By – Stuart H. Pouliot
Truth Under Siege
September 2020
Commentary on the Times
Down through the centuries, especially since Calvary, truth has been on trial. Both the Jews and
the Romans put the one who is Truth, the Reality of existence itself, on trial based on lies, false
witness, and outright ignorance. To the glory of God, the Truth prevailed and proved it so by
rising up from among the dead. There is nothing greater than the Life that has conquered death
itself and is now humanity's way into Life. You can't get any more real than this. God's Son is
Given all that is transpiring today in what some call the postmodern era and others call the
technology-information era , truth is under siege in a day when knowledge is increasing
exponentially. There is so much knowledge with all its attachments that no one person could ever
grasp it all. The challenge in sorting through knowledge these days comes when there seems to
be countless contradictions, opinions, interpretations, doctrines, theories, ideologies, etc. that
one might be led to ask Pilate's question: What is truth?
Biased fact checks, censorship, behavior modification, psychological manipulation, propaganda,
deception, obfuscation, lying, evil being called (announced as) good, authorities acquiescing to
violent rioters while placing the masses under draconian, irrational, senseless rules, outright evil
in the streets on display, social causes taking on an exclusiveness in the name of justice, Christians
being persecuted around the world, and much more—it is abundantly clear that truth is under
To compound the challenge, we now have elected officials and non-elected bureaucrats claiming
expertise in a variety of disciplines (e.g., public health, medicine) telling us we have to listen to
them because they know what's best for us. In so doing, they are taking on a heightened and, in
some cases, extreme level of authority over the masses that is abusive and tyrannical, to say the
least, and belies logic or rational thinking.
Most people want to believe that what they are told by those in these positions of authority is
based in truth and honesty. In other words, most want to trust so-called authority . Unfortunately,
history proves that many have been left wounded, even mortally so, through what is called blind
trust . One way for people to become blind is through fear, for this leads to a complete shutdown
of reason and logic. We are witnessing this blindness globally with the pandemic.
See: Fear—An Ancient Tactic https://www.kingdomandglory.com/prophetic/p99.pdf
We who are in Christ must not be blind as the world is. We need spiritual sight to discern what is
true and what is false. Of course, this means we live in the reality of God's Son, and we judge all
Truth Under Siege
September 2020
things through and by His life (i.e., His indwelling spirit). Jesus is the Truth and the Reality. Do not
for a minute think that Jesus is not under siege in our day!
A challenge we face is being able to look through the fog of our day and understand what is going
on and where the real dangers lie, especially when it comes to worldviews that seek to drive
humanity away from the one true God, the Creator of all in whom all truth is discovered and is
Before proceeding along these lines, how are we to define worldview ? As with most terms, there
are many definitions out there in the information world. Here is a sampling.
A worldview is a way of looking at and explaining life and the world. It serves as a lens
through which the world is interpreted. It is a set of beliefs that influences a person's
perspective, values, and actions. It is a type of belief system or ideology. One's worldview
is referred to as one's philosophy, philosophy of life, mindset, outlook on life, formula for
life, ideology, faith, even religion. A worldview is the set of beliefs about fundamental
aspects of Reality that ground and influence all one's perceiving, thinking, knowing, and
doing .
For those who follow my writings, you probably know why I have bolded this last definition.
Again, Jesus is the Reality! In case you missed it, check out this article.
Jesus—the Reality! https://www.kingdomandglory.com/art/art71.pdf
Some say that there are hundreds of worldviews (most end with ism ) and that people generally
hold to bits and pieces of many of them. In other words, no one purely holds to one belief or
ideology, but rather melds several into an overall worldview.
Unfortunately, Christians can blindly fall into a trap of believing they have a biblical worldview
and yet their view has been infiltrated by non-biblical views. Instead of a biblical worldview, I
prefer to call it a God-centered creationist view in which the earth is very good, and God the
Father loves that which He created and continues to re-create.
