Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet;
but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,
I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God
(Philippians 3:13-14 NASB)
Quake News of the Day
August 23, 2011
Well, another exciting day in the US, at least on the east coast.
I was sitting in my office when I felt and heard one of the windows shaking as if a wind was hitting it. It
lasted for mere seconds. I thought this was rather strange. My gut told me it was the earth shaking. I
looked at the clock and it read 1:53 pm. My wife was outside near my office, so I opened the door and
asked her if a strong wind had hit the house. She hadn't noticed anything nor had she felt any earth
A minute later I got a phone call from a friend who lives over 300 miles north of us in Virginia. He said,
"What's happening? My house just shook violently for about a minute. It must have been an
Now we know that, in fact, it was a 5.8 quake that hit at 1:51 pm and was centered near Mineral,
Virginia, which makes it the strongest quake to hit this area in recorded history. Although it was a strong
quake, it appears that damage was minimal, at least according to what has been reported so far. I am
writing this about 3 hours after the event.
It was quite amazing to watch the news coming out of Washington, D.C. and New York City.
Communications were overwhelmed all along the east coast. It wasn't panic, but rather, what could be
called high anxiety, at least initially. However, true to form, once it was realized that there was no
widespread damage and no deaths, a silent yawn seemed to go up. After all, quakes of this magnitude
occur across the globe every day. At least 1300 have occurred in this range so far this year.
To many, it is just another event in the long line of events. But is it? Does God have a message for us?
If so, will we listen?
If you have followed much of what I report in these writings, you know that I believe the Lord has
spoken to me in many ways regarding the day in which we live. I added a new section [ Prophetic ] to
my web site to capture the words, visions, dreams, and even songs that have come to me, often in the
As I have reported before, I have been waiting for a rare quake to hit and have often wondered if
Washington, D.C. is going to be the recipient of one. Whether this is the one or not, I cannot say for
sure, but it seems to me that this is but another wake-up call from God. Will we heed it? I doubt it!
For the most part, the church seems to be ignorant or afraid of the need to sound a national call to
repent and turn to God. Truly, the political and media realms have no discernment when it comes to
God's judgment of America, but the church should not have such lack.
Again, I have reported on the word the Lord spoke to me regarding the heart of the nation. At 9:21 pm,
on February 10, 2009, I heard: “Thus saith the Lord, ‘I have lifted up a hammer over the United
States, and I am about to strike at the very heart of the nation.’” On September 24, 2001, I heard:
“A rare earthquake is coming. You will know the end has come by a major earthquake." Again, I
cannot state with certainty that today is a fulfillment of these words, but I can state with certainty that
this is part of God's plan to shake our nation as we near the end of this age. It is a sign, an indication!
A few things caught my attention.
It has been reported that the Washington National Cathedral , a capital landmark, had at least three of
the four pinnacles on its central tower fall off, and this tower appeared to be leaning. The pinnacles are
"the top stones on the cathedral's towers."
Isn't this interesting; the top stones of a Christian landmark in the heart of the nation fell off.
Could it be that this is prophetic of the coming of the Lord Jesus, who is the top stone of His Church?
Room must be made for our Top Stone to come and assume His rightful place among His people and
the nations of the earth. He must come as the crowned King of kings!
Could this be a sign of shaking of His Church that no longer holds to Him as Head? As Peter wrote:
"For it is time for judgment to begin with the household of God ; and if it begins with us first, what will
be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God?" (1 Peter 4:17).
The second thing that caught my attention was the reaction of the beastly financial markets. The Dow,
which has been cavorting up and down by very large margins over the last month, didn't even blink as it
rose 322 points on the day. To those with any semblance of discernment, it should be obvious that the
financial markets are a form of gambling. They produce paper wealth that is given and taken at will.
They are part of the financial beast of mystery Babylon, and our nation has become enslaved to them.
As a side note, when, over the last several weeks, the market was tanking by hundreds of points each
day, you could sense the panic and fear of even the news reporters and talking heads as they lamented
the loss of value in their 401Ks. I heard one reporter lament over the losses because the whole nation
seemingly relies on their 401Ks for their security. Well, if this is true, then many are in for a shock.
Our security must be found in our Lord Jesus alone! Everything that can be shaken will be shaken until
we receive a kingdom that cannot be shaken and has no bounds and no end.
The third thing that caught my attention was the time that I noted on my clock. It was 1:53 pm. The
number 153 signifies the sons of God , which speaks of the manifestation of the sons of glory that will
come by way of the first resurrection and transfiguration . From the church's perspective or, I should
say, from the conquerors perspective, the next great event is the resurrection.
Interestingly, one of our local news channels reported that our area did not feel the quake until around
2:00 pm. If so, then why did I feel it two minutes after it occurred over 300 miles away? My answer: The
Lord's doing!
Finally, the fourth thing that caught my attention is that I felt the quake but my wife did not. This is not
the first time this has happened to us regarding what could be called the prophetic. I don't know if any
of my neighbors felt it, but it seems to me that I had to be in one spot in my home to feel the window
shake. If I had been outside, I would have missed it.
Just for the record, at that moment, I was working on a special study of the book of Revelation that I
started a week ago. The purpose of this study is to understand the historicist perspective of Revelation
in order to discern the historic time in which we live. Simply, I am seeking to discern the times.
Well, as the reports come in, more may come out of this quake. At any rate, let us watch and be ready
for the coming Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ (Revelation 11:15).
I must be faithful to the word the Lord gave me over 16 years ago: "When the structures crumble,
testify of My Kingdom."
The Upward Call: #05-1143
by: Stuart H. Pouliot