Kingdom and Glory

Posts for 2021


December 2021

Kingdom of God: Authority and Government

Kingdom of God: King's Presence

Kingdom of God: King Jesus Loves Righteousness

Kingdom of God: Continuously Making All Things New

Kingdom of God: Jesus Fulfilled It All

Kingdom of God: Epochal Events

Authority: Life and Truth

November 2021

God Consciousness

Unity of the Faith-United in the Son's Faith

Knowing the Truth in the Last Hour

"Five Ministry-Gift Anointings"


Knowing God and Jesus Christ (Anointed)

October 2021

Five-Fold Ministry

Ekklesia Within the Church

Deliverance of the Anointed

The Spirit Speaks Through a Brother

Metaphorical Analogy of Two Kingdoms

Massive Event is Coming

America - The Lord God is Our Salvation

Collectivism - Collective & Moral Consciousness

September 2021

Dark Force of Evilism

September 21, 2021 - Man's Global Reset

Destroying the Temple of God

September 2021 - A Beginning

Taking Queen Elizabeth's Seat

Sending Forth His Anointed

August 2021

Man's Delusional Global Reset

King's Peacemakers

Nothing Is As It Seems - Day of Illusion

76th Anniversary of Hiroshima - A Sign

Open Door in Empty Room

Truth - Emeth = 21 x 21

July 2021

Crises Mode 2021

Indestructible Life

June 2021

Window of God's Appointed Time

Scientism Today

Enjoying God's 'Very Good' Creation

Be Not Loving the World

Upper Room - Portal to Union with God and His Realm

Sanctification - the High Ground

120-Foot Wall of Water

Global Military Coup

UFOs and Metaphysical Crisis

May 2021

The Moment Has Come!

Proclaim the Name

April 2021

Loyalty to the Lord

March 2021

Sun Moving Rapidly 4 Feet

God's Will No Concern of This Congress

February 2021

Great Awakening of Our True Identity

Glory - Ultimate Freedom & Union

Meeting Jesus in His Humanity

Expressionless, Lifeless Faces

January 2021

Prophetic Voices: Straw or Wheat?

Enemies of the Cross

Glory Fills the Earth

Fog Lifted - Word for 2021

Expectation of Glory - What Bliss!

Joy Set Before Him