Again, we need discernment. It is important to know the enemies we face. Of course, this
assumes most Christians give much thought to a worldview, which is quite doubtful. After all,
why have a worldview if one thinks that the gospel is all about "dying and going to heaven for
eternity, leaving this ol' earth behind." As I have stated many times, this is not the gospel—it is
more in line with platonism , not scripture. Plato believed that matter ( aka , the world) was evil,
making it a necessity for humans to transcend this earth into some type of heavenly (spiritual)
existence. By the way, this is a worldview, and those who hold to the "dying and going to heaven"
doctrine are closer to platonism than they might realize. Thus, they do have a worldview, whether
they acknowledge such or not.
However, the good news is that God is progressively driving toward heaven and earth coming
together, which is exactly what Jesus tells all His disciples to pray— His Father's will be done, on
earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10). Obviously, there is much more to the good news of God's
Truth Under Siege
September 2020
Son, but when it comes to a worldview, this is most critical. Simply, we are to see that God loves
this world; it is His creation that is very good and He has no intention of abandoning it, let alone
destroying it. What He is set on doing is destroying the old order of things to fully usher in His
new order. He fully intends to re-create heaven and earth into a new creation with His Son as the
pattern for a new humanity, which we who believe are now part of as new creations in Christ.
Through His Son and the many conquering sons of glory, the Father is (will be) progressively
setting the world right—if you will, resetting it to what He intended it to be from the very
beginning when the Logos declared: Let there be!
It is unfortunate that truth is under siege, not only from the world but also from within the
Christian community of pulpits and doctrines that squeezes the life out of what it means to be in
Christ and Christ in us .
Now, let's consider a few non-biblical views that challenge truth, some of which literally oppose
it. This by no means represents a comprehensive presentation of every view out there. Only a
few have been selected—the ones that seem to be the most dangerous at the moment. This
could change.
Humanism is a term that's been around for quite some time and is one that probably overarches
many worldviews of man. Without knowing anything about it, one might conclude it's simply
about being human—what it is like to be human or what defines a human. Simple enough; but
when it comes to philosophies or belief systems, nothing is that simple. There are several
definitions for it, some of which at first glance have a good ring to them. However, there is one
notable absence. To make the point, here are a few definitions.
Humanism is a progressive philosophy of life that, without theism or other supernatural
beliefs , affirms our ability to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspires to a
greater good .
Humanism is a belief system based on the principle that people's spiritual and emotional
needs can be satisfied without god or religion .
Secular humanism emphasizes the importance of reason and of people rather than
religion .
Humanism is a rational philosophy informed by science, inspired by art, and motivated by
compassion. (American Humanist Association)
Given these, could we not define humanism as humans without God ? For this reason, many
commentators see humanism as man at the center of his own universe and, in the extreme,
becoming his own god, meaning "self"—"I, me, my"—takes precedence over everything. It
focuses on personal reality —that is, what is real is defined by "the individual's concrete
experiences and not some abstract, certain and universal constructs." In other words, the
Truth Under Siege
September 2020
individual defines their own reality, thereby eliminating any ultimate or absolute truth. This goes
along with the next view. For more on humanism, check out the following.
Whose Will Saves—God's or Man's? https://www.kingdomandglory.com/art/art33.pdf
It's not uncommon to hear that we are living in a postmodern era a period in the history of man
that claims no particular truth . Postmodernism is broadly defined as a western philosophy, begun
in the latter part of the 20 th century, characterized by broad skepticism, subjectivism, or
relativism and a general suspicion of reason with an acute sensitivity to ideology in asserting and
maintaining political and economic power . Logic and rational thought are challenged, if not
outright rejected in practice, leading to delusional thinking and actions. The victim of this broad-
based philosophy is critical thinking , something we see greatly lacking during the 2020 pandemic,
especially from many in authority that are mandating behavioral changes throughout the masses
of the world that are not based in fact (or: real science) but often in what is now called pseudo-
science . We'll come to this in a moment.
Plainly, postmodernism is on full display in the 21 st century as ideologies battle it out, even
literally on the streets, as they attempt to rise above or defeat all the rest.
Skepticism is philosophy that questions the possibility of knowledge . Can one be certain of
anything? Thus, practically everything comes into question, especially truth. What is truth? How
do we know something is true? How can we trust what anyone says? These are questions raised
by the skeptic. In general, truth is doubted. Was this not Pilate's dilemma?
