Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet;
but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,
I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God
(Philippians 3:13-14 NASB)
Do Not Fear, But Take Courage
January 19, 2010
It is not unusual for me to write issues, delay their release, or postdate them. What follows was written
prior to the earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010. This issue does not focus on natural disasters
directly; however, they are definitely part of the shaking of the earth that precedes the coming of the
kingdom of our Lord. I will address earthquakes, as well as the Haiti quake, in a subsequent issue.
Over the last two years, in particular, the phrase “do not fear” has resounded in my soul. Life in
general brings events and circumstances our way, whether from the natural realm (e.g., earthquakes,
tsunamis) or the man-made realm (e.g., financial crises), that could lead us to fear on many levels and
in many ways. We could fear for our physical life; we could fear the unexpected when it hits; we could
fear things that we do not understand; or we could fear the “what if” of the future. Let’s face it; life is not
always a bed of roses, as the saying goes. The longer we live, the more likely some bad thing or
traumatic challenge will come our way that will alter our life, either directly or indirectly, for the better
or for the worse.
If I have heard the Lord correctly, especially since 2007, the world has entered the final phase of the
shaking that will lead to the consummation of our present wicked eon, as Paul called it.
Surely, those who lived in the early part of the last century, especially those who lived through two
world wars, knew the world was being shaken by evil men. Some preachers even believed that it was the
final shaking before the coming of the Lord. However, I would call this generational shaking , for it
impacted a particular generation in the absence of the literal coming of the Lord. It would appear that
the two world wars were part of the birth pains that Jesus predicted would come to the world before the
arrival of His kingdom. These pains have continued for over 100 years, much like the days of Noah,
when he warned the world for 120 years. Depending on the start date for the pains, which could have
started in the late 1800’s, we could be approaching the same length of time.
See the series The Days of Noah , #03-0903 through #03-0907, January-February 2009.
I believe that the current shaking, which will continue to intensify, is no mere generational shaking; it is
part of the shaking that will lead to the fall of Mystery Babylon, the fulfillment of Tabernacles, and the
establishment of the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ that will increase among the nations over
the next 1,000 years.
I have little doubt that 2010 will be a time of greater shaking that will bring greater clarity to where we
are in reference to God’s appointed times. I realize that this is a bold statement, but I base this on the
fulfillment of some the things the Lord has spoken to me, as well as what has not been fulfilled.
In regard to the world economy, the so-called experts, as well as political leaders and pundits, that say
things have bottomed-out and good days are ahead, even if they will come slowly, are in for a shock.
God is not done with the shaking, for the kingdom of Christ has not come yet. Let us not lose sight of
this fact. Yet once more, the heavens and the earth will be shaken (Haggai 2:21-22; Hebrews 12:26)!
I am reminded of the word that came to me on September 13, 2009 that “Jihadists are coming.”
Frankly, I do not like this word, for it does not portend good news. Since then, we have seen many
Jihadists attempt to strike the US, and some are warning that it is only a matter of time before they
succeed. Others state that they have already succeeded by instilling fear and forcing us to take more
stringent actions that infringe upon our freedoms. However, whatever comes our way, as Christians, let
us not fear, and let us not fight with the physical sword, for our battle is not against flesh and blood but
against spiritual forces of wickedness among the celestials. Our weapon is the sword of the spirit ,
which is the word of God (2 Corinthians 10:3-5; Ephesians 6:10-20).
Unfortunately, many Christians of our day could be called Old Covenant Christians , for they hold to
God and guns as if the two go together, which they don’t, and they see the present-day Israel and city of
Jerusalem as the future of the kingdom of God on earth. We must be New Covenant Christians who
know how to fight the spiritual battle and to stand strong in the Lord, our Salvation and our Life, and
who have vision of the true spiritual Israel and New Jerusalem that will rule in the next eon.
I am also reminded of the word that came to me on September 2, 2009 that there will be panic in the
streets as a result of a banking/financial crisis. I must stress that I do not know when this will occur; it
doesn’t have to occur in 2010, but then again, it could. The Lord spoke to me to transcend time ,
which means that events are set in heaven, as if done, until one day they are manifested on earth.
Obviously, this goes against the grain, so to speak, of the conventional wisdom of the smart Babylonians
who proudly claim they have staid the tide of disaster. I would not bank on their confidence.
What are we to do in these days? Foremost, let us seek the Lord, and let us not fear. Throughout
Scripture, we discover the phrase “do not fear,” which appears about 57 times. The Lord often spoke
these words to His people at critical times in their lives. God had to tell some of the greatest figures of
the Bible not to fear, including Abraham, Moses, and Joshua.
After these things the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision, saying, “Do not fear,
Abram, I am a shield to you; your reward shall be very great.” (Genesis 15:1 NASB)
The LORD appeared to him the same night and said, “I am the God of your father
Abraham; do not fear, for I am with you. I will bless you, and multiply your descendants,
For the sake of My servant Abraham.” (Genesis 26:24 NASB)
But Moses said to the people, “Do not fear! Stand by and see the salvation of the LORD
which He will accomplish for you today; for the Egyptians whom you have seen today,
you will never see them again forever. (Exodus 14:13 NASB)
‘See, the LORD your God has placed the land before you; go up, take possession, as the
LORD, the God of your fathers, has spoken to you. Do not fear or be dismayed.’
(Deuteronomy 1:21 NASB)
Joshua then said to them, “Do not fear or be dismayed! Be strong and courageous, for
thus the LORD will do to all your enemies with whom you fight.” (Joshua 10:25 NASB; also
Joshua 8:1; 10:8)
I like this last verse, especially the exhortation to be strong and courageous. We need courage for the
days ahead. Let us not forget that Joshua-Yeshua leading the sons of Israel into the land is a type of our
Jesus-Yeshua leading the sons of God into the land of immortal spiritual bodies in His image.
‘As for the promise which I made you when you came out of Egypt, My Spirit is abiding in
your midst; do not fear!’ (Haggai 2:5 NASB)
We need not fear, for the spirit of God is not only in our midst but in us who believe, for we are a temple
of the Holy Spirit.
Jesus Himself encouraged His disciples, and by inclusion, us as well, not to fear.
“Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear; you are more
valuable than many sparrows.” (Luke 12:7 NASB; also Matthew 10:31)
Finally, Jesus exhorted the persecuted and suffering ecclesia of Smyrna not to fear the things they
would suffer, even death. Why fear death when we are in the One who is the Resurrection and the Life?
‘Do not fear what you are about to suffer. Behold, the devil is about to cast some of you
into prison, so that you will be tested, and you will have tribulation for ten days. Be
faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.’ (Revelation 2:10 NASB)
Only the Lord knows what we will face in the days to come, but He says to our hearts: Do not fear!
But take courage, for I have conquered the world (John 16:33).
The Upward Call: #04-1007
by: Stuart H. Pouliot