Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent. (Jeremiah 20:9)
The testimony of JESUS is the spirit of the prophecy. (Revelation 19:10c)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
Felling of a Cottonwood Tree (Thought)
This will be a short one.
For the years we have lived in our present house, there has been a very large tree growing on some land
adjacent to us, which we don't own. When we first moved in, this tree looked stressed, as if it were dying,
but then it started to come back to life with a lot of foliage. Unfortunately, a couple of years ago, I noticed
that there was a large hollowed out area at the base of its trunk. The tree was so tall that we were
concerned with its weakened trunk, a strong wind could topple it. Given the right direction, it could have
fallen onto our house. So, I reported it to our HOA and asked for an expert to look at it. Well, a few days
ago, the tree was cut down.
Strangely, as I watched this stately tree fall to the ground and be ground up by the crew, I became
troubled, even sad, in my soul. I was sad to see the tree gone and this lingered with me for a whole day.
The following day I examined the large trunk that remained sticking out of the ground. The hollowed-out
area that I originally observed was more than met the eye, for it extended from the base up about three
feet within the trunk. The entire center of the base of the tree (about 2 feet across and three up) was
gone, and it was clear that this rot was spreading to the outer core of the trunk. In other words, the tree
was rotting from the inside out.
Not knowing what kind of tree it was, I located one of its fallen leaves and researched it online. I discovered
it was a cottonwood tree, which explains why every spring our yard has been inundated with what looks
like cotton balls (literally, white seed balls). I also learned that, historically, it is considered an age-old
friend to America. As the pioneers moved from east to west across America, they often came across
several varieties of the cottonwood family.
This got me thinking of something I reported on very recently about hearing a tree falling in the night of
September 4, 2007. I questioned: Did we hear the falling of a nation? See:
Wake Up!
Enemies at the Gate; Do Not Be Dismayed
My question is simple: As a nation, is America rotting from the inside out? On the outside, we look tall
and stately, even as beautiful as the cottonwood tree, but have we become so corrupted on the inside
that we are rotting without knowing it? I leave it for you to decide.
Perhaps my sadness was actually the spirit within me groaning in sadness over our once great nation.
If so, there is only one response: Lord Jesus, come!
And those with spiritual sight say: Maranatha! Our Lord is coming.