I've been around people like this and it is quite difficult to have a meaningful conversation, for
they don't believe anything—as everything is in question. I find ones like this intellectually lazy;
simply, they don't want to be bothered with searching for the truth, as if it's easier to doubt
Subjectivism essentially limits knowledge or truth to subjective experience , meaning there is no
truth outside the individual experience. Consequently, there are no absolute truths, including
moral truths. Thus, knowledge is subjective and relative, never objective. Morality becomes
Relativism says that all truth is relative, meaning it is whatever you want it to be . This one has
been around for some time, for I fell into its trap when I attended an American university quite
some time ago. Truth by this philosophy means it is a moving target, so to speak, that changes
like the wind. Given this, the word truth either has to be redefined or cast aside completely
Truth Under Siege
September 2020
(which it is by this philosophy). Thus, there is no truth; everything is relative based on any whim,
opinion, interpretation, mood, emotion, or delusion—you name it. If this were true—which it is
not—how does one know when and where it applies? What anchor does one have in life?
Going along with relativism is pluralism that says all "claimed" truths are equally true and
anything opposed to this view is false . Pluralism falls on its own sword by claiming that which
opposes this view is false. How can an opposing truth be false if all truths are equal? After all, is
not an opposing view also a truth?
Viewed together or individually, it is easy to discern that these isms (and many more) ignore or
deny the existence of God the Creator of all, which often leads to creating a god in man's own
image or choosing. In other words, one defines god in whatever way they so choose without any
input from an absolute, external source.
As a reminder: given that our day is driven by the isms of man, we can be sure that these are not
the only ones out there; these are simply the most general ones that encompass a lot of ground
and, most likely, permeate through many ideologies.
Before moving on to the next major point, here are two recent examples that go along with these
A clear example of delusional (irrational, relativistic) thinking in our day is discovered in common
core math that gives credit for creative thinking , even if the math result does not match the
absoluteness that math requires. When this first surfaced years ago, the craziness of this was
highlighted by 2+2 = 5. As if on cue, as I was writing this, a blog appeared that quoted a person
that seemed to have some name recognition. Here is a quote from this person: " My goal is not
to get closer to some absolute truth about our world . Rather, learning with other persons opens
the door for us to have different lenses for viewing and relating with our universe and others.
And, in so doing, we have the opportunity to learn how different approaches (mathematics or
mathemati x ) make im/possible certain forms of knowing the world, recognizing that all forms
are provisional, local, and legitimate . Even so, given the history of particular knowledges,
knowers, and ways of knowing that have dominated in our history with respect to mathematics,
it is important to give greater focus to the ways other-than-human persons live mathematix." If
you're scratching your head in wonder, you are not alone. However, it is easy to discern the
delusion in this quote as this person rejects absolute truth and recognizes all forms of "whatever"
as legitimate. Even the new term mathematix should be a giveaway.
Another recent example is transgenderism that claims a person's genetic or biological birth sex
(gender) does not matter, meaning one can identify with whatever gender they so choose, to
include no gender at all. Truth must match the object, and this is a plain example of something
that does not match the object—that is, the way God designed a male and a female. Thus, it is
not a truth! Such thinking grows out of a denial or rejection of a creator God through whom
humanity was created in God's image, both male and female. And so, this ism comes up with
words like non-binary, bigender, pangender, and third gender . This is a product of the amoralism
Truth Under Siege
September 2020
that has gained strength, especially since the beginning of the 21 st century, where things are
neither moral nor immoral. It appears that transgenderism is the lead-in to transhumanism ,
which is one (there are several) of the latest and greatest dangers to humanity that is rising up
through uber rich, elite globalists of the 21 st century.
It appears that behind the scenes of transgenderism is a very onerous attempt to purposely blur
the biological lines between male and female that, in turn, opens the door for a new type of
human based on the constructs of man's technology. I would call it the technological evolution
of man , which some describe as the fusion of technology and biology .
If people can be convinced that biological-birth sex (male, female) does not matter, then such
thinking becomes a natural transition into transhumanism.
There are several definitions of transhumanism, some of which sound like a good idea, such as
healing all forms of disease and illness through technology that seeks for utopia. One definition
says it is a movement (i.e., not so much a philosophy) that aims to use technology in order to
transform humans so that they can become post-human, that is, physically, mentally, and
emotionally superior . However, emotionally superior to what? Transform into what? Will what
we now know as human disappear altogether? Will a cyborg truly be human?
