Kingdom and Glory

Explanation of material on this site

This site provides biblical-based commentary built on one foundation—Jesus!

Relevant news is incorporated into some of the commentary, especially when it relates to the end of our present age and the glorious arrival of King Jesus when He openly manifests His kingdom on earth.

There are three types of commentary labeled: Articles, Prophetic, Upward Call. For the Articles and Upward Call just think "the long of it" and "the short of it."

Articles are in-depth studies ranging from 4 to 40 pages. The long of it!

Upward Call is more like a periodical posted at some frequency (e.g., monthly or weekly) that does not exceed 2 pages. The short of it!

Prophetic are insights from dreams, visions, and words from the Lord received by the writer. For more explanation, see Introduction to Prophetic Insight that leads off this tab. These are mostly the short of it! Since these tend to build upon one another, they are listed from the oldest (first) to the newest.

For all new postings of all three types of writings, see Most Recent for the current year listed by month; the most recent for each month appearing top down.