking, and this opens the door wide for subjugation as people look to officials to protect them,
that is, to make it all better, even if it requires a certain loss of freedom. People willingly give away freedom
just for the sake of deliverance from a perceived danger. Each time this occurs, authoritarianism gets
stronger until it becomes totalitarianism.
Valley of Vision—Panic, Subjugation, Confusion
Here's another example that makes no sense at all. A town of 1000 sits next to where we live. They have
no public places at all, only a tiny post office. Assemblies are still not allowed according to the state. Within
the last week or so, the leaders of this town voted to mandate the wearing of masks in public places. They
even acknowledge they have no teeth to enforce the rule. They simply thought it was "appropriate" to
make the mandate. Again, fear drives illogical thinking. However, what is most concerning is how easy it
is for government to impose their irrationality on the public. People like this must be voted out of office.
This should concern us all!
This leads to another point: authoritarianism is not necessarily rational, especially when the ones
administering it are in fear. Of course, they don't have to be in fear, for they could be driven purely for
the sake of power and control, which on its own merits can be a form of irrationality. But even ones like
this have a certain level of fear that the masses will wake up and revolt against their imposed authority
over their lives.
These are only some of the authoritarian actions being taken around the world, and there is no sign that
this will let up anytime soon or if they will ever be reversed. Many in the establishment are saying we will
never return to the norm we had prior to this so-called pandemic . The sad part is that the "many" are
blindly acquiescing to this destructive authoritarianism that not only robs them of their freedoms but also
dehumanizes them. When I am in stores, I want to scream out to everyone how masks are a symbol of
bondage never intended for humans created in the image of Elohim. We no longer see smiles or facial
expressions. All we see are eyes popping out from above face cloths (which is all that they are). How could
this have come about? Fear and subjugation, along with blind trust in authority!
Confusion is defined as not understanding what is happening or what should be done or who to listen
to; unable to orient to what is going on; bewildered, perplexed . Three noteworthy synonyms are
anarchy, chaos, and turmoil . At a minimum, there are two arenas of confusion in our day.
The first is the waning pandemic (based on death rate, not meaningless case counts). Unfortunately, it
would seem that those who have fully acquiesced to mandates, believing that this virus is the worst ever,
as if killing by the millions, might not be in confusion. They simply believe what they are told to do is valid
and essential. Based on my observations, there is a good deal of this going on. Most people that I
encounter don't seem to know much about the ins and outs of what they are being told to do or not to
do. They get most of their information from that put forth by mainstream news outlets or censored social
media, while hearing that anyone who disagrees with the mainstream narrative believes in conspiracy
theories (see Psalm 31:20). Whenever you hear this phrase, be forewarned; this is an attempt to shut
down and censor others who have spent much effort digging for the truth about the pandemic.
But here is the problem: the mainstream narrative has not been consistent since the beginning, but in
fact, has created untold confusion over this virus due to their politicized and sensationalized pseudo-
science (that flip flops like a fish out of water) along with their faulty and inflated epidemiology models
(that they have to keep changing to fit the narrative) and deceptive reporting of case data (that may or
may not be reporting an actual, symptomatic infection). Instead of subsiding, this is being ramped up.
Stepping back from it all, it is abundantly clear that confusion is written all over this day and greatly
exacerbated as truth stumbles in the street .
Valley of Vision—Panic, Subjugation, Confusion
Truth Has Stumbled in the Streets
There is more. Let's not overlook what is transpiring in the US political system today with the November
presidential election. There is no doubt that this system is under judgment, as clearly indicated by
opposition groups that are intent on disrupting, even denying, the election of Trump, regardless of the
results. Those who are in opposition to our current president have lost all sense of reason and logic to the
point that they are manifesting a level of madness not previously seen in our nation. Truth has not only
stumbled but is now being trampled with lies. With this, we are seeing anarchy, chaos, and turmoil in the
streets. Let's be clear about one thing. This is not about Trump, per se. It's about destroying America as
we have known it.
As bad as all this seems, there is a silver lining in what is transpiring. It is what I would call the judgment
of God is love! God loves the world, and His love never fails to produce that which is the best for His
creation, especially for the human race. When He actively judges, it is always based on redemptive love.
Is this not what the cross of Calvary is (was) all about?
Clearly, what is transpiring in the political arena is in line with a word and a dream that came in 2008 and
2009, respectively, that are part of God's judgments being fulfilled in our day.
I Have Lifted Up a Hammer
Cords of Falsehood
Keep in mind that I unequivocally declare that our loyalty must be to King Jesus . The Lord has reminded
me that we are not to look to the left (blue) or to the right (red) but to look straightaway to the Kingdom
of God . However, based on the above and all that has transpired over the last 3½ years, it seems apparent
that President Trump is part of God's tool kit—one of His hammers pounding away at the fortresses of a
corrupt political system and a media establishment that is in collusion with this corruption.
The good news is that, regardless of who is in office, God is not only hammering away but He is also cutting
away at the cords of falsehood until they are completely severed from the American people. This is all in
preparation for the Kingdom of God manifesting on earth in a way never experienced in the history of
There is much more that could be included in this madness (e.g., riots, social unrest, defunding the police,
white supremacy, zero carbon emissions), but we'll leave it.
What are we to conclude? As I stressed in the insight on the wave of fire dream, the presence of the Lord
in judgment causes all sorts of commotion on earth. Today, it is evidenced by many being driven mad who
are in rebellion to His kingdom. This is a day of judgment that is driving many mad. Be assured that God is
speaking to humanity through the events today and the ones yet to come. What will be our response?
It is time to turn to the living God and His Son who is coming to His people in order to rescue humanity
and lead it into the Kingdom of God. King Jesus is coming!
"Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come, and worship him who
made heaven and earth, the sea and the springs of water." (Revelation 14:7 ESV)