By – Stuart H. Pouliot
Head Up All Things in the King
March 2019
God's purpose of the ages is to lead all humanity and all creation into His all so that He may be
all in all (1 Corinthians 15:28). The plan of God is to bring this to fruition through His Son, Jesus,
who is all in all.
In the fullness of times, also called the consummation of the ages [eons] , all things in heaven and
on earth will be fully subjected to King Jesus, and He will deliver up the kingdom to the God and
Father, so that God may be all in all. In that day, all things will be new in fulfillment of God's
purpose: Behold, I am making all things new (Revelation 21:5)!
Glory to God! This is the good news of the kingdom of God.
God has established a plan to achieve this purpose and all the details of His plan are working
toward this end, which is actually a new beginning. The purpose is the goal, and the plan is a
multi-faceted, and often complex, scheme (actions, arrangements) to accomplish this purpose.
To achieve His purpose, God has put into motion an almost unbelievable project that transcends
the mind of man. Not even the best script writer in Hollywood or the most gifted novelist could
ever have written such a plan. Who could even fully sum up His plan? After all, His plan involves
a multitude of nations and billions of lives, each with their own history with God, not to speak of
all in the heavens that we know so little about.
Headship of Christ
At the center of God's plan is His Son, our Lord Jesus—the Messiah, the Anointed One, the King—
whose mission is to head up all things in Himself—all things in the heavens and on the earth.
Yes, with all wisdom and insight he has made known to us the secret of his purpose, just as
he wanted it to be and set it forward in him as a blueprint for when the time was ripe. His
plan was to sum up the whole cosmos in the king —yes, everything in heaven and on earth,
in him. (Ephesians 1:8b-10 Kingdom NT (italic added))
Other translations express the phrase to head up all in the Christ, to gather together in one all
things in Christ, to sum up all things in Christ, or to bring into one the whole in the Christ .
In the Greek, the expressions head up , gather up , or sum up are translated from the word
ana kephal aiomai , which is comprised of two primary words with the first meaning "up" and the
second meaning "to strike on the head." For comparison, the Greek word often used to describe
Jesus as the head of the body is kephale , which has a primary meaning of "seizing" with "the head
being the most readily taken hold of." Head up seems to be the closest in meaning to the Greek.
Head Up All Things in the King
April 2019
The secret revealed through Paul has to do with the headship of King Jesus and not simply a
gathering together. A gathering together or a summing up of all does not tell us much about the
purpose for such a thing. However, heading up all things in the king tells us volumes, for it reveals
that everything in the heavens and on the earth will be brought under the headship of Jesus.
Another way to state this is that everything will be brought under the government of God with
God's Son as the ultimate authority in heaven and on earth.
Jesus is the head or the authority over all things, and He must reign until He has put all His
enemies under His feet, and then He will abolish all rule and authority and power. Heading up all
things means to bring all in subjection to His rule and authority and power, so that, at the
consummation of the eons, all things in the heavens and on the earth will be put in subjection to
the kingdom of God.
Each, however, in proper order. The Messiah rises as the first fruits; then those who belong
to the Messiah will rise at the time of his royal arrival. Then comes the end, the goal, when
he hands over the kingly rule to God the father, when he has destroyed all rule and
authority and power. He has to go on ruling, you see, until "he has put all his enemies under
his feet." But when it says that everything is put in order under him, it's obvious that this
doesn't include the one who put everything in order under him. No: when everything is put
under him, then the son himself will be placed in proper order under the one who placed
everything in order under him, so that God may be all in all. (1 Corinthians 15:23-28
Kingdom NT)
All is a comprehensive and inclusive word. Absolutely everything in God's creation will ultimately
be brought under the headship of God's Son and be subjected to His rule. The king will
progressively lead all humanity into the kingdom of God, each according to his own troop (order),
in what could be called a mighty harvest. Just as barley, wheat, and grapes are each harvested in
different seasons, so too will all the troops of humanity be harvested.
Of the many things taught throughout the Christian world, it seems that very few ministers of
the word stress the totality of God's purpose that all things will be headed up in and subjected
to Jesus—things in the heavens and on the earth, so that God the Father may be all in all in all
things new. The first part might be stressed but the second part is not. Even amongst those who
might periodically expound on this, most seem to stop short of the glory of what it truly means.
