Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent. (Jeremiah 20:9)
The testimony of JESUS is the spirit of the prophecy. (Revelation 19:10c)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
Logos of Creation (Thought)
In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth. … Let there be light! (Genesis 1:1, 3)
In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God. The same was
originally with God. All came into being through it, and apart from it not even one thing came into
being which has come into being ." In it was life, and the life was the light of men." And the light is
appearing in the darkness, and the darkness grasped it not." (John 1:1-5)
The Logos is the explanation, meaning, plan, and rational purpose of the ordered universe. The sum total
of God's creation is the Logos.
The Logos is the living, active, dynamic Word of God that speaks the language and will of God the Father.
The Logos is living Reality.
When we are joined with the Logos in spirit, the entirety of creation opens up to us. We are joined with
the very Word or Logos of creation. This is not simply words on paper called "the word of God" that is full
of history, intrigue, mystery, prophecy, and illumination beyond any book written by man—the Logos is
so much more than this. It is life explained in spiritual union with the Logos that creates and continues to
create to form all things new, continually and progressively.
The Logos is creative. It is new creation. The death and resurrection of the Logos has severed the old from
the new, inaugurating a new creation Logos that drives toward making all things new.
The Logos not only creates but it re-creates. It establishes what is and what will be, continually creating
to impress the glory of God upon the entire creation.
In the beginning was the Logos, the Truth, the Life, the Light—the very creative genius of all things in all
of creation. At the consummation of the ages, all things will be gathered up and reconciled in the Logos,
leading to a greater creation beyond our imagination that is still hidden in the heart of God.
What is the Logos? The person of the Son of God's love! His name is Jesus.
For in Him (Christ, the Word, the Logos) were all things created in heaven and on earth, visible and
invisible, whether thrones, or dominations, or principalities, or powers. All things were created by
Him and in Him (through Him and for Him) . (Colossians 1:16)
I AM Alpha and Omega, beginning and end of all things! I AM continuously coming! (Revelation