Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent. (Jeremiah 20:9)
The testimony of JESUS is the spirit of the prophecy. (Revelation 19:10c)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
Truth Has Stumbled in the Street (Commentary)
The above title has been taken from the ancient prophet Isaiah (59:14-15). Clearly, there is fulfilled
historical context to what Isaiah was given to pronounce in his day, but this word is just as germane in our
day. Truth has stumbled (fallen) in the street; yes, truth is failing in our day . A composite of several
translations word it as: Truth has stumbled in the public-square, and equity-honesty-correctness-
goodness cannot enter .
To put it bluntly, truth is being censored, tyrannized, even brutalized, in the public square (often literally)
in an attempt to stop those who seek for truth, based on facts and not on opinions and—especially
worse—dangerous ideologies and agendas.
What is being presented in the public-square today is not honest. If people (even corporations) don't line
up with a certain ideological narrative or if they agree with the narrative but don't say so in a certain way,
they are verbally attacked and castigated, boycotted, ostracized, censored, to name a few nefarious
actions, in an attempt to shut them up, destroy their reputation, and, in a number of cases, to get them
fired or to force them to resign. Faced with such an onslaught, out of fear, individuals give in to such
extortions through pandering apologies and bending the knee. Corporations that come into the crosshairs
of such things, out of fear of wrongful retribution or boycotts of their brands, willingly go along with this
extortion so that they keep the big money rolling into the executive suites.
I wonder if there is more going on than simply money. Has ideology so infiltrated corporatism that
ideology itself has become one of its brands?
Add to this the daily onslaught of numbers the establishment media throw at us regarding the so-called
coronavirus pandemic —what some are now calling the great panic of 2020 . They keep saying the number
of cases is rising and it's only going to get worse, so everyone needs to mask up until fast-track vaccines
are available. To further foment mass hysteria , we are now being told this is a nightmare situation and it
is not only going to get worse, but it is going to become " worse, worse, worse ." The leader of WHO has
said that, every time we go out in public, we need to think we are in a life and death situation . And the
compliant establishment media make sure we hear about the extreme hardship cases (as if these are
unique to this disease process) to ensure we think this way.
By the way; extreme cases occur with practically every major so-called germ-related disease out there,
especially flu and pneumonia cases. I know firsthand. Forty years ago, I developed what was diagnosed as
pneumonia that led to a 105-degree temperature every afternoon for a week. Actually, I believe I had
legionnaires disease . At one point, I thought I was going to die; but the Lord had other plans for me since
He used this illness, which kept me from work for one month, to break into my life. Today, such an
experience would probably be identified as a covid case and portrayed as an extreme case. Given an
interview, such a person would tell the world how bad the experience was and warn everyone to wear a
mask. The problem is that wearing or not wearing a mask probably had nothing to do with contracting the
disease, and the vast majority of genuine cases are never this extreme, but we are led to believe they are.
Truth Has Stumbled in the Street
When the spirit of the Lord, many years ago, began speaking to me that chaos and confusion are coming ,
I had no idea it would manifest as it is today. Because of my educational and professional background in
public health with a specialty in air pollution (reason for thinking I had contracted the legionella bacteria),
right from the opening salvo of this great panic, I sensed something was not right in what we were being
fed daily. I won't replay the litany of things that bothered me early on (and still do), but one thing is for
sure— chaotic confusion (whether intentional or not) has been at the core of this panic.
I must restrain myself, but I offer a few observations, not to conclusively make a point but to encourage
you to be a seeker of truth. We need to be abundantly cautious in listening to the many voices out there,
but there are some in the alternate media that seek for the truth and are raising valid concerns through
in-depth research into source studies (as all good journalists should do). If it is the Lord's will for you, you
will find them. Trust the spirit of the Lord to keep you from false or lying voices.
Science and data have become the new gods that the public must bow to. We hear each day: We are
following the science and the data . Who has the right to question these new gods? After all, the person
on the street who has little knowledge of science and how to interpret data is at a loss to question such
things. The message is: Don't question what we say and demand you to do (and most of all, don't listen to
others), just obey us? By the way, the next god will be novel vaccines.
Don't be led astray, the numbers (data) are confusing on many levels: mid-stream definitional changes to
what must be counted; "inflated and conflated data" to include "possible" or "probable" but not verified
cases; combining test results from different testing protocols that look for different things (e.g., genetic
RNA versus antibodies); tests not being covid19 specific; lack of any comparative baseline (e.g., what does
a case count based on testing [not models] look like in a normal flu season?); asymptomatic cases called
infections , etc.; and much more. Add to this the several epidemiological models that have utterly failed to
actually predict the trends (e.g., 2 million would die in the US alone).
If this virus is as onerous as is being presented to us (its everywhere, traveling through the air with the
greatest of ease, and asymptomatic people are " bioweapons "), then most of the cloth, non-standardized
and untested masks used by the public are a band-aid plugging a hole in a large dam. How have masks,
which early on were categorized by the public health experts as not effective for prevention of
transmission (based on many scientific studies that could find no evidence of their effectiveness), become
the poster child of prevention of transmission (based on little to no new scientific evidence of
effectiveness)? So, they say: masks are better than nothing . And yet, officials are mostly silent on the
studies showing the adverse effects of wearing masks all day long (e.g., decreases in oxygenation,
increases in carbon dioxide, suppression of the immune system, bacterial buildup, fatigue, headaches,
exacerbation of morbidity). How is it that areas that have had mandatory masks in place for some time
now are still seeing a so-called rise in cases ? What if masks are actually exacerbating the problem, as in,
they actually enhance the spread, if there truly is one, as the public health officials keep selling to the
public? We should not be surprised if we hear of all sorts of respiratory problems (most likely due to the
masks) cropping up this fall. Will they be mislabeled as covid cases?
Have masks become the de-humanized symbol of BONDAGE and FEAR ? A mask is like a muzzle, which
means to silence . Do not muzzle (silence) an ox while it is threshing (harvesting) . As the Lord's people,
let us not be muzzled. It is time to harvest. We know who the truth is—JESUS! Don't hide Him!
It is time to wake up! To repeat: Truth has stumbled (fallen) in the street; yes, truth is failing in our day .