Transhumanism is a form of man-made, human evolution driven by technology (i.e., fusion of
technology and biology). Notice that God as the Creator and His Son, who is the Resurrection and
the Life, are left out of this movement. Fact is—there is no place for God in it and the movement
becomes its own god, creating its own future image based on its technological advancements
driven by such things as neural and programmable chip implants, nano-technology, cyborg-
technology, artificial intelligence, etc.
As if right on cue, as I write this, an article appeared discussing implantable biochips that could
be used to reprogram the molecules that carry the genetic instructions for cell development in
humans and, in fact, all biological organisms . This sounds like making humans into genetically
modified organisms—that is, GMO humans . Once man starts tinkering with the very genetics of
how God designed the human body to work, there is no telling as to the consequences—good or
bad. However, it is the bad that must concern us all, especially if it overrides the good.
Where will all this lead? Will a manmade transhuman even contain any organic material when it
is fully developed? Where does the soul (or: the heart) enter into such a thing? Will AI program
transhumans to think a certain way? I trust you see the dangers this poses as man moves away
from what God created to be very good.
Stuck somewhere in the mix is materialism , which is the theory (philosophy?) that physical
matter is the only reality and that everything, even what makes us humans (such as thought,
feeling, mind, and will) can be explained in terms of matter and physical phenomena. Is it possible
Truth Under Siege
September 2020
to program thoughts as 0s and 1s? If so, who decides what this programming will look like? Once
again, as technology takes over, we see reality being defined and manipulated without God as
Creator. (Notice how materialism is the opposite of platonism , and how it is a foundation of
transhumanism .)
These God-denying, man-centered isms (and many more) lead to something that I see as one of
the greatest dangers to us today—it's called scientism . This term is not very common in the
course of most narrative today, although there are some who are attempting to bring it into the
forefront of alternate narrative. We must not confuse this with pure science, however, which at
its simplest level is the pursuit of knowledge that remains open to challenge and change based
on new evidence. Science follows logic, reason, and critical thinking. It is not open to any old
whim or opinion or ideology one might conjure up. Here are some definitions of science.
Science is … the systematic arrangement and operation of general laws based on a body of
facts or truths … the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, or
theoretical explanation of phenomena … the systematic knowledge of the physical or
natural world gained through observation and experimentation among any of the branches
of natural or physical science.
To some of us, the term science conjures up images of test tubes, beakers, flasks, open flames,
etc. that we played with in science classes, as if eons ago. Today, the term is now applied to a
variety of systematic observations (e.g., social science, political science, social engineering, etc.)
that, in their extreme, become like a religion that requires unquestioning faith to believe. This is
the heart of scientism . This, in turn, leads to another danger to humanity called technocracy .
Hold on; we'll conclude with this one.
To understand scientism, I turned to the web site on the Basics of Philosophy . As they request on
their site, here is the link to their site: https://www.philosophybasics.com/
Through this site, I was introduced to the word scientific imperialism , which is close to what I
have been sensing regarding much of what we are hearing today from officials who say they are
"following the science and the data" and this justifies their draconian and destructive actions.
Unfortunately, it is far worse than this, for the mainstream or establishment narrative seeks to
censor all views contrary to or damaging to their narrative, which they claim is based on science.
It's similar to pastors who stand in the pulpit week after week and are not to be challenged
because they hold a doctoral degree in theology from a seminary. Touch not the anointed , as the
saying goes. They speak for God, and the people are to accept that they are God's mouthpiece. I
know this offends some, but it is time for God's people to wake up. Each and every one of us has
the anointing in us, the spirit of truth that teaches us all things. The day of pulpit ministries and
man-made organizational ministries is coming to an end as God does something entirely new and
unexpected by most. The walls of religion are coming down . A new day is about to dawn!
Truth Under Siege
September 2020
Scientism is a modern-day religion—a modern-day idol—that seeks to rule the world and not be
questioned, for only it knows best. Here are some excerpts from this site that provide a general
overview of both scientism and scientific imperialism .