They have Jesus heading up all things to or in the church, but they stop at this point, as if it is only
about the Messiah and the church. They might include creation in this heading up, but they
generally leave out all mankind that die in unbelief in our present age, as if they will never be
headed up in Christ. They are left to toast in hell.
Further, some people state that the ultimate purpose of God is the summing up or heading up of
all things in the Son, that is, the Messiah. Over the years, I have heard others state that the
purpose is simply Christ and His church (i.e., bride). But, is this truly God's ultimate purpose?
Before answering, let me be clear that Jesus is central, supreme, and preeminent in all things in
all God's creation. After all, the firstborn son of creation is the creator and the first and the last
of all things. I like the way the American Standard Version words Colossians.
Head Up All Things in the King
April 2019
Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation; for in him were all things
created, in the heavens and upon the earth, things visible and things invisible, whether
thrones or dominions or principalities or powers; all things have been created through him,
and unto him; and he is before all things, and in him all things consist. And he is the head
of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things
he might have the preeminence . (Colossians 1:15-18 ASV [italic added])
In these four verses, Paul uses the expression all things five times in lifting up the preeminence
of the Son of God's love. And, Paul defines all things for us to be sure we do not miss the vastness
of its meaning, which includes everything seen and unseen, everything dead and living, and
everything from before the beginning, at the beginning, and onward with no end in sight. Simply,
all things consist in Him then, now, and as far as our imagination takes us.
Now, it might seem like I am parsing words, but it seems to me that many confuse God's plan
executed through and by His Son with His ultimate purpose, which is summed up in the little
word ALL.
First, as the creator, the Son of God cannot be the ultimate purpose of God nor can Christ and
the church. When the Wright brothers built the first aircraft, they were not the purpose. Their
purpose was to fly in the air, and to do this, they needed a flying machine, so they built one.
Second, the process of heading up in itself is not the ultimate purpose; it is the plan to achieve
the purpose.
So, this leads to the question: What is the ultimate purpose of God? ALL! Paul states it very
clearly: So that God may be all in all. However, to this we need to add the Lord's declaration:
Behold, I make all things new! And, I like to add, all things in love with God.
Why must the king head up all things? So that all things are made new! The all things of God's
creation are destined for something new, and the Son must bring them altogether under His
headship in order for God's ultimate purpose to be achieved. One translation states that God will
re-create all things. Paul captures the same thought: For from Him and through Him and to Him
are all things (Romans 11:36). Think about it!
But here is a question: How will King Jesus head up and subject all things to Himself? Will He do
it by fiat, all at once? Will He do it by Himself? In his epistle titled Ephesians , Paul provides at least
six keys to open the door of our understanding regarding these questions.
Head and Body
The first key is found in the mystery of His will regarding the ecclesia , which is His body.
He has made known to us the secret of his will purpose, just as he wanted it to be and set
it forward in him as a blueprint for when the time was ripe. His plan was to sum up the
whole cosmos in the king—yes, everything in heaven and on earth in him. … Yes: God has
"put all things under his feet," and has given him to the church [ecclesia] as the head over
Head Up All Things in the King
April 2019
all. The church [ecclesia] is his body; it is the fullness of the one who fills all in all. (Ephesians
1:9-10, 22-23 Kingdom NT [italic added])
Given the many uses and (mis)understandings of the word church , I often use the Greek
Anglicized word ecclesia to emphasize the true ecclesia in the heart of the Lord. I generally use
the word church when referring to its common usage in our day.
In the Greek, ekklesia is made up of ek , which means "out of," and klesis , which means "a calling."
Thus, the ekklesia means "out-called" or "a calling out of."
The foundation of God's plan is Jesus as the head over all, meaning nothing is left out. Simply, His
headship encompasses everything. God subjects all under the feet of His Son, making Him the
universal head over all, who fills the entire universe. The purpose of subjecting all things under
His feet, especially His enemies, is to make peace with all, to make even His enemies His friends.
But the glorious part of the mystery is that, in the capacity of head over all things, Jesus has been
given the ecclesia, which is His body, and it is through this body that He intends to head up all
things. Simply, the Messiah as the head and His body are the means through which God will bring
all in the heavens and on earth into His kingdom of all new, which makes Jesus and His body the
essential centerpiece of God's plan.
