Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet;
but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,
I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God
(Philippians 3:13-14 NASB)
TUC #08-1413
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
September 7, 2014
Four Blood Moons – "I Love You!"
The last three issues have been leading up to a word the Father gave me on April 14, 2014 in response to a
question I asked Him about the upcoming lunar eclipses. The purpose of these issues has been to get the focus off
of the modern state of Israel and what God might do in relation to them and the nations. Many things might and,
most likely, will happen in the world during the upcoming years, some of which will bring more devastation and
destruction to the structures of Mystery Babylon. Israel itself might be brought to the brink of destruction. It
might lose land or it might gain land through war. These and many other things are being cited as possibilities.
OK, let us assume the worst; the whole kosmos of man, including the natural world, teeters and totters as if it is
about to spin out of control. What is the underlying reason? Has the world simply lost grip on reality? Has the evil
heart of man risen to its height of insanity? Is God so mad at the world that He has had enough? Is it His time to
scorch and toast the earth?
As I read what some were saying about the rather unique tetrad of blood red moons that will occur from 2014-
2015 in conjunction with Passover and Tabernacles, it dawned on me to simply ask the Father for His view on the
moons. So, I did ask and the answer was immediate and, frankly, unexpected. I heard: "I LOVE YOU!"
Before offering an explanation of what this word means, here is a chart of the tetrad of lunar eclipses along with
two solar eclipses, and their relation to the Hebrew feasts.
Blood Moon
April 15, 2014
Blood Moon
October 8, 2014
Tabernacles (Sukkot)
Solar Eclipse
March 20, 2015
Blood Moon
April 4, 2015
Solar Eclipse
September 13, 2015
Elul 29 [Trumpets (9/14/15)]
Blood Moon
September 28, 2015
Tabernacles (Sukkot)
Now, I'll tell you that this does not fit the theology, the prognostication, or the prophecy of the day. When I first
heard this word, I could have said to myself that God loves me and stopped right there. But I knew it was the
collective you that was spoken. I could have said that this refers to all the believers, Christians. This is true, but it is
not the rest of the story. God loves the world. God the Father loves every religionist that has ever lived on earth;
He loves every apparent and true Jew; He loves every Muslim; He loves every atheist and agnostic; He loves every
unbeliever, and yes, He loves every believer in His Son. He loves the entirety of His creation. Love is written across
the entire universe and whatever lies beyond. How can He not love, for G OD IS L OVE (1 John 4:8, 16)? His very
essence is love.
To the contenders and doubters, yes, there is wrath, and yes, there is judgment and punishment, and yes, there is
such a thing as to perish. But all of these actions are with love at their very core. At the core of God's wrath is His
passionate, burning, longing love that stretches out, reaches out to mankind through His consuming fire in order
to remove all of mankind's carnal, unloving flesh and dead works. Why? So that all will know His love and all will
be filled with His love, for God's ultimate purpose is to be all in all (1 Corinthians 15:28). To me, His ultimate
purpose is for all (everything) to be new and in love . At the core of His judgments, which can be like painful
punishments, is His loving heart to teach mankind His righteousness, for when the earth experiences Your
judgments the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness (Isaiah 26:9). For those who perish, it is only for the
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Four Blood Moons – "I Love You!"
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age to come (Luke 20:34-38) that is reserved for those who have conquered through the life of His Son and by His
Spirit. For they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. The rest of the dead did not come to
life until the thousand years were completed (Revelation 20:4, 5). The rest of the dead are the ones who perish
for the age to come; they will have no part in it but rather will have a part in the second death that ultimately
leads to life for all. God's judgments and punishments are never eternal; they are eonian , that is, for an age or
period of time. There is no eternal hell, a place of literal fire and worms that tortures human flesh. God's divine
law of the jubilee demands that a time must come for all of creation and all of mankind to be set free from all
debts (wages of sin) and come into the glory of God's Kingdom. That, creation itself also, shall be freed—from
the bondage of the decay into the freedom of the glory of the sons [children] of God (Romans 8:21 Rotherham).
Well, I could go on with much more along this line, but we need to move on to the connection to the blood
moons, the Hebrew feasts, and God's word that He loves us. According to the chart, the blood moons appear in
conjunction with the feasts of Passover and Tabernacles. The next one will occur about a month from now on
October 8, 2014 which coincides with the beginning of the 7-day Feast of Tabernacles that culminates with the 8 th
day, the last day, the great day of the feast (John 7:37) on October 16, 2014.
Now, I want to make this as simple as possible. This is my take on this word in light of these heavenly signs and
the feasts. No matter what happens on earth, even if the sky falls (figuratively speaking) or nations fall or the
dollar crashes or you have a bad hair day (O, Lord, no!) or whatever, know this: God loves you! Let nothing move
you from this glorious truth.
As things on earth get a bit dicey, I believe God would have me relay this to you: "My plan (will) is being worked
out on earth as it is in heaven. I am working together all things for good, not only for those who love Me, but for
those whom I love. Whom do I love? I love the world. In Christ, I am reconciling the world to Myself, not counting
your trespasses against you (2 Corinthians 5:19). Did you hear that? Let me say it another way; I am not reckoning
your offenses against you. Period! If I am for you, then who can be against you? Through My Son, His death and
resurrection, I am reconciling all things to Myself, having made peace through the blood of My Son's cross,
whether things on earth or things in heaven (Col. 1:20). I have made peace with all creation, without exception
and condition. When I finished creating, I pronounced that it was all very good. So, in the midst of tumult, even
deep darkness and the earth tottering as if drunk, know that My plan is being worked out on schedule, and it will
lead to My purpose of ALL in all. For from Me and through Me and to Me are all things " (Romans 11:36).
It is imperative to know that it is God's plan, not man's, that is being worked out, and it is being worked out only
through His Son and by His Spirit. At times, it seems a bit messy and painful, but let us not forget that the Father
delivered His Son over to the cross by His own predetermined plan (Acts 2:23) that, by the way, was quite messy
and seemed so unjust.
But what is the linkage to the two feasts? Again, to keep it simple; both feasts speak of the love of God and
remind us that His plan was and is being worked out through the meaning of these feasts. Passover was a
historical event and so will Tabernacles be a historical event, along with Trumpets and the Day of Atonement,
which are part of the Feast of the Ingathering (Exodus 23:14-17; Leviticus 23). Passover and Tabernacles speak of
God's plan to gather all in by making all alive in Christ, each in their own order (1 Corinthians 15:22-23), meaning
God is going to bring all into His Kingdom, but there is an order to whom and when. So Passover reminds us of
justification by faith through the blood of Christ; and Tabernacles reminds us of the first fruits or barley harvest,
the glorification of the sons of God, the conquerors (overcomers) that will reign with Christ for a thousand years;
then the wheat harvest and finally the grape harvest until all mankind is harvested unto God to give Him bread
and wine for His table and for His glory. There will be no crumbs under God's table. "Gather up the leftover
fragments (from five barely loafs) so that nothing will be lost" (John 6:9, 12).
Dear beloved brethren, here is the message: The blood moons are God's way of getting our eyes on the true
meaning of Passover and Tabernacles (including Trumpets). They speak of the ultimate and eventual justification,
sanctification, and glorification of all. When you see the blood moons, be reminded, God says: "I LOVE YOU ! M Y