Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet;
but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,
I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God
(Philippians 3:13-14 NASB)
The Number 276 & Tabernacles
July 27, 2010
Recently, I have put my neck on the line, so to speak, regarding what could be coming in September
2010. Either Trumpets and Tabernacles are about to be literally fulfilled, which means the kingdom of
our Lord is going to be manifested through the immortal conquerors, the sons of God, or the spirit of
God is about to be manifested in some mighty way among the conquerors as a precursor to a future
fulfillment of the fall feasts. Either way, great change is coming, not only for the conquerors or, if you
prefer, the overcomers, but also for the world.
In issues #04-1071, July 17, 2010, Update – The Saints Go Marching In , and #04-1072, July 20, 2010,
Update to the Update , I shared on several witnesses that I have been given pointing toward September
2010 as being a mighty significant period in the history of the church and the world. When I count
them, it appears that I have been given at least five witnesses.
Frankly, I don’t trust myself when it comes to this sort of thing. I trust the Lord, but I also know that we
can misinterpret the Lord or, even worse, be deceived. For this reason, I keep pressing the Lord for
more data, so to speak. Well, last night (July 22, 2010) as I lay in bed thinking and praying, I asked the
Lord for another witness. Why not? After all, when Abraham heard that the Lord was about to destroy
Sodom, Abraham pressed the Lord six times over whether He would bring destruction to the city if
there were at least ten righteous found there (Genesis 18:22-32). Personally, I believe the Lord delights
in us when we press Him for answers, especially in regard to His truth.
Around 10:16 pm, I thought I heard: “I will give you one more sign to seal it,” meaning to seal the
witnesses regarding September 2010 and the feasts. I wasn’t quite sure this was the Lord until the
following morning.
To explain, I must digress a bit. During the day of July 22, I was struck by the number 276. I was not
sure of the meaning or significance of this number. I knew it was biblical, but I did not know if it had
any bearing on September 2010.
Now, to understand the meaning of the number 276, we need to start with the number 46, which is a
fascinating number that signifies the fleshly temple of man.
Here are some facts.
Humans contain 46 chromosomes, 23 coming from our mother and 23 coming from our father.
Chromosomes are the genetic code that creates our fleshly traits such as eye and skin color and many
other bodily features, such as height, shape, etc.
The gematria for the word Adam (man) is 46.
The word naos , which translates as temple , appears in the New Testament 46 times.
It took 46 years to build Herod’s temple, in which the glory of God never resided. It was a religious
temple without the spirit of God. This is confirmed in Jesus’ response to the Jews in the temple at
(19) Jesus answered them, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” (20)
The Jews then said, “It took forty-six years to build this temple, and will You raise it up in
three days?” (John 2:19-20 NASB)
Thus, putting all this together, the number 46 signifies the human flesh that is not filled with the Holy
Spirit. It refers to fleshly temples, as typified by Herod’s temple, and not spiritual temples, as typified by
Solomon’s temple that was filled with the glory of the Lord, which also speaks of His spirit filling the
temple at the feast of Tabernacles (2 Chronicles 7:1-10). This is the negative side of the meaning of this
number; however, as with other numbers, there is also a positive side. For example, the number 18
signifies both bondage and release into freedom.
Today, God is building a new temple of spiritual flesh that will be manifested in the conquerors at
Tabernacles when they receive immortal, spiritual bodies in the image and likeness of God, and that will
be manifested corporately as New Jerusalem, the Temple of God and the Lambkin (Revelation 21:22).
The Lambkin speaks of the Head and the Body joined as one and seated upon the throne, that is, ruling
and reigning together (Revelation 3:21; 22:1). This is New Jerusalem, the holy city, having the full glory
of God.
Back to the number 276; it is a factor of 46, that is, 6 x 46 equals 276. The number 6 is the number of
man. Multiplying the number of man (6) by the number of times naos [ temple ] appears in the New
Testament (46) yields 276, which makes it the number of man’s temple. However, there is more to this
number than this as discovered in the account of Paul being taken to Rome and the ship that he was on
being shipwrecked off Malta. There is a gloriously positive and prophetic meaning to this number. A
more in-depth explanation of the prophetic meaning of this account is beyond the scope of this issue
that will have to be addressed, Lord willing, in another writing, perhaps an article.
All of us in the ship were two hundred and seventy-six persons [276]. (Acts 27:37 NASB)
The gematria for this entire verse is 276 x 11, which means that the verse itself has a built-in meaning.
The number 11 signifies disorder and disintegration, which is definitely seen in the violent storm that
sent the ship to its demise. This is the negative side likened to tribulation; however, the positive side is
that tribulation and its sidekick suffering are designed to lead to victory (Acts 14:22; Romans 8:17).
What needs to be underlined at this point is that because of Paul, who is a type of the conquerors, all
276 on board the ship were saved from the violent wind (Acts 27:14, 44). The crew and passengers,
along with Paul, represent all of mankind. Paul is likened to the conquerors that experience the glory of
Tabernacles at the end of our present wicked eon; the crew is likened to the Pentecostal church that fails
to enter Tabernacles; and the battalion of Roman soldiers is likened to the Babylonian world.
Prophetically speaking, working through His conquerors, who will have been made immortal through
Tabernacles, Christ will begin to deliver the rest of the church, as typified by the wheat (Acts 27:38),
into the kingdom of God, starting with the 23 rd day (2 Chronicles 7:10), and 1000 years later, Christ will
begin to restore all mankind through the righteous judgment of the lake of fire, again, administered
through His conquerors, to deliver the rest of mankind into His kingdom so that at the consummation
of the eons God may be all in all new (1 Corinthians 15:28; Revelation 21:5). What a glorious gospel!
Given this brief explanation, it should be apparent that the number 276 signifies not only man’s fleshly
temple (the negative side) but also the putting off of our earthly tent or mortal dwelling and putting on
the celestial or immortal dwelling in the image and likeness of the Son of God (the positive side).
Now, in what space remains, I need to explain the sixth witness given to me about what might be
coming in September. When I woke the next day, I was led to count back 276 days from the last great
day or the eighth day of Tabernacles 2010 and to look at my journal to see if I had anything recorded on
this day that related to Tabernacles. When I did this, all I could say over and over again was: “Oh, my!
Oh, my!” You see, 276 days preceding the last day of Tabernacles is December 28, 2009 (excluding the
final day). Again, I refer you to issue #04-1072, for this is the day I heard the word for 2010: “From
your innermost being will flow rivers of living water. New Jerusalem is coming.”
The Upward Call: #04-1074
by: Stuart H. Pouliot