Kingdom and Glory

Archive 2020

(Includes All Commentary)

By Month

December 2020

Groan of Creation  PDF

Open Heaven - The Anointing  PDF

Fog of the Post-Election  PDF

Number 70  PDF

Habakkuk - Prophet for Today  PDF

Key of the Kingdom: Truth & Life  PDF

Jesus - the Pattern Son  PDF

November 2020

What's Going On?  PDF

Stones Cry Out  PDF

America's Greatest Trial; Great Deception; Number 46  PDF

March 11: Economic Crisis  PDF

Come Out! Crossing Over!  PDF

Rod of Iron: Scepter of Truth  PDF

Kingdom of Our Lord: The Declaration  PDF

October 2020

Ambushing the Lies with the Truth  HTML PDF

Jesus - the Ingenerate Word HTML PDF

Kingdom of God: Realm of God's Will HTML PDF

September 2020

September 18 - Trouble  HTML PDF

Truth Under Siege (Commentary on the Times)  HTML PDF

Valley of Vision - Panic, Subjugation, Confusion  HTML PDF

Wave of Fire  HTML PDF

Wave Crashing on White Rock  HTML PDF

For He Is Coming! HTML PDF

What Do You Do?  HTML PDF

Logos of Creation  HTML PDF

August 2020

Jesus - the Reality! HTML PDF

Kingdom of God: In Jesus' Own Words HTML PDF

Kingdom of God: God's Family HTML PDF

Fulness of My Anointing in Midst of Evil  HTML PDF

July 2020

Truth Has Stumbled in the Street HTML PDF

Metaphysical Crisis HTML PDF

June 2020

Bread of His Presence HTML PDF

Light, Life, Love HTML PDF

Felling of a Cottonwood Tree HTML PDF

Civil Unrest & the War of Peace HTML PDF

Final Battle For Humanity

Isms of Man HTML PDF

May 2020

Love - The Root that Runs Deep  PDF

Fear - An Ancient Tactic HTML PDF

Proclaim King Jesus HTML PDF

World War 3, China Conflict HTML PDF

April 2020

Numbers 18 & 11 HTML PDF

Wake Up!  PDF

Worst Year - 2021 HTML PDF

March 2020

Sovereignty of God HTML PDF

Behold, I Stand! HTML PDF

Son Rising HTML PDF

Thousand Years - Day of the Lord HTML PDF

Pioneers of the Kingdom HTML PDF

Ultimate Purpose of God (book) PDF

February 2020

Upwelling HTML PDF

Is Christ Enough? HTML PDF

Pegasus - The Gushing Fountain PDF (only)

Consistency HTML PDF

January 2020

Book on Fire HTML PDF

Where is Your Loyalty? HTML PDF

Seeing the Lord in 2020 HTML PDF

Preeminence of King Jesus HTML PDF