Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet;
but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,
I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God
(Philippians 3:13-14 NASB)
TUC #09-1504
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
January 10, 2015
Thoughts Without Dots
I enter this day with a desire to write, but I am not sure what to write about. It isn't that I have no topics rolling
about in my head, for I most surely do. I could write about the 120 years of Noah, the coming of the archangel,
the next seven years as a type of Tabernacles, the word is in you, and the meaning of glory, to name a few. Lord
willing, I will get to these, or I won't. What follows is a collection of thoughts without trying to connect all the dots
or entirely without dots. Sometimes, it feels good to freelance a bit and let the good thoughts roll.
Perhaps this goes along with the word for the year of being at peace and rest in a world of tumult. This word is
more than being a peacemaker; it is about peace actually residing in our spirit and soul in such a living way that
our days are peaceful, even in the midst of tumult and uncertainty in a world that is turning upside down like a
salt shaker. Everything that can be shaken, which includes all that man does out of his flesh, will be shaken.
Included with this carnal man of flesh is the religious man of flesh as well. Religion, even the Christian religion, is a
mighty dangerous thing if it is driven by the flesh, something borne out time and time again within the at-large or
visible church that has existed down through the many centuries since the first Pentecost.
We don't need religion; we need a living Spirit-filled relationship with the living and loving God! In this
relationship, we need to come into agreement with Him and what is on His heart. As we come into greater
agreement with Him, we will see more clearly His ultimate purpose of All in all and His plan to achieve this.
I believe it is a sad truth, but the majority of so-called Christians have little perception or understanding of God's
ultimate purpose and His plan . You might wonder how I could state this. Well, to date, I have run across very,
very few who even recognize the term, let alone its meaning. And, when it is explained to them in the most
superficial way, they either outright reject and run from it, are befuddled by it, or just don't care. Of course, the
other answer is that I must not be moving in the right Christian circles.
As stated in a previous issue, God has brought a partial blindness and a famine of His word upon His people. I have
heard it said many times that the church has come into greater revelation as a result of successive moves
(movements) of the Holy Spirit. I don't doubt that there has been an increase of revelation regarding certain
truths, but not every so-called new truth based on some greater revelation is actually truth. There is still a lot of
mixture and carnal/soulish thinking and wackiness going on in the name of Jesus. Besides, just because a "big
name" writes a book as if it is some new revelation straight from God does not make it a new revelation straight
from God. Do Christian publishing houses have copyright on the word of God? The Lord's people need spiritual
discernment in a day in which the realm of darkness is quite active, and the flesh of men is more than willing to
This poses a valid question: How can you be so sure that the restoration or reconciliation of all things is one of
those new revelations from God? What makes you so sure you are not included in the wackiness you say exists?
Good question! First, the restoration of all things is not really new; it was around in the early church. If anything, it
is a restored truth, not some new revelation that no one has ever known before. Actually, a lot of so-called new
revelation is simply restored truth. Wasn't this what the Reformation was about? Second, and most importantly,
Paul, in his defense of the resurrection in 1 Corinthians 15, clearly tells us that God's ultimate purpose is All in all .
As for the wackiness, perhaps there is a right kind of wackiness in the midst of the traditions of men.
Well, I need to put this aside before I dig a deep hole that will require a lot of print in order to extricate myself.
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Thoughts Without Dots
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Moving on to world events; reading the world news headlines for today reinforces the continuation of the word
tumult I was given for 2014 and believed would continue on in the years to come. In some ways, this seems to be
a no-brainer. Does one really need the Lord to give him a word for the obvious? Well, sometimes the obvious is
overlooked as people search for the obscure in hopes of capitalizing from it. I think of the word moneychangers .
Or, even worse, we become immune to the obvious. After all, Jesus is Lord is obvious to most of us believers, but
should this stop us from declaring this truth? Of course, not!
Last year I was struck by two world headlines. The first declared: World in Chaos! The second declared: World on
Fire! Even people of the world sense something is amiss. It seems that 2015 is starting off as a continuation of
For years, I have believed that the greater shaking the world will experience as the end of the age nears is the
direct result of the closeness of the Lord Jesus. What I mean is that the shaking is the direct result of a greater
Presence of the Lord Himself . Man's Babylonian system of unrighteousness and false peace cannot stand and will
not stand in the Presence of the King of Righteousness and Peace. The greater shaking is a sign of the Presence of
the Lord, the King of the Nations and the King of the Ages. Bring it on! Better yet; bring Him on!
On our part, we need to be alert to His Presence in our everyday lives. He has not left us nor forsaken us. He is not
trillions of light years out in the universe waiting for His Father to send Him on His way back to earth in the good
ol' gospel ship. He is in us, and we are in Him! We need to know and practice His Presence and come into
agreement with His heart. Have you ever asked Him to feel His very heartbeat, to actually be in His heartbeat? If
not, you are encouraged to try it.
Recently, I had a very personal dream in which the Lord appeared, not in His unveiled glory but in His veiled
humanity. I won't share the dream, but I will tell you some of its meaning. He revealed that He is with us in His
humanity, and He holds us tightly in His bosom, like a mother bird watching over her chicks in a nest. Baby birds
are very vulnerable from predators and the mother must be on guard. Some of the dangers are very obvious, such
as a hawk looking for its next meal. But some dangers are not so obvious. The most dangerous ones are those that
appear very innocent, even cute. These are very dangerous enemies, but they are not hidden from the Lord who
rules in the midst of His (and our) enemies. Even if these enemies are in the nest with us, the Lord is ever watchful
to protect His own. After all, He jealously desires the Spirit which He has made to dwell in us (James 4:5). This
Spirit is within our humanity. Christ in you, the hope of glory .
This leads into a thought about my web site. Admittedly, it is not very fancy, but I have never endeavored to make
it into some ministry of renown. I simply write what comes to me and post the writings, trusting that the Spirit of
God will direct ones to it that might be helped or encouraged by a word here and there. I had considered shutting
it down, but then the Lord encouraged me through the few to continue on, so I will. It has never been about
number of viewers; I really don't care if the masses ever see it. What I care about is the few who are helped and
encouraged to press on toward the goal.
There are three types of writings on the site. For me, the primary one is what is called The Upward Call (i.e., TUC ),
a periodical which is limited to two pages and based on Philippians 3:14. I don't have any specific schedule for
posting these; it depends on inspiration. The second type is articles that dig more deeply into a subject than TUC s
do and is based on Ephesians 1:8-10. These range from a few to 40 or so pages. The third is books that could be
original or a compilation of TUC s or articles. Again, there is no set schedule for these last two types. Now, you
might notice a fourth section on my site called Prophetic . These are specific words, dreams, or visions that I
believe came from the Lord. I have not posted any of late, not because they have stopped coming to me but
because they have become too personal. The fact of the matter is that, lately, I have had many more than usual.
At times, I take the overall theme or meaning of some of these and incorporate it into TUC s. So, although I might
not be reporting on them directly; nonetheless, they are there.
In closing, I think of a book I read many years ago about Brother Lawrence who practiced the Presence of the
Lord. May this be a reality for all of us who are pressing on and into the Allness of God! Have a blessed day!