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September 2022

Fourth Crisis Coming - September Like A Beacon

Queen Elizabeth and September 8

September 2022 Exhortation and Encouragement

Zoe-Life in Union

August 2022

Made Mad With Power

Zoe-Life - More Than Body, Soul, and Spirit


Dr. Zelenko - His Last Public Speech

July 2022

Shine Forth as the Sun in the Reign

Marked Out In Advance to be Sons of God

Kingdom of God: Francis of Assisi's Kingdom Prayer

Lawlessness vs. the Spirit's Law of Life

June 2022

Transformation Conspiracy vs. Reality

Kingdom of God: Your Will, Will Be Done!

Shock is Coming - Victory is in the Air

Kingdom of God: Reign of the Heavens

May 2022

End of Civilization

Kingdom of God: Abiding to Bear Fruit of the Kingdom

April 2022

Cry for Help from Muddy Water

Kneading of Red, White, Blue Loaf (America)

March 2022

2010-2012 Insights - Meltdown and America's Destiny

This is Good! I Felt Peaceful! (2012)

Removing the Impurities (2012)

Update: 2015 Beginning of WW3

11-Year Period and War: Cataclysmic Upheaval to Meltdown

February 2022

Spiritual Infirmity in the Body of Christ

Power of His Resurrection in You

Set the Evidence Before All the Nations

January 2022

Light in Midst of Crises: Subliminal Contradiction and Deferred Closure

Earth Passing Through Dark Cosmic Cloud