Kingdom and Glory


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(4-40 page commentary based on scripture and current events)

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Abraham's Multitude of Nations HTML PDF

America - Wake Up! PDF

Cast Out the Bondwoman HTML PDF

Depraved Minds In Our Day HTML PDF

Do Not Be Called - You Are All Brothers PDF

Dualism, Reversionism, Graftage HTML PDF

Eighth Day - New Creation HTML PDF

Engedi Moment is Coming! HTML PDF

Eternity or Ages? - Eternal or Eonian? HTML PDF

Fullness of the Nations - All Israel Saved HTML PDF

Giving by the Spirit - Not by the Tithe HTML PDF

Head Up All Things In The King HTML PDF

Hell - Reality or Pagan Imagery? HTML PDF

In God We Trust! HTML PDF

Israel's Tribes - Prophetic Meaning HTML PDF

Jesus - the Reality! HTML PDF

Joseph & the Tenth Blessing HTML PDF

Judgment of All HTML PDF

Kingdom of God: In Jesus' Own Words HTML PDF

King Jesus - Our Life HTML PDF

Knowing Jesus - Paul's Living Example HTML PDF

Lambkin [Arnion] of God HTML PDF

Love Drove Jesus to the Cross HTML PDF

Number 70 PDF

Olive Tree in Scripture HTML PDF

Pioneers of the Kingdom HTML PDF

Reconciliation of All Things HTML PDF

Second Death - Lake of Fire HTML PDF

Six Days, then the Seventh (6 + 1 = 7) HTML PDF

Ta Panta - The All HTML PDF

Thousand Years - Day of the Lord HTML PDF

Truth Under Siege (Commentary on the Times) HTML PDF

Ultimate Purpose of God PDF

Until Shiloh Comes HTML PDF

Who Are You, Lord? HTML PDF

Who Has Stood in the Council of the Lord? HTML PDF

Whose Will Saves - God's or Man's? HTML PDF

Wrath of God HTML PDF

Yahweh Has Become My Yeshua - Soteria! HTML PDF