Introduction to Prophetic Insights

Signposts of the Kingdom

21-Year Cycle

Listed oldest to newest


One New Man (1992)

Book on Fire (1994)

Two Letters: Double Witness (1995/2009)

Launch Out into the Deep (1995)

When You See the Structures Crumble (1995)

Hand Repairing Crack in Wall (1995)

Great Storm Coming: God Reigns (1998)

Highway 61 - 6+1=7 (1998)

Great Cataclysmic Upheaval Coming (1999)


Quake America [NMSZ]


September 8, Wednesday


Transcend Time

Cords of Falsehood

Tumult is Coming!

Go Back: Resurrected Rabbit


I Have Lifted Up My Hammer Over the US

FedEx Plane Crash/Nuclear Reactor Meltdown - Japan

Lightning Circles US Politicians


When the Saints Go Marching In

SCOTUS Building Floating Down Potomac


Irene Means Peace

Number 186: Top Stones Fall During DC Quake


Little Volcanoes; Upheaval; 12 Cyclones

Strait of Hormuz

Hand Sweeps Across Eastern USA

Look For the Signs (7.21)

Wave of Fire

Wave Crashing on White Rock

139 Years Ago Trouble Started

Great Deception in the World


Boiling Pot, Ancient Book, Light: Jesus!

All Creation in Womb of God


2014 Update - Markers and Signposts

Let All the Earth Be Silent

War of Peace

50-MPH Wind


Meeting Jesus in His Humanity

My Presence...Seismic Change Coming


Pray For the Anointing... My Presence


Countdown...Beginning of End

Great Awakening of True Identity


In the Name of Jesus...Doors Shall Open


Proclaim My Son Is Coming!

World to Experience Dramatic Change

Behold the Lamb of God

Yeshua [License Plate]

Partridge, Bear, Eagle

Perfect Storm


Where is Your Loyalty?

Pegasus: Gushing Fountain

Upwelling: Gushing Fountain

Son Rising

Behold, I Stand!

Sovereignty of God

Worst Year: 2021

Wake Up!

Numbers 18 and 11

World War 3, China Conflict

Fear: Ancient Tactic

Love: Root Runs Deep

Final Battle for Humanity

Civil Unrest and War of Peace

Felling Cottonwood Tree

Metaphysical Crisis

Truth Has Stumbled in the Street

Fulness of My Anointing in Midst of Evil

What Do You Do? Live!

Logos of Creation

Valley of Vision: Panic, Subjugation, Confusion

September 18: Trouble

Ambushing the Lies with Truth

Come Out! Crossing Over!

March 11: Economic Crisis

America: Greatest Trial, Great, Number 46

Vacuous, Lifeless Faces

What's Going on?

Keys of the Kingdom

Habakkuk: Prophet for Today

Fog of Post Election

Groan of Creation


Fog Lifted

Prophetic Voices: Straw or Wheat?

God's Will No Concern to This Congress

Sun Moving Rapidly 4 Feet

The Moment Has Come!

120-Foot Wall of Water

UFOs and Metaphysical Crisis

Global Military Coup

Sanctification: - High Ground

Upper Room: Portal to Union with God and His Realm

Scientism Today

Window of God's Appointed Time

Crises Mode

Truth - Emeth = 21 x 21

Open Door in Empty Room

76th Anniversary of Hiroshima - A Sign

Nothing Is As It Seems - Day of Illusion

Man's Delusional Global Reset

Sending Forth His Anointed

Taking Queen Elizabeth's Seat

September 2021: A Beginning

Destroying the Temple of God

September 21: Man's Global Reset

Dark Force of Evilism

Collectivism: Collective & Moral Consciousness

America: The Lord God is Our Salvation

Massive Event is Coming

Metaphorical Analogy of Two Kingdoms

Spirit Speaks Through a Brother

Deliverance of the Anointed


"Five Ministry-Gift Anointings"

Knowing the Truth in the Last Hour


Fourth Crisis Coming - September Like A Beacon

Queen Elizabeth and September 8

September 2022 Exhortation and Encouragement

Made Mad With Power

Dr. Zelenko - His Last Public Speech

Shine Forth as the Sun in the Reign

Marked Out In Advance to be Sons of God

Shock is Coming - Victory is in the Air

End of Civilization

Cry for Help from Muddy Water

Kneading of Red, White, Blue Loaf (America)

2010-2012 Insights - Meltdown and America's Destiny

This is Good! I Felt Peaceful! (2012)

Removing the Impurities (2012)

Update: 2015 Beginning of WW3

11-Year Period and War: Cataclysmic Upheaval to Meltdown

Light in Midst of Crises: Subliminal Contradiction and Deferred Closure

Earth Passing Through Dark Cosmic Cloud