Now, some interpretations of the preceding scripture place the emphasis of the king's headship
on the church, making it appear that He was simply made head over all the church or that He was
made head for the good of the church, meaning His headship is entirely centered on the church.
No doubt, Jesus is the head of the ecclesia, but don't think of this as the endpoint. Otherwise,
you will miss the mark of the universality of the king's headship and actually diminish the on-
high, celestial calling of the ecclesia, which is His body. The ecclesia has been raised up and seated
with the king and head of the universe, which places the ecclesia over all the universe with the
king; and in this capacity of head and body, Jesus will head up all things in heaven and on earth.
But when it comes to mercy, God is rich! He had such great love for us that he took us at
the very point where we were dead through our offenses, and made us alive together with
the king. (Yes, you are saved by sheer grace!) He raised us up with him, and made us sit
with him—in the heavenly places, in King Jesus! This was so that in the ages to come he
could show how unbelievably rich his grace is, the kindness he has shown us in King Jesus.
(Ephesians 2:4-7 Kingdom NT)
Do not miss the glory of the secret revealed to Paul that had been hidden from the generations
and the ages. God has chosen a called-out people to be given to the one who is the head over all
creation. They have been joined with the one who is now seated at the right hand of God the
Father in the heavenly places. As far as we can discern, no one in all of God's creation has been
given such a high and glorious privilege as that given to the ecclesia, which is Jesus' body.
And, where is the king today?
Head Up All Things in the King
April 2019
This was the power at work in the king when God raised him from the dead and sat him at
his right hand in the heavenly places, above all rule and authority and power and lordship,
and above every name that is invoked, both in the present age and also in the age to come.
(Ephesians 1:20-21 Kingdom NT)
The king has not come down to be the head of the ecclesia. He has spiritually raised up His body
to be with Him in the celestials (heavenly places), joined with Him as head over all and far above
all. He is above every name that is named in this age and in the one to come and so is His body,
for where the head is so is the body. The two are inseparable.
Obviously, we who are alive today are not physically seated in the heavenly places with Jesus. So,
how are we raised up and seated? Paul answers—in spirit!
Consequently, then, no longer are you guests and sojourners, but are fellow-citizens of the
saints and belong to God's family, being built on the foundation of the apostles and
prophets, the capstone of the corner being Christ Jesus Himself, in Whom the entire
building, being connected together, is growing into a holy temple in the Lord :" in Whom
you, also, are being built together for God's dwelling place, in spirit ." (Ephesians 2:19-22
CLV [italic added])
Those saved by grace through the faith of Jesus are growing into a holy temple in the Lord and
being built together as a dwelling place for God in spirit. This is a present reality, not some reality
off into the future or even in physical death. We rule with Him today from His heavenly
perspective, not from the earthly. As the ancient prophet declared, heaven rules (Daniel 4:26).
This is reinforced by the kingdom prayer given to us by Jesus.
Pray then like this: "Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come,
your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." (Matthew 6:9-10 ESV)
Ruling from the heavenly perspective means we seek to establish the Father's will on earth as it
is established in heaven. The realm of God called heaven has no problem doing the Father's will.
The problem is on earth. The Lord's perspective is to establish the kingdom on earth, and this is
accomplished through doing His Father's will. Thus, our perspective is to bring heaven to earth,
and as we do, the Father's kingdom takes greater root in the earth as well. And they shall be
reigning on the earth. This is in contrast to the mistaken gospel narrative that, unfortunately,
places great emphasis on "going to heaven," as if the earth has no value to believers. How often
do we hear: "Earth is not our home"? Says who? Are we not eagerly waiting for Him to come from
heaven for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our body (Romans 8:23; also, Philippians
3:20-21)? A lot more could be said about this, but I will leave it for another writing.
Now, back on point. Consider this: He put all things under his feet and gave him as head over all
things to the ecclesia, which is His body. Jesus is the head and the ecclesia is His body. How does
God intend to put all things under His feet? Through the body!
Head Up All Things in the King
April 2019
The holy spirit inspired Paul to liken the ecclesia to a body with Jesus as the head for good
reason—the head works through His body to subject all things under His feet, much in the way a
human body communicates from head to foot.