Scientism is the broad-based belief that the assumptions and methods of research of the
physical and natural sciences are equally appropriate (or even essential) to other
disciplines, including philosophy, the humanities and the social sciences . It is based in the
belief that natural science has authority over all other interpretations of life, and that the
methods of natural science form the only proper elements in any philosophical (or other)
Alternatively, the term is sometimes used pejoratively to indicate the improper usage of
science or scientific claims (as a justification or authority) to a topic which is perceived to
be beyond the scope of scientific inquiry. In this context, the term scientific imperialism is
also sometimes used. It suggests an exaggerated trust in the efficacy of the methods of
natural science applied to all areas of investigation .
Proponents of Scientism often assert that the boundaries of science could and should be
expanded so that something that has not been previously considered as a subject pertinent
to science can now be understood as part of science. In its most extreme form, Scientism
can be seen as a faith that science has no boundaries, and that in due time all human
problems and all aspects of human endeavor will be dealt with and solved by science
alone .
Did you get that? All human problems can be solved by science alone, which goes along with
materialism. This sounds very god-like, doesn't it? This faith ignores sin and rebellion against God,
His Son, and His kingdom. Those who hold to this might not say so directly, but the most basic of
all human problems lies in the matter of the heart of man. Do they intend to wipe out this
problem through the binary code of 0s and 1s of artificial intelligence (AI)? Will neural links to AI
solve humanity's carnal nature? Will it make humans, that is, transhumans into gods of silicon
chips with neural links to organic matter? Is AI man's future savior and the forgiver of sins?
From another source, here is another explanation.
Scientism … is a speculative worldview about the ultimate reality of the universe and its
meaning. … scientism focuses an inordinate amount of its attention on human behavior
and beliefs . Rather than working within carefully constructed boundaries and
methodologies established by researchers, it broadly generalizes fields of academic
expertise and dismisses many of them as inferior. … It is one thing to celebrate science for
its achievements and remarkable ability to explain a wide variety of phenomena in the
natural world. But to claim there is nothing knowable outside the scope of science would
be similar to a successful fisherman saying that whatever he can't catch in his nets does not
exist. Once you accept that science is the only source of human knowledge, you have
adopted a philosophical position (scientism) that cannot be verified, or falsified, by
science itself. It is, in a word, unscientific.
Truth Under Siege
September 2020
What is Scientism? by Thomas Burnett — https://www.aaas.org/programs/dialogue-
This same source discusses an early branch of scientism called positivism that cropped up in the
19 th century through August Comte who proposed the law of three stages .
Each branch of knowledge passes through three stages: the theological or fictitious, the
metaphysical or abstract, and lastly the scientific or positive state. He believed that through
the continual advancement of human understanding, religion would fade away, philosophy
and the humanities would be transformed into a naturalistic basis, and all human
knowledge would eventually become a product of science . Any ideas outside that realm
would be pure fantasy or superstition.
In case you missed it, scientism could be restated as the god of scientism—the postmodern idol
that extends beyond the natural or physical sciences to encompass all human endeavors and that
not only exaggerates a trust in its methods but also demands that no one question its methods
and conclusions. We could add the word authoritarianism and make it scientific imperialistic
authoritarianism . This is a description of the modern-day religion that seeks to demand
humanity's devotion and loyalty and seeks to remove all forms of theology (i.e., God).
We are experiencing the effects of this god in the 2020 pandemic as we are told we must do
certain things because the science and data say so. We are told the science is settled when there
is little to no real scientific evidence to back up most of the draconian action that has been
demanded to date. Further, science will solve our problem, through some new hi-tech vaccines.
This is called pseudo-science .
The example I keep harping on is the mandate to wear masks. We are now told that masks work
to the point that they are what save lives until vaccines arrive. Where is the data or the science
to back this up? Reliable studies have concluded that there is no scientific evidence one way or
the other that they work to prevent transmission of disease. Unfortunately, the worst may yet
be to come as some governments are saying they will mandate vaccines of all their citizenry when
new-age vaccines (i.e., novel mRNA-based) are available that are being rushed through trials in
an unprecedented way with the developers of these vaccines ultimately making tons of money
while not being held liable for any adverse reactions to their vaccines. Oh, and by the way, the
vaccines might not be any more effective than annual flu shots designed to prevent the flu, even
though tens of thousands die from it or complications of it each year. Or, is there a greater danger
lurking within these new vaccines? Will messenger RNA (mRNA) truly alter human DNA as part
of a transhuman agenda? How serious and pervasive will be the side-effects from these vaccines?
