Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet;
but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,
I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God
(Philippians 3:13-14 NASB)
Today’s News. “Watch Dubai!”
November 27, 2009
Over two years ago, on October 29, 2007, I heard a word that I believe was from the Lord: “Watch
This is one of several words that I have heard over the last several years that I look for in the news.
I first reported hearing this word in my article #18, February 2009, When the Day Comes [2010] .
However, I incorrectly reported the date as October 27 instead of October 29. I need to make this
correction just in case the dates have some meaning that I am not aware of at this point in time.
Well, as I went on line today (November 27 th ) to review the latest news, I was caught by two headlines:
Dubai World’s debt freeze ‘carefully planned ,’” and “ Dubai woes hit world stocks again:
Asia down most .”
According to the news reports, Dubai World, which is a government investment company of the
autonomous city-state of Dubai, UAE, has $60 billion in debt and has asked its creditors if it can
postpone its payments on this debt until May 2010.
Dubai has been known for its explosive growth over the last decade, along with its man-made islands
and the world’s tallest tower.
Not to be unexpected, Dubai has attempted to spin the news as something they “carefully planned” and
as a “sensible business decision.” As far as their explosive growth is concerned, they are stating that it
helped to lay the foundation of a sustainable economy. There seems to be a gross disconnect to this
statement and the reality of a potential default on $60 billion of debt. Unable to pay off one’s debt on
time does not speak well of a sustainable economy, unless one cancels out all debt and starts over,
which, by the way, is what a jubilee is all about.
To me, this is like proclaiming your house is built on an earthquake-proof foundation as it is crumbling
beneath your feet while a tremor hits?
Unfortunately, the rest of the world is not so sure of the implications of this delay. Could it lead to
default of the entire debt? Are there other defaults looming out there? Will this trigger a wave of new
losses? Who is most at risk if the debt is not paid?
Two very large banks are now in the news as tied to this potential default: Royal Bank of Scotland, the
largest UK bank controlled by the government, and HSBC, Europe’s biggest bank. Beyond these two big
names, Dubai World, reportedly, has borrowed from more than 70 lenders to buy all sorts of assets,
including a Las Vegas casino company.
It is fascinating to read the spin that the leaders within Mystery Babylon place on this event that has
caused “disruption and uncertainty in world markets.” The UK government has stated that their banks
are well capitalized; after all, they underwent “rigorous stress testing.”
I imagine that the same ones who are putting a good spin on this uncertainty are sitting on pins and
needles, hoping no one will panic and bring their house of cards down sooner than later. I cannot
overlook a word I was given on September 2, 2009 in relation to the banking system: “Panic in the
streets.” See issue #03-09176, October 7, 2009, News Update. Prepare for the Day .
Let us not forget that Babylonian leaders are smart. See issue #03-0902, January 5, 2009, Babylonian
Leaders are Smart . This particular event may play itself out like so many others have over the last two
years. The good spin will continue, and deals and promises will be made; world leaders will proclaim
that it is only a blip in the world-wide recovery, things are fragile but improving, the impact on the
banks is manageable, and the situation is being carefully monitored.
Do not underestimate the ability of Babylonian leaders to try to right the ship, so to speak, or at least
give the impression that it is righting itself.
But their ship is the Titanic and eventually it will hit the black ice and sink, much like JP Morgan’s ship
did in 1912. See issue #02-08131, October 17, 2008, The Titanic and Waterloo , for the connection
between JP Morgan and the Titanic. However, the obstacle that it will hit is not an iceberg but a stone.
It is on a collsi0n course with the Stone Kingdom. See issues #02-0884 through #02-0886, May 2008,
The Stone Became a Great Mountain .
Is the Dubai “debt debacle,” as one report called it, a further sign of God’s judgment on the global
financial system as He shakes it until it totally collapses (i.e., “blotted out”) and the worldwide system is
finally purged of its evil (i.e., “cleansed”) so that the kingdom of our Lord can take root among the
nations? I have little doubt that it is!
I have highlighted “blotted out” and “cleansed” for a reason. Numbers often enter into what the Lord is
doing, especially as it relates to prophetic time-cycles, so generally, I start by looking at how many days
have passed from hearing a word and seeing something occur in the natural realm.
It seems that the news about Dubai first hit the US media on November 27, 2009, which is 760 days
(excluding the end date) from when I heard the word on October 29, 2007. I am not sure if these days
have any significance; however, it is interesting that the number 76 can signify “cleansing” or “blotting
out.” Surely, the global financial system needs to be cleansed, even blotted out, to make way for a new
one based on God’s divine law.
I cannot state with certainty that anything of substance will come of this debacle; I have no insight other
than what