Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet;
but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,
I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God
(Philippians 3:13-14 NASB)
TUC #11-1708
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
March 27, 2017
The Boiling Pot
I have not posted this before, but in the late evening of January 15, 2013 , I had what was more like a vision than a
dream, which consisted of four distinct scenes.
1. A woman was stirring a boiling pot over a fire stove. As I watched, I thought it was about to explode.
2. Then, I saw the pot turn into a book. It was a big, heavy-bound book with a hard cover, much like an
ancient book.
3. Then, the book moved to my right and it appeared silvery, and then it turned into a bright white light.
4. Then, the light turned into a man in a white robe. He had his arms outstretched in an inviting way, as if
saying, "Come to Me."
But there is more, for in the early morning hours of that same night, on January 16, 2013 , I dreamed that I stood
up and declared: "If I hear someone mention another speaker's name, I will explode."
I share this vision and dream at this point in time because it came back to me some months back and has remained
on my mind since, as if the Spirit is saying that now is the time. As happens quite often, I am given interpretation of
these things, and this one is no different. So, let us consider what I believe I have been shown.
The woman represents the Babylonian system, the whore system, that holds the world in bondage. This system
covers practically every area of life in the realms of economics, finance, geo-politics, government, culture, religion,
and much more. It is a boiling pot of confusion, which is what the word babel means. The Babylonian system of our
day is a system of massive confusion with countless numbers of voices speaking forth as if with great authority and
wisdom. But most of it is simply ego-driven opinion and distortion of truth in order to garner a following or to
deceive the many or to make money.
The dream of me standing up and declaring I am about to explode if I hear of another speaker's name ties in with
the boiling pot ready to explode. Interestingly, I made a similar declaration about 24 years ago when I stood in an
assembly of the Lord's people and said pretty much the same thing, except, instead of exploding over speaker's
names, I was about to explode over more messages. It doesn’t matter; speakers or messages have pretty much the
same implications.
By the way, in the church of our day, I continue to contend that there are far too many voices speaking, as if speaking
for God, day after day, week after week, much of which is based on doctrine, tradition, and history that is far
removed from the true gospel. It is not based on life!
If I could, I would scream across the media a word written by Habakkuk: The Lord is in His holy temple, let all the
earth be silent before Him (2.20). Of course, if we are in Christ, we are the temple of God. Isn't it time for us to be
silent before Him Who resides in us and listen for His voice and allow His Spirit to make His words into revelation
or spiritual sight? Then, perhaps, we will no longer need to listen to the myriad of voices as we hear the One voice.
Oh, for the day when the voices of the pulpits all stop.
On the global front, due to all the advances in media technology and communication, especially of the Internet and
social media, the volume of information is enough to boggle the mind. It is the tree of the knowledge of good and
evil , and we know where that tree has led mankind for the last 6,000 years. Death! In large part, especially among
#11-1708 [680]
The Boiling Pot
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the leaders of nations, the world today has rejected God's answer. Knowledge in itself is not the problem. The
problem is receiving from the tree of knowledge without first partaking of the tree of life or, as some translations
call it, the tree of the living . We need God's life in order to properly handle knowledge, and this life is only found in
God's Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. The problem with the world is not that it has rejected God per se, for many
acknowledge a generic god, even gods. The problem is that the world rejects the Son of God who is the Firstborn
of all creation and the Firstborn from the dead. He is the Tree of the Living and God's wisdom, knowledge, and
truth. Without Him at the helm, the world remains in bondage to death and sin that reigns in death.
Returning to the boiling pot; we are living in an era that is likened to a boiling pot of confusion that is about to
explode, and when it does, something marvelous will manifest, which leads to the rest of the vision.
Although I did not see the pot explode, I believe it reached a point of such utter confusion that there was no way
to turn it back or fix it. The tree of knowledge had reached saturation point, and a dramatic change had to take
place. This change was the pot turning into an ancient book. The scripture that came to me as I considered this was
Daniel 7.9-14 when, at the end of the age, thrones are set up and the Ancient of Days takes His seat and the Son of
Man is given dominion, glory, and a kingdom. In that day, the saints take possession of the Kingdom. The Son is
truly ancient, for He precedes all things in creation.
Of course, a book represents words, and the Son of God is the Word of God , meaning that as this scene progresses,
that which is in confusion, which could also be called chaos , begins to be ordered. Christ alone is the One Who will
establish order, not only on this earth but also throughout the entirety of creation.
Next, the Ancient One (Book), the Word of God, moved to my right, for Jesus is at the right hand of the throne of
glory . It turned silvery because silver signifies redemption . He is the One and the only One who brings redemption
and salvation to all mankind. The book turned into bright white light, for Jesus is also the Light of the World . His
light alone will smash all the darkness manifested through the confusion of the boiling pot. He was the light at the
very beginning of creation. In fact, it was His light that went forth to form matter as we know it. When God's light
fills all things, there is only one word to describe it: Glory!
The final scene of this vision is the most glorious part; the Man in the white robe with outstretched hands could be
none other than the Lord Jesus Himself, the Anointed One of God . He appeared in the vision calling all mankind to
come unto Him. And, here is the good news; by the consummation of the ages, He will succeed in not only calling
but bringing all mankind to Himself and, ultimately, to God the Father, from Whom are all things.
Another way to look at the pot is to see it as a melting pot , something that takes all the confusion and melts it into
something gloriously beautiful at the manifestation of the One Who is the very Language of God (Word) . The time
is now for us to throw off the shackles of doctrine, tradition, and history and lay hold of the all new of Christ. We
are a New Creation in Him, and we must throw off the old and embrace the new that is not only found in Him but
is Him. He has taken away the first order and established the second order, which is life in glory and in love.
Dear beloved in Christ, we might grieve over the condition of the world, but what about the visible church that is
part of the Babylonian system? The true church is only that which manifests the very life of Christ, which is outside
of Babylon, at least in heart. Anything that does not manifest Christ, no matter what name or reputation it holds, is
not the church or ecclesia that Christ is building. It is false and will find its place in the boiling pot.
It is not the time to resuscitate or recover the past as if it is the way forward. No! We must let it all go, including the
things that looked like success. We must put everything in the melting pot, EVERYTHING; all our religion, our false
spirituality, our organized church systems, and the many things in our personal lives that are contrary to Christ. To
the nationalistic, patriotic Christians, you too need to let the past go. It is not about making America great again
based on a flawed constitution and a republic form of government. You are holding to an old covenant religion, not
the new covenant of life and love. Everything must come down to the one thing, and that is the Person of the Lord
Jesus. Everything must be according to the Son of God and who and what He is. His arms are continually
outstretched as He beckons all of us: "Come to Me!" Let us go to Him. It is time to know Him.