Important questions!
So, when you hear elected officials, or especially non-elected bureaucrats, even ones with a
medical degree, say they are following the science, beware. Few, if any, elected officials know
anything about science, so be particularly wary of their demands. Adding to the term scientific
imperialistic authoritarianism , some have been referring to this as a medical dictatorship , where
only certain medical voices are listened to and all other equally legitimate voices are ruled out,
even censored.
Truth Under Siege
September 2020
The so-called science they are following has created untold chaos, confusion, fear, panic, and
destruction of lives and economies. Where is the science in this? Unless it is called the science of
destruction . The spirit behind this says: We are in control of this and only we know what's best
for the ignorant masses. Woe to these authoritarians!
This leads to the on-going drive by global elitists for a new global economic system based on
technocracy , which, according to one definition, is the science of social engineering, the
scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to produce and distribute goods and services
to the entire population . At first glance, this has a nice-sounding ring to it, but delving further
into its depths reveals that it is also a massive program to control every aspect of every person's
life on planet earth. This is scientism in action.
Technocratism , as a term, reveals the danger, for it is defined as a system of control of society
or industry by technical experts, a ruling body of experts . Under this system, which is another
form of governance, unelected engineers, scientists, health professionals, and other technical
experts will be in control of decision making for the global masses. Instead of politicians running
the world, technocrats with their algorithms will rule the masses. Frankly, removing politics from
the way things operate has much appeal to it. But is it simply another form of tyranny?
The World Economic Forum headed by Klaus Schwab is pushing for a global reset based on
technocracy that he calls the Fourth Industrial Revolution . It sounds good, but beware; it is a
trojan horse that seeks to destroy national sovereignty and concentrate global power in the
hands of the few who see themselves like gods. Does anyone find the use of the word fourth
rather strange? This might sound off the wall, but could this be tantamount to a Fourth Reich ?
Let us not forget that the Nazis did all sorts of diabolical experiments on humans. Again, as others
are warning, are the new-age mRNA vaccines with their tracking implantations that are under
development today a way to drive transhumanism? If so, it would appear to be a melding of
transhumanism and technocratism.
Notice that unelected technocrats call the shots for humanity; there is no representative
government in this. If you don't think this is possible, then you have been asleep to who is calling
the shots during this pandemic. Unelected health professionals have been controlling the
decision making. It might get much worse, for two US states have already said that they have the
right to mandate vaccinations. By law, the health commissioner for one state has been given the
authority, meaning one person has the right to mandate intrusion of every person's body in that
state. This is technocratism in action.
Imposing massive surveillance and control is the way forward for technocracy. Social credit scores
or vaccination travel passes fit in nicely with this. The question is: Will the masses go along with
such control? In one part of the world, this is already in play. In China, millions of cameras have
been placed throughout the nation to monitor every move of the populace. A woman was asked
what she thought about this. Her reply was that she saw no problem with it as long as it didn't
interfere with her privacy. Do you see the blindness in this? She has taken a perception that she
is free and made it into her reality, when she is not truly free. Her liberty is defined by the state
Truth Under Siege
September 2020
which keeps her within its boundaries. Move out of these boundaries and even what freedom
she perceives to have will be lost.
Does our perception match reality? If you don't think this is possible in the US, then think again.
Some universities are already planning some form of social credit system for their students, which
could be based on such things as compliance with social distancing, masking, and denouncing
white privilege , etc.
If the technocrats get their way, once in full swing, the god of technocracy, along with the god of
transhumanism will control every facet of life on earth, guised as the science of social
engineering, as the globe is controlled by scientism.
As such, technocrats are probably among the most dangerous at this moment, for they believe
they know what's best for humanity, with no regard for what is moral or not. Such things are not
anchored in God's standard as these technocrats drive to alter God's creation without considering
the serious consequences of their actions. One area that comes to mind is the ionospheric
experiments aimed to control the weather and to lower the earth's temperature in order to alter
climate change.
