Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet;
but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,
I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God
(Philippians 3:13-14 NASB)
Joseph ― A Pioneer
January 14, 2010
In issue #03-09176, October 7, 2009, News Update. Prepare for the Day , I reported on a word that
came to me around 6 am on October 1, 2009 : “Worcester in the news.”
I grew up in the Worcester area and my family’s roots are planted there, so I am familiar with this city;
however, Worcester has not been on my radar screen, so to speak, for quite a few years, especially since
the passing of my parents.
Throughout the day I checked the news to see if anything of note had happened in Worcester; however,
by the end of the day, there was no news. But then our mail arrived late in that same day, and in our
mailbox was a letter from a very good friend of my deceased mother. This woman lives in the town next
to Worcester, and enclosed in her letter was an article and an obituary from the Worcester Telegram &
Gazette . Worcester in the news!
The news was about the death of a former CEO of the company my father had worked for practically his
entire working career. I met the man, perhaps, three times but that was the extent of my exposure to
him. As far as I was concerned, the man did not exist or, at the very least, had been lost to my memory.
As an aside, this is not the first time that the Lord has spoken to me in this fashion. During July 1995, I
was out of town when the Lord spoke to me to “launch out into the deep.” When I arrived home
later that same day, I had a letter in the mail from a dear elderly sister in the Lord who wrote that the
Lord had given her a word for me, and it was “launch out into the deep.” Truly, this became the
testimony of our life with the Lord as He began to launch us out into the depths of His life in ways that
we never could have dreamt or planned.
Based on my experience with the Lord, I knew that this news from Worcester had to be important,
especially in light of the man’s name, his legacy, and the industry in which he worked.
His first name was Joseph , and the article about his life described him as “CEO a pioneer . Joseph,
a pioneer, died on September 20, 2009, at the age of 90. He began his employment in a forging
manufacturing company at the age of 39 and moved up the ranks until he was running the company. He
transformed it into a modern and efficient manufacturer. He was an acknowledged community leader
who was instrumental in bringing biomedical research facilities into his state. In this regard, he also
was called an economic pioneer, for he was instrumental in procuring venture capital to start up this
At his death, he had been retired from this industry for nearly 21 years. I do not know the exact date,
but it appears that a full 21 years will fall sometime in 2010, a year that I am convinced is of greater
significance than anyone could imagine, based on several things that I believe came to me from the
Lord and that I have shared in many writings. For a starter, see article #18, February 2009, When the
Day Comes.
There are several obvious similarities between the life of Israel’s beloved son Joseph, who, for
comparative purposes, I will call Joseph of Egypt, and the life of Joseph of Worcester.
Joseph of Egypt rejoined his family at the age of 39 when he was the CEO of Egypt. Joseph of Worcester
joined a company at the age of 39 to rise to become its CEO; he became part of the family, which is how
this company often described its employees. When I was young, this company rented the local civic
center and held a huge Christmas party for all its employees and their families. During the party, all the
children, numbering in the hundreds, received a nice gift. I still remember those times.
The former Joseph was instrumental in exacting a fifth from the land in order to preserve life (Genesis
41:34; 45:5; 50:20). The latter Joseph was instrumental in procuring venture capital for biomedical
research for the purpose of saving lives.
The former Joseph was presumed dead (synonymous with retired) by his family but came back to life
(back in the news), so to speak, 21 years later. The latter Joseph was retired from the family of his
company only to come back into the news nearly 21 years later, even if it were in death.
Joseph of Egypt is back in the news, so to speak. Joseph of Worcester was lost in my personal memory,
but the news brought him back.
The words pioneer and forge or forging are also significant and related to each other.
Pioneers are ones who open or prepare the way for others to follow. They could be called trailblazers
or ones who cut a way through the bush so that others can follow—ones who go forth into territory not
trodden by others, into uncharted territory. Pioneers leave the comfort and security of home and
willingly pay the cost to go in and occupy new territory; they put down their feet and declare that it is a
new possession. There is great cost, peril, danger, and even perplexity for pioneers. But they are
obsessed to make it through to the new land so that others may follow. They are not concerned that
those who follow will not have to pay the same price. In fact, they welcome others to enter into what
they have come to occupy. Pioneers have vision, courage, faith, and a sense of destiny. Their very life is
a testimony. They go out, not knowing where they are going because few, if any, have gone their way be-
fore. Often under intense pressure, they forge a way for others to follow. We could say that
they lead others into life in a new place.
Forging is a manufacturing process where metal is pressed, pounded, or squeezed under great
pressure into high strength parts known as forgings; the ones who do this work are called forgers . This
brings to mind the pressure required to produce precious stones. In like fashion, the living stones of
New Jerusalem, the dwelling of God in spirit, are brought forth through pressure. They will be (are) in
God’s place , just as Joseph was (Genesis 50:19).
Joseph of Egypt was a pioneer who forged the way to preserve many people alive (Genesis 50:19-
20), including his whole family. He himself was forged, made into a precious stone, through intense
pressure of being sold into bondage and thrown into prison. Joseph of Worcester was literally a forger
(worker of metal) and a pioneer in his field, for he transformed his company. He also was a pioneer who
forged the way for biomedical research to be established in his state.
This is no coincidence; it is the prophetic hand of God that I received this news of Joseph in the mail.
Of course, the true Pioneer is Jesus. The James Moffatt Translation refers to Jesus as the Pioneer of
Life (Acts 3:14). See article #14, October 2008, The Pioneer .
However, the Pioneer is not alone, for He has a company of pioneers who are being forged into His
image; they are the conquerors, the barley, who are pioneering the way for the rest of the church, the
wheat. Down through the centuries, the Lord has had His pioneers just as He does in our day. They all
will be manifested at the fall feasts of Trumpets and Tabernacles , preserved alive, so that in their
kingdom ministry as sons of God, they too can preserve others alive, just as Joseph did. See article #28,
January 2010, The Tenth ― The Prophetic Blessing of Joseph .
On September 26, 2008 at 1.44 am, I was jolted awake with the word: “The next great event is the
resurrection.” I was told to look at the time on the clock, which got my attention, for the number 144
is the number of the elect conquerors, the pioneers of Christ.
Joseph in the news is truly good news, for it is a prophetic sign that, through His conquerors, Christ is
about to be manifested to the nations. His kingdom is coming!
Could it be that 2010 is when Joseph and His company of pioneers come out of retirement into the
news, so to speak, to preserve many people alive? Could the words for 2010― “I have come” and
“rivers of living water”― refer to something so grand and marvelous? After all, Joshua and Joseph
are both types of Christ in reference to His second coming. Perhaps it is time to look up!
The Upward Call: #04-1005
by: Stuart H. Pouliot