Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet;
but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,
I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God
(Philippians 3:13-14 NASB)
Closing Thought on 2010
December 31, 2010
To say the least, 2010 has been a year of great tumult on so many fronts ― financial, political, and
physical [natural] ― that summarizing it all would require more than one issue. Over the last two years,
I have written much on the financial and political shaking and most of it still stands. We have much
more to come on these fronts, so let us not be complacent. However, it seems obvious to me that two
words best summarize all that has happened in the last year of the first decade of the 21 st century:
Shaking and uncertainty .
We should not be surprised at the shaking, for God has promised that yet once more He will shake not
only the earth, but also the heaven.
(26) And His voice shook the earth then, but now He has promised, saying, “YET ONCE MORE I
once more,” denotes the removing of those things which can be shaken, as of created things,
so that those things which cannot be shaken may remain. (28) Therefore, since we receive a
kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us show gratitude, by which we may offer to God an
acceptable service with reverence and awe; (29) for our God is a consuming fire. (Hebrews
12:26-29 NASB)
Let us not lose sight of the fact that the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ (Revelation 11:15) is
coming very soon as our beloved Lord Jesus comes to reign over the nations of this world, along with
His conquerors, raised up in the first resurrection and transfiguration, conformed to His image. The
good news is that the Stone Kingdom has begun crushing Mystery Babylon.
In many respects, the shaking of 2010 was simply a continuation of what began at the turn of the new
millennium. Truly, the shaking commenced early in the year with two major earthquakes in Haiti and
Chile. I wrote about both of them. Russia had a major heat wave, and Pakistan and China had major
floods. Let us not forget the volcanic eruption in Iceland that shut down Europe’s airline industry. All
told, it is estimated that a quarter of a million people worldwide lost their lives to natural disasters.
Economic losses are estimated to be $222 billion.
Now, at the end of the year, the northern hemisphere of Europe and America is experiencing cold
weather and winter storms the likes of which have not been seen for centuries in some places.
December is going down as one of the coldest months on record. Berlin, Germany has seen the most
snow since the early 1900's; Columbia, South Carolina, which has records back to 1887, had its first
ever recorded snow on December 25 th . The US airline industry has been in chaos since Christmas day
with thousands of travelers stranded, including some stranded for 8 hours on grounded airplanes.
An AP news headline read: “2010’s world gone wild: Quakes, floods, blizzards.” The article quoted
Craig Fugate, head of the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency, as stating: “It just seemed
like it was back-to-back and it came in waves. The term ‘100-year event’ really lost its meaning this
I was particularly caught by the phrase “came in waves,” for I was given a word back on January 17,
2010 about disturbances in all corners of the earth that will be like waves that will move across the
globe. See issue #04-1022, March 5, 2010, When the Structures Crumble, Testify of My Kingdom . Is
there any doubt that the natural disasters have been moving like waves?
Well, this leads to the hot topic (pun intended) of the last decade, manmade global warming , which is
more about political and social ideology than it is about sound science. The global warmists insist that
the trend toward colder weather is actually a sign of global warming. Really? Further, the executive
secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change held in Cancun during November 2010
opened the meeting by invoking the ancient jaguar goddess lxchel, the supposed “goddess of the
moon” and “the goddess of the reason, creativity and weaving.” This says a lot about the foundation
upon which the global warming movement is built.
Now, I have a point that I want to make, but to do it, I need to cite three articles that appeared in the
news this month that pertain to the effects of the sun on earth’s weather and climate.
December 13, 2010, “Global Eruptions Rocks the Sun.” “On August 1, 2010, an entire hemisphere
of the sun erupted. Filaments of magnesium snapped and exploded, shock waves raced across the
stellar surface, billion-ton clouds of hot gas billowed into space. Astronomers knew they had witnessed
something big, so big that the Great Eruption, as it has become known, is causing scientists to rethink
and reanalyze solar activity. Previously, sunspot and solar activities were viewed as localized events,
but the Great Eruption changed this view. Astrophysicists now see that solar electromagnetic storms
can be global events that occur on an order of magnitude never imagined before August 1 of this year.
Now, they must study the global character of solar activity and its potential effects on earth.
December 28, 2010, “Forecasters keep an eye on looming ‘Solar Max.” It is well-known that the sun
goes through cycles of activity. I first reported on this in 2008. See issues #02-0873 and #02-0874, April
2008, Who Can Count the Clouds? . When it is most active, in what is called a Solar Max, the sun can
spew great waves of electromagnetic radiation and charged matter known as coronal mass ejections or
CME’s at the earth that can disrupt communications and electrical grids as well as change our weather
and climate. The cycle of most interest at the moment is the 11-year cycle, which scientists believe will
reach its climax of activity in mid-2013. However, the peak of activity could extend over a period of 2½
years on either side, which means that the window for a Solar Max is opening soon.
December 21, 2010, “There’s a mini ice age coming, says man who beats weather experts.”
Meteorologist and astrophysicist Piers Corbyn has been 85% accurate in his weather forecasts based
on his study of solar magnetic activity. He predicted the cold weather of December 2010 and predicts
that earth is headed toward a cooling period or a mini ice age over the next 25 years, leading up to
2035. According to his research, contrary to the global warmists’ fictitious and ideologue-driven
science, the earth is now past its peak temperature rise. By the way, data proves that the earth’s
temperature rise drives increases in CO2 levels, not the other way around as the warmists fraudulently
claim. Given this, the earth’s CO2 levels should begin to decrease without man doing anything to
control manmade CO2 emissions.
The effects of the sun on earth’s weather and climate are generally ignored by the global warmists
because it does not play well with their insistence that man is the problem and that only man can solve
it, as if man can control the physical earth. This is called humanism , for it places man at the center of
the universe, not God, the Creator of the Universe. As Paul wrote, they did not see fit to
acknowledge God any longer , so God gave them over to a depraved mind (Romans 1:28). I
believe we see this being manifested through the cult of the global warmists who embrace their own
gods and refuse to accept the role of the sun in creating weather and climate on earth.
But here is my point: Without the natural sun, there would be no life on earth. All life depends on the
sun, and the sun drives much of what occurs in the natural realm on earth. Simply, we cannot explain
the natural realm on earth apart from the sun anymore than we can explain creation itself apart from the
Son of God, the Creator of all things. The sun speaks of the Son. The Son of God has given us life,
and the natural sun sustains our life on earth. It is no mere coincidence that God has ordered our world
around the sun, for He has ordered all creation around, in, through, for, and by His Son. But for you
who revere My name, the Sun [i.e., the Son] of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings
(Malachi 4:2). If we want healing of our earth, we need the Son of Righteousness. Oh, Lord, come!
The Upward Call: #04-10122
by: Stuart H. Pouliot