Dear people of God, I trust that by the spirit of the Lord, you see the dangers in all of these isms
that, at their core, deny God His place as Creator and the very one who gives life and continues
to make all things new throughout His creation. These isms do not set us free; instead, they bring
us into greater depths of bondage. Each time we yield to them, the muzzle gets tighter.
Don't get me wrong; science and technology, if used in the right way, can and often do produce
amazing benefits for the human race. I enjoy science and technology, for I find their discoveries
and solutions fascinating. Surely, this is God's creative genius at work through humans. But we
must not allow these things to override the reality of God and His Son to the point that science
and technology become our gods that we look to, to save us from the perils that often come our
way as we live on planet earth. Don't be misled, we are being driven in this direction by people
who see themselves in godlike positions.
Unfortunately, mankind has a way of taking that which is good and making it into something
destructive, especially as nations today strive to develop highly lethal, advanced technologies,
unlike any the world has ever seen, to wage wars against one another. If you don't believe this,
then I encourage you to search for the September 16, 2020 speech given by the US Defense
Secretary Dr. Mark T. Esper to the Air Force Association's Virtual Air, Space & Cyber Conference.
You will hear him say that we have always had wars and more are to come and America's warriors
will be at the forefront of tomorrow's high-end fight. He refers to weaponized satellites,
hypersonic weapons, directed energy and autonomous systems, and game-changing
technologies, such as artificial intelligence and 5G. The take-away from this speech is that the US,
China, and Russia are striving for dominance in space using advanced technologies (i.e.,
weaponry) not as deterrents for war but as preparation for war that is inevitable. This is why the
US Congress recently authorized a new branch of the military called the US Space Command ,
creating the US Space Force . Humanity as a whole has had no say in what the leaders of the
nations are leading us into. This should concern all of us, and I say this to the so-called patriotic
Truth Under Siege
September 2020
Christians that see this as a good thing. Is it? Thank God we have been given a word that tells us
God's plan in the dawning of a new age.
Then he will judge disputes between many people and settle arguments between many
nations far and wide. They will hammer (put away for good) their swords (military
weaponry) into plowblades and their spears into pruning shears (implements for good).
Nations will never fight against each other, and they will never train for war again . (Micah
Well, this article doesn't come close to covering all the dangers humanity faces in the 21 st century.
I haven't addressed other issues like the green new deal , sustainable development , and manmade
climate change ideology that seeks for zero carbon emissions or the convergence of the pandemic
and climate change in the drive for global control . Truly, truth is under siege as the few attempt
to bring the masses into bondage to their ideology based in science and technology. We don't
need technocratic algorithms, chip implants, and massive surveillance to direct our economies
or, more importantly, our very existence, as seen through the lens of the few.
Don't be dismayed; a metaphysical crisis is coming that will challenge science . See: Metaphysical
Crisis! https://www.kingdomandglory.com/prophetic/p103.pdf
We need the life of the kingdom to live as God designed humans to live. We were created to
image Elohim, meaning we manifest the very essence of God to His creation and one another,
and this essence, at its very core, is love. God is love! When all authority and death, the last
enemy, are abolished, God the Father will be all in all . His entire creation will be a manifestation
of a new creation in love . Transformation from God alone is the destiny of humanity . (Don't
you find it rather fascinating that the prefix trans is attached to many of these dangers that seek
to transform humanity into an image created by man?)
Truth might be under siege, but it doesn't have to be—rather, must not be for those of us who
believe in the finished work of the Lord Jesus who is the Truth and the Reality. We hold to the
Truth that is victorious and sets creation free.
We await a glorious transformation, not into some cyborg existence but one that changes us
completely into the image of God's Son. Man was created to be in the image of Elohim, and this
is the ultimate destiny of humanity that comes through God's transformation, not through man's
manipulation of what it means to be human. This transformation is into the glorious image of
Jesus, the Pattern Son—that is, He is the pattern of the new humanity, the new creation. When
we see Him, we will be like Him!
But the government that rules us is in heaven. We are waiting for our Savior, the Lord
Jesus Christ, to come from there , who, in the exercise of the power which He has even to
subject all things to Himself, will transform this body of our humiliation until it resembles
His own glorious body . (Philippians 3:20-21)
Dear saints, be encouraged. This is our expectation. It is coming soon, for Jesus is coming soon.
A glorious transformation is in the air.