Kingdom and Glory

Archive 2019

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By Month

December 2019

Sin & the Perfect Storm HTML PDF

Partidge, Bear, Eagle HTML PDF

Love Drove Jesus to the Cross  HTML PDF

Look For the Signs HTML PDF

November 2019


Behold the Lamb of God HTML PDF

Signposts of the Kingdom HTML PDF

Proclaim the Coming Arrival of King Jesus HTML PDF

Heaven Comes to Earth HTML PDF

God's Salvation Equation of ALL HTML PDF

October 2019

World About to Experience Dramatic Change HTML PDF

Glory & Deep Darkness HTML PDF

Two Letters - Double Witness (Launch Out/Joseph) HTML PDF

My Son is Coming! Proclaim It! HTML PDF

Ecclesiastes 3:11 - Obscurity in Man's Heart HTML PDF

September 2019

Cycles of Time HTML PDF

Enemies at the Gate - Do Not Be Dismayed HTML PDF

Urgency (9.11) HTML PDF

Having Been with Jesus HTML PDF

Transcend Time HTML PDF

21-Year Cycle: 2000-2021 (updateHTML PDF

Number 21 HTML PDF

Number 61 & 37 (update of 2009 issue) HTML PDF

Highway 61 - 6 + 1 = 7 (Dream) HTML PDF

Six Days, then the Seventh (6 + 1 = 7) (update) HTML PDF

August 2019 

Man's Day HTML PDF

July 2019 

Your Kingdom Come HTML PDF

Conformed to the Body of His Glory HTML PDF

Jesus is Trust HTML PDF

Message for the Nations HTML PDF

Introduction to Prophetic Insight HTML PDF

In the Name of Jesus, the Doors Shall Be Opened HTML PDF

June 2019

No Word from God is Void of Power HTML PDF

Only Jesus! 700th Upward Call HTML PDF

Scripture Inspired by God HTML PDF

May 2019

Second Death - Lake of Fire  HTML PDF

April 2019

Cords of Falsehood Revisited  HTML PDF

Daffodils Blow the Trumpets  HTML PDF

Giving by the Spirit - Not by the Tithe  HTML PDF

Head Up All Things In The King  HTML PDF

Jesus - Christ and King!  HTML PDF

Joseph & the Tenth Blessing  HTML PDF

Lambkin [Arnion] of God  HTML PDF

Reconciliation of All Things HTML PDF

Wrath of God  HTML PDF

                            March 2019

Abraham's Multitude of Nations  HTML PDF

America - Wake Up!   PDF

Depraved Minds In Our Day  HTML PDF

Eighth Day - New Creation  HTML PDF

Fullness of the Nations - All Israel Saved  HTML PDF

In God We Trust!  HTML PDF

Jesus the King! (Psalm 98) HTML PDF

King Jesus' Inaugural & Consummational Arrivals HTML PDF

King Jesus - Our Life HTML PDF

Knowing Jesus - Paul's Living Example HTML PDF

Number 144 - Perfection of Government HTML PDF

Olive Tree In Scripture  HTML PDF

Until Shiloh Comes  HTML PDF