What is the result or goal of the subjecting all things under the feet? For sure, it is not to crush
or to destroy people. Isaiah, Paul, and Jesus give us a hint to the answer: And having shod the
feet with the preparation of the "gospel of peace" (Isaiah 52:7; Ephesians 6:15). Blessed are the
peacemakers! For they shall be called sons of God (Matthew 5:9).
According to Paul, the feet are part of the body, and they are to be shod with the good news of
peace. In the human body, the feet are vital for the movement of the body. However, in reference
to the subjecting of all things under the feet, the feet of the body serve another purpose and that
is to bring peace to the ones being brought into subjection. We are called to be peacemakers in
a world that at times is anything but at peace. Today is our day to learn to be peacemakers not
warmongers, as preparation for the glorious age to come when righteousness, justice, and peace
are to overtake the nations. We are called to be ambassadors of peace today with a view to the
ages to come.
The Christ
The second key is the expression the Christ .
To head up all in the Christ—both that in the heavens and that on the earth…. (Ephesians
1:10 CLV)
Based on my reading of others, I realize some will disagree with me on this point—for me, the
Christ is more than Jesus alone—it is Jesus as the head along with His body. After all, our life is
now hidden with Christ in God (Colossians 3:3). A body without a head cannot survive, any more
than a head without a body can survive. Christ—as the head, and the ecclesia, which is His body—
are one body called the Christ. As I see it, the expression the Christ explains how God intends to
head up all things. It is through the body of Christ joined with its head—a vessel Paul calls the
complement of the one completing the all in all (Ephesians 1:23). As His complement, He
completes us and we complete Him. More on this later.
For more on the Christ, see Lambkin of God http://www.kingdomandglory.com/art/art27.pdf
I paraphrase Paul's revealed secret like this: In all of His wisdom, God has made known the secret
of His will, which He has purposed in His Son, that at the consummation of the ages, all in the
heavens and on the earth will be headed up in both the Son and His body, which together is the
I wonder if we could say that the head and body are the king ; after all, Jesus is the King of kings,
and they shall reign with Him on His throne.
Head Up All Things in the King
April 2019
The Fullness
The third key is the expression the fullness of Him .
The church, which is His body, the fullness [ pleroma ] of Him who fills [ pleroo ] all in all.
(Ephesians 1:22-23 NASB)
The Greek word translated as fullness is pleroma , which means "repletion or completion."
Repletion means "to be full or too full"; replete means "to be well filled; plentifully supplied;
stuffed as with food; gorged." The word complete (completion) means "lacking none of the parts;
full, whole, entire," "ended; finished; concluded," or "thorough, perfect." Pleroma comes from
the verb pleroo , which means "to make replete, that is, (literally) to cram." Clearly, pleroma is as
comprehensive in its meaning as is ta panta or the all . Nothing is lacking in either word or
expression. See Ta Panta—The All http://www.kingdomandglory.com/art/art56.pdf
The fullness of Him signifies that the body is filled completely, not partially filled but completely
filled with Jesus who is life. The picture given is of something that is not merely full or barely full
but crammed full, as if no more can be put into it. This is the picture Paul paints of the ecclesia.
The body of Christ is stuffed full of Jesus and lacks nothing of Him.
If we could see the body as God sees the body, we would see the king in all His glory. The very
essence of Jesus is found in His body, which is being made into a new creation in which Christ is
all, and in all. He is all to His body, and He is in all of His body.
In this new humanity there is no question of "Greek and Jew," or "circumcised and
uncircumcised," of "barbarian, Scythian," or "slave and free. The king is everything and in
everything. (Colossians 3:11 Kingdom NT)
Paul was not merely using some sort of symbolic language. Just as Eve was taken from the body
of Adam and was bone of his bones and flesh of His flesh, so is the ecclesia. Eve contained Adam's
DNA, and, in like fashion, the body of Christ contains Jesus' spiritual DNA, which makes this new
humanity (i.e., new creation) in Jesus unique in all of God's creation. We could say that the body
of Christ is made from the same stock as the Son of God. Individual members of the body have
the seed of God (1 John 3:9) abiding within them that is growing and maturing until the day of
resurrection and transfiguration when this treasure in each earthen vessel will burst forth to
become a glorified, spiritual, celestial, immortal body in the image of the Son of God.
Paul saw beyond the individual to the whole body together manifested as the fullness of Christ.
