Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent.
(Jeremiah 20:9)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
July 2019
Introduction to Prophetic Insights
When the Lord Jesus broke into my life nearly forty years ago—revealing Himself as the great Victor
standing mightily over God's creation and the one who is coming soon to take possession of what is
rightfully His—a longing for His return was written on my heart; one that is only growing stronger.
This longing has been reinforced not only through scripture but also through dreams, visions, and words
(both personal and beyond) from the spirit of the Lord, spanning more than two decades. I have chosen
to separate them out once again from the main body of my writings, as was done some years ago. They
now appear under the reinstated tab labeled Prophetic .
For many, the word prophetic means predictions of future events, along with dates, details, and so forth.
Unfortunately, for some, the prophetic is no more than an end unto itself as the so-called prophets are
exalted for their predictive powers, leading to new ministries, best-selling books, and going on the media
circuit (circus) touting their accuracy, etc. With others, it is far worse than this, for it is no more than
witchcraft or fortunetelling that extracts money from people with a promise of some personal blessing or
T. Austin-Sparks once said that the prophetic function goes far beyond mere events, happenings, and
dates; prophecy is spiritual interpretation , the bringing of the spiritual implications of things, past, present,
and future before the people of God, and giving them to understand the significance of things in their
spiritual value and meaning. Well said!
If these things are truly prophetic, then we must get behind the external shell of them to see their spiritual
value and meaning to us today. Prophecy could be called prophetic insights , a term I have adopted to
collectively categorize the dreams, visions, and words I receive. Webster defines insights as "a clear
understanding of the inner nature of some specific thing." To put it in spiritual terms, these insights peel
back the curtain, so to speak, to touch the very heart of the Father in relation to how He is working out
His plan in our day and time to bring about His ultimate purpose of all in all—all in love and all new .
Now, there is truly only one thing that is on the heart of the Father—His Son, our Lord Jesus. God sees all
things through His beloved Son, who is the very embodiment of the plan of God. Thus, at the core of all
true prophecy is God's Son. Boldly stated: if Jesus is not central in the prophecy, then it is not true
prophecy. Do you have doubts about this? Consider this…
As He walked in the midst of the people of Jerusalem and its rulers, Jesus gave them many proofs that He
was (is) Israel's King (Messiah) and that He was (is) the embodiment of the kingdom of the heavens on
earth. From Sabbath to Sabbath they read the prophets that revealed He was the fulfillment of their
prophecies (Acts 13:27). All the signs were staring them in the face, so to speak, and yet, in their blindness
and deafness, they demanded He be crucified. As the expression goes, they missed the boat entirely. It
sailed off into the kingdom of God with Israel's Messiah at the helm, the very thing they were looking for
but rejected.
Introduction to Prophetic Insight
Paul knew this lesson all too well. After all, according to his Ephesians epistle, the five gifts that Jesus gave
to His body, including some prophets, are for the equipping of the saints for the work of service for the
building up of the king's body. Collectively, these gifts, along with others not listed, are for the building
up. But what is the purpose? The purpose of this is that we should all reach unity in our belief and loyalty,
and in knowing God's son . Then we shall reach the stature of the mature Man measured by the standard
of the kings' fullness (Ephesians 4:13 Kingdom NT [bold added]).
Simply stated, we are to know Jesus and, in so doing, we are to be built together as His complement,
according to His pattern—according to His life. We are one body, not many, and as such, all that we see,
and all that we know, and all that we do must be centered in and come forth from the life of the king.
Jesus is the mature man, meaning He alone embodies the new man, the new humanity, which is a new
creation. We are to grow to this standard, for anything less is less than human, less than the Father's intent
in creating man in the first place. The Father's heart is to see the fullness of His Son in all of us.
Along this line, I received a word about anointing and the oneness of the body of Christ. See: Pray for the
Pulling these few thoughts together leads to one conclusion—the predictive element of prophecy must
line up with the knowing of Jesus, which by the way, is the thrust of Paul's gifting as an apostle. The
predictive is not the endpoint, not even the most important aspect of prophecy— Jesus is . Anything that
drives us away from Jesus and toward men is contrary to God's heart, meaning prophecy must drive us
toward knowing Jesus.
As an aside, two points: First, all prophecy must line up with scripture, and prophecy itself can come
directly from scripture, as in, the word becomes revelation. Second, at first blush, some prophecy,
especially ones dealing with the state of the world, might appear not to be about Jesus at all. Look deeper;
He is there! This leads to…
In 1995, I was given a word that serves as one of the anchors for prophetic insights I am posting: When
you see the structures crumble, testify of My kingdom .
What we see happening in the world today—events likened to the outer shell—is the shaking of things
created, manifested through the crumbling of structures and great upheaval, both visible (physical) and
invisible, yet tangible. Although these shakings powerfully impact our world, they are signs to direct our
attention to the much larger picture of God's kingdom. The good news is that we receive a kingdom that
cannot be shaken, and this is the kingdom of the Son of God's love—God's new creation that we have
been transferred into, waiting for its full manifestation in us and on earth in the age to come. The kingdom
is about many sons coming into glory. Our way into this age, God's age, is through the transforming power
of the spirit of God that will conform us to the very image of our glorified Lord Jesus. I submit that this
expectation must be part of the core of all true prophetic insight in our day, at least in what I report.
The thread that runs through these prophetic insights is…
King Jesus in us is our expectation!
King Jesus, who is our life, is coming!