Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent. (Jeremiah 20:9)
The testimony of JESUS is the spirit of the prophecy. (Revelation 19:10c)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
"What Do You Do?" (Word)
In the early hours of July 26, 2020, as I was sitting quietly before the Lord, a question came to me: What
do you do? I kept trying to answer this, but to every answer I gave, I heard: No! So, I gave up and said: I
don't know how to answer the question . Instantly, an answer came to me.
You live. This is all I ask of you. Yes, live. I AM about life, not doing as in trying to do something
for Me. I have given you life, and life is simply being in the realm of life every moment. It matters
not what you are literally doing. Life is the "do."
To live is My Presence. My being is Life. As you embrace Life, you embrace Me.
It's not about "getting all you can out of life." No! It is all about being in the All of My life. It's
yours; you are in it because you are in My life—hidden now in My Father. My Presence is yours
now, just as My Anointing is yours now.
I have to admit that some of this is not necessarily new to me, for the spirit of the Lord has been impressing
upon my heart the Presence and the Anointing since 2015, and I have repeatedly stressed the point in
other writings. However, I had to look it up and was surprised it has been five years since being told to
pray for the Anointing in light of the Presence of the Lord. See the following for more along these lines.
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This question and its profound answer are not for me alone. I pass it on, trusting it will help others during
this time of great upheaval of all that we have come to know as "normal." This upheaval is not consigned
to one issue, such as the hysteria over a virus, but to a multitude of issues ranging from economics to
technocracy to scientism to transhumanism to the very soul of society and culture to what some call the
social contract . There are many commentators from all sides writing on these issues and attaching labels
to what they see. However, there are far too many issues to sum it all up with only one label. For this
reason, I have described it as the perfect storm , a vortex , or a boiling pot . At this point, only the Lord knows
when it will reach its peak and what lies on the other side.
As I have stressed, we need spiritual discernment for what to read and believe in this technological-
information age as we are flooded with information, both good and bad, both useful and worthless, both
true and false. As believers in the Lord Jesus, we must hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying to us in
these days.
"What Do You Do?"
We must not stick our heads in the sand, so to speak, and ignore what is going on around us. Don't be
fooled into thinking otherwise. Unless one lives in a cave away from all influences, whether we know it or
not, we all are being influenced, persuaded, even manipulated by many forces attempting to corral us into
some dangerous ideology, even a major reset of the way of life across the globe—some of which might
sound good and helpful, even needful, for the human race of the 21 st century, when it is nothing but a
false hope and, worse, a new form of bondage. We need to be well-informed and not live in some idyllic,
dream world, avoiding the realities of life today.
But most of all, to do this, we must seek the Lord for discernment to the point of seeking to know and be
in the heart of God for this hour. I often pray to be in the beating heart of God. May you do likewise. There
is a way through and it is in the life of God's Son, which leads back to the question that came to me.
This question came unexpectedly and my initial response was that it had to do with doing something. It
could have been worded a number of ways: What do you do with this or that? What do you do in this
situation? Or, what are you doing? As if to question a current, ongoing action. Or, more to today, what
are you to do in this time of crisis? But even answering it on a "doing" level, the Lord's question had a
sense of hanging in the air, as if it wasn't attached to anything related to us.
One of the greatest temptations today is either to believe we must do something (like protest, start a
movement or ministry or prayer campaign, organize marches, etc.) to combat what we see and know to
be wrong—or—to believe we must do something for God (like take a stand for or defend God and His
rights over creation, etc.), meaning we must not sit idly by while we watch the world go down the
proverbial drain. The problem with both temptations is that their starting point is off; they start with
"you"—not with God. The latter temptation of "doing something for God" has plagued the "church" for
centuries, leading to all sorts of problems, most of all, destroying the testimony of Jesus as presented to
the world. The result has been that the good news has been lost in a lot of "doing" that has become
organized, institutionalized, and monetized with men or women at the helm.
If we accept the answer as given above, then it is obvious that the starting point MUST be Jesus as Life
itself. He has accomplished all that needs to be done for humanity, and we are called to enter into His life
and be an expression of His life. To put it more emphatically— we live His life . As we do, we spiritually-
naturally do what His life is doing and leading us to do in accordance with the Father's will. Is this not what
Jesus did while He walked on earth? Are we to do anything less?
"The first man, Adam, became a living natural being "; the last Adam became a life-giving spirit . …
Earthly people are like the man of the earth; heavenly people are like the man from heaven. We
have borne the image of the man made of the earth; we shall also bear the image of the man from
heaven. (1 Corinthians 15:45, 48-49 Kingdom NT [bold italic added])
He raised us up with him, and made us sit with him—in the heavenly places, in King Jesus !
(Ephesians 2:6 Kingdom NT [bold italic added])
These and many more verses make the point that we who believe in the Lord are of both the natural and
spiritual (heavenly) realms; thus, we are to walk spiritually-naturally. We wait for the glorious day when
we will be fully transformed to be just like the glorious body of our resurrected and glorified Lord Jesus.
This day will be the beginning of heaven and earth fully manifesting in union.
"What Do You Do?"
To be clear, it's not so much about waking each day and asking God what we should be doing. It is more
about waking to the reality that we have a new life—a new creation life, even an anointing—the anointing
of the Anointed One residing in us by His spirit, and this all speaks to being in His Presence daily. Perhaps
our day will be quiet with little to no activity, or perhaps it will be full of activity; it doesn't matter so long
as the day's source is the life of Jesus. He is God's creative Logos, and each day is one of newness— behold,
the old has passed away, the new has come .
Dear saints, it is time for us to awaken from our sleep into the Reality that is Christ Jesus, our Savior, Lord,
and King. Except for the embryonic ecclesia and a scattering of people since then, it seems that on the
grand scale, what we commonly call and see as the "church" has wasted much human flesh living outside
the Reality of Jesus. As I keep repeating, it is time to wake up.
To be abundantly clear, we can't do it on our own. Intellectually, we can see this truth, but practically
speaking, we struggle to get there. This is why in 2016 I was told to pray for the anointing. Why pray for
something we already have? After all, John wrote to his "children" that they had the spirit of truth, the
anointing within them to teach them all truths. They had the ability to discern and test the spirits.
It isn't any different for us who have been given the holy spirit—that is, unless we have fallen short of the
Anointing! At times, we might experience or exercise the Anointing, but do we live continually and fully in
it? Few probably do! Thus, the prayer is for us, as the Lord's people, to come into the fullness of what
presently resides in us, something that has been there all along as if it were an untapped well ready to
gush forth with living water.
This calling from the Lord means we can't make it all the way into fullness on our own. The Lord Himself
must step in and hit the alarm on the clock of history. We've hit the snooze button for too long! We can
do nothing apart from the Lord. The one thing we can do is, in prayer, align our hearts with the throne of
God with the glorious expectation that we will soon awaken to the fullness of the Anointing and Presence
of our Lord. Oh, do you long for this? Do you even groan for it?
Based on the words that came to me in 2016, the destiny of humanity rests in the anointing of God's
people. The world doesn't know this, definitely doesn't see it, even as it groans under the weight of
bondage that has blinded it. It's a longing to be set free from the bondage humanity has been under that
is growing worse by the day. The world's release will come through the conquerors of Christ.
Good news—release is coming in the midst of great trial! The conquerors are arising!
Parting word: This word from the Lord served as the genesis for much of what I have been writing about
Truth and Reality, especially Jesus—the Reality!
What do you do? You live Jesus' life; this is Reality. We have experienced this reality in part, but the day
is fast approaching when we will live it in full.
Glory to God!