It will take the entire body of glorified believers to manifest His exact image and likeness. Paul
used the same imagery in reference to the relationship of the Father to the Son.
For it was the Father's good pleasure for all the fullness [ pleroma ] to dwell in Him….
(Colossians 1:19 NASB)
For in Him all the fullness [ pleroma ] of Deity dwells in bodily form…. (Colossians 2:9 NASB)
Head Up All Things in the King
April 2019
Just as the Son is the fullness of the Father, so is the body of Christ the fullness of the Son.
Although it is difficult to see this in our day, just as the Son is the visible image of the invisible
God, so is the body of Christ the visible image of the invisible Jesus, at least in our present age.
The good news is that a day is coming soon in which the world will see the head, the glorified
Christ, and the body, the glorified sons of God in the image of the Son— the Christ .
Some translations pick up this theme of being in the image of the Messiah through the use of the
words complement , complete , and completion , which leads to the next key.
The Complement
As already intimated, the fourth key is the expression the complement .
[God] subjects all under His feet, and gives Him, as Head over all, to the ecclesia which is
His body, the complement [ pleroma ; filling up, completion] of the One completing [ pleroo ]
the all in all [filled by him who fills the entire universe]. (Ephesians 1:23 CLV [JMT])
The church is his body; it is the fullness of the one who fills [ pleroo ] all in all. (Ephesians
1:23 Kingdom NT)
The church is Christ's body, the completion [ pleroma ] of him who himself completes
[ pleroo ] all things everywhere. (Ephesians 1:23 GNB)
The word complement means "fulfillment." The word fulfill means "to carry out (something
promised, desired, expected, predicted); cause to be or happen," "to fill the requirements of;
satisfy a condition; answer a purpose," "to bring to an end; complete."
The previous keys speak to what Christ is to His body, but the words complement , completes , and
completion speak to what the body is to Christ, meaning that there is a two-way relationship and
dependence between the head and the body.
The ecclesia is Jesus' body and completes Him as he fills everything in every way.
Not only is the body of Christ full of Jesus and is His fullness, His body also completes Him. Jesus
is more than some remote titular head or authority of His body. Just as in the human body, a
head by itself is not complete and cannot function by itself nor can a body by itself. The two—a
head and a body—cannot exist without the other.
But, it is more than a matter of existence. God has ordained that the body completes the head.
Simply, the two are to be inseparable in heart and in function with both completing the other.
Stated another way, Christ the head is intimately wed to His body, and this is essential to the
completion of His mission to head up and to subject all things to Himself and become all in all so
that at the consummation of the eons the Father may be all in all.
Just as the first Adam needed a co-heir to join him in having dominion over the earth, so must
the last Adam have a co-heir to have dominion, not only over all the earth but over all creation
Head Up All Things in the King
April 2019
in heaven and on earth. Adam was not complete without Eve, and the last Adam is not complete
without His body. The ecclesia is intimately joined with Christ, the head, and without this joining
together, He will not be complete and God's purpose will not be accomplished. The Son of God
needs His body in order to head up all things in heaven and on earth.
Another way to look at it is that the body is to bring fulfillment to Christ. The Son needs His body
in order for Him to be complete so that He can fully execute the plan of God. Yet, another way to
state it is that Christ needs His body to bring an end to God's plan. Yet, another way to state this
is the king needs His kingdom to bring about God's plan. A king without a kingdom is not
complete. The kingdom is His people.
Paul adds to this glorious truth in his epistle to the Colossians.
And He is the Head of the body, the ecclesia, Who is Sovereign, Firstborn from among the
dead, that in all He may be becoming first, for in Him the entire complement [fullness]
delights to dwell. (Colossians 1:18-19 CLV)
This is amazingly good news for all who have been called out to the king. The body, which is the
ecclesia, has been joined with the one who is not only their head but also the sovereign of the
universe. As His complement, His like, His body will participate with Him in His capacity as the
sovereign. The entire complement or fullness of God dwells in Him, and this same fullness will
dwell in His body.
Thus, He must have a body that is His complement if He is to fill all in all or to complete the all in
all. He will start with His body as His life is "stuffed" into His body until it is all of His life, and then,
in concert with His body in the next age, He will begin to subject all things to Himself and fill all
creation with His life until His life is "stuffed" into all creation, everywhere.
Those who are members of the body of the king are joined to the sovereign of the universe, the
one who is over all, in all, before all, and who holds all together. Not only this, but they are joined
with the one who is beyond death, the King of kings and Lord of lords, who alone has immortality .
He has conquered death, the very enemy of humanity. He is the firstborn of the dead; and
because of His glorious victory, His body will rise up from among the dead, conquering death in
His life, for He is the resurrection and the life. Glory to God!
The Manifold Wisdom and the Oncoming Ages
The fifth key is the manifold or multifarious wisdom of God manifested in the oncoming ages.
Some might protest that God's purpose is all about Christ's love for His body and Him having a
glorious bride without spot or wrinkle; it is all about "Christ and the Church." No doubt, central
in God's plan is a love story between the Son of God and His bride, but does the whole love story
end with the Lambkin and a wife? What is the purpose of a husband and a wife? What was the
mandate given to Adam and Eve? It was to have dominion, that is, to rule, and to be fruitful, that
is, to begat and birth offspring in their image.
Head Up All Things in the King
April 2019
Paul tells us that through the ecclesia God intends to make known to all among the celestials
(heavenly places) the manifold wisdom of God in the ages to come.
To me—the less than the least of all the saints—was given this grace, among the nations
to proclaim good news—the untraceable riches of the Christ {king's wealth}, and to cause
all to see what is the fellowship of the secret that hath been hid from the ages in God, who
the all things did create by Jesus Christ, that there might be made known now to the
principalities and the authorities in the heavenly places [celestials], through the assembly
[ecclesia], the manifold [multifarious] wisdom of God, according to a purpose of the ages
[eons], which He made in Christ Jesus our Lord {King Jesus our Lord}…. (Ephesians 3:8-11
YLT {Kingdom NT} [CLV])
The manifold or multifarious wisdom of God is to be made known through the ecclesia to the
rulers and the authorities among the celestials. Paul places this knowing in the "now," but he
seems to shift the weight of the knowing to the ages, in what he calls a purpose of the ages. I
believe that the ages Paul had in view are the oncoming ages.
[God] rouses [raises] us together [the ecclesia, the body of Christ] and seats us together
among the celestials [in the heavenly places], in Christ Jesus {King Jesus!}, that, in the
oncoming eons [ages], He should be displaying the transcendent [surpassing] riches of His
grace in His kindness to us in Christ Jesus {King Jesus}. (Ephesians 2:6-7 CLV [added]
{Kingdom NT})
According to Paul, God is going to display His surpassing riches of His grace through the ecclesia
in the eons to come. Again, Paul was looking forward to what lies ahead of our present wicked
age (Galatians 1:4; Philippians 3:13). Another way to state this is that there is a purpose to the
oncoming ages. But, what is it? What did Paul see in the ages to come?
I believe he saw the offspring of every family in heaven and on earth (Ephesians 3:14). A husband
and a wife bring forth offspring out of their love for one another. This is the same picture we
should get with Jesus and His ecclesia, as His wife. Together, they are to bring forth offspring. The
mystery is great (Ephesians 5:22-32).
Part of the mystery is that all mankind outside the ecclesia is destined to be birthed into the
kingdom of God through the Lambkin and His bride, metaphorically speaking. His complement is
destined to bring the all of humanity, that is, many sons and daughters, into the all of God through
the very life of the Son of God. This will be brought about through the judgments of God
administered through the saints (1 Corinthians 6:2, 3; Isaiah 26:9).
Nations as Your Inheritance
The sixth key is the inheritance of the nations and the earth as promised by the Father to His Son.
'Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance, and the very ends of the
earth as Your possession. (Psalm 2:8 NASB)
Head Up All Things in the King
April 2019
However, in light of the truth of His fullness and His complement, the Son as king will not inherit
the nations and possess the earth alone.
The Spirit Himself testifies with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, heirs
also, heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ [the Messiah], if indeed we suffer with Him
so that we may also be glorified with Him. (Romans 8:16-17 NASB [Kingdom NT])
The ones who suffer in this age are the conquerors, fellow heirs with Christ, who will reign with
Him in the next age and beyond, seated upon His throne as He subjects all things to Himself.
The one who conquers, I will grant him to sit with me on my throne, as I also conquered
and sat down with my Father on his throne. (Revelation 3:21 ESV)
To all the nations, God gave what is called the Abrahamic covenant , which speaks of all the
nations of the earth being blessed in Abraham (Genesis 18:18; Galatians 3:8). We who believe
with the same faith as Abraham are called to be heirs with the father of many nations.
And, if you belong to the Messiah, you are Abraham's family [descendants]. You stand to
inherit the promise. (Galatians 3:29 Kingdom NT [NASB])
But take note that, according to Paul, the nations are to be fellow heirs with Jesus.
When you read this you'll be able to understand the special insight I have into the king's
secret. This wasn't made known to human beings in previous generations, but now it's been
revealed by the spirit of God's holy apostles and prophets. The secret is this: that, through
the gospel, the Gentiles [nations] are to share Israel's inheritance. They are to become
fellow members of the body, along with them, and fellow sharers of the promise in King
Jesus. (Ephesians 3:4-6 Kingdom NT [YLT])
All the nations are destined to be blessed, but how will this blessing come about? It will start with
the anointed first fruits, the conquerors that will sit upon His throne as fellow-heirs of all the
nations and all the earth. They will be the first to come into the fully-restored dominion mandate
that was lost by Adam over 6,000 years ago. They will lead all the nations into the righteousness
of God until all are subjected under the feet of King Jesus.
No Greater Mission
Can you imagine the calling that is opened up to us believers by these six keys? Is there any calling
greater than this? It is tremendous! Those counted worthy to reign with King Jesus in the next
age are destined to be the first of the Christ—head and body united as one—the full complement
that has been charged with completing God's plan as purposed in the ages to come. Jesus will
subject all things in the heavens and on the earth through His complement, the body.
King Jesus has work to be done in the oncoming ages. For His complement, it is not a call to
retirement or to heaven or to live in heavenly mansions or to walk on streets of gold, as so often
pictured—it is a call into a glorious vocation with the head and king of the universe. We have
Head Up All Things in the King
April 2019
been called according to God's purpose, and this means we have a mighty work to do in the ages
to come.
This is good news for those who know, trust, obey, and love the Lord Jesus; He is not going to
bring about God's purpose alone. God's plan is that His Son will have a complement or, another
way to state it, co-heirs or fellow heirs with Him to bring about His purpose for the oncoming
ages until all creation reaches the consummation of the ages. This is the revelation of the secret
of God.
Our beloved Lord is on a mission for His Father, and He has called and chosen a faithful company
of saints to be His complement to complete God's plan, which encompasses not only the earthly
realm but also the celestial (heavenly) realm. In the ages to come, His complement will not be
restricted to this earth, for the Christ will reign in both the heavens and the earth or, if you will,
in all creation, both seen and unseen.
There is no higher calling, no greater honor than to be the complement of the anointed king of
the universe and to be included in the great work He is doing today and will continue to do in the
oncoming eons until all is headed up in Him. There is only one true head in all creation, and there
will be only one true body, which is called the Christ (or, the Lambkin), in which all will be headed
So, let us not lose sight of the fact that our Lord is on a mission to head up all things in the heavens
and on the earth; He will absolutely accomplish this mission to the glory of God, and He is calling
a company of conquerors as His body and feet to join Him in His mission.
The mystery was hidden in the ages past, but it has been revealed to us through Paul. However,
it seems as if the mystery that Paul speaks of has been lost in our day as it has been drowned out
with so many messages, emphases, and traditions of men.
Many are searching for the purpose of God in their lives while they occupy bodies of death, but
what about God's purpose for the ages? Who is searching for their purpose in light of God's
ultimate purpose that will be attained at the consummation of the ages? Who sees that our
individual purpose is intimately linked to God's ultimate purpose?
Whatever we are called to do in this life is not an end unto itself. If it is of God, then it must relate
to His purpose and that purpose is summed up in the word ALL . We do have a work to do today,
but it must be His work not ours; a work born out of and for the purpose of God.
Dear beloved of the Lord, if you believe and trust in Jesus and are obeying Him, clinging to Him,
loving Him, and conquering through His life, this is your destiny in the next age when He comes
to reign over this earth through His body, the ones who overwhelmingly conquer (i.e., are
completely victorious) through Him who loves us (Romans 8:37). Hallelujah!
Let us rejoice in God's plan!
May the spirit of God give all of us greater revelation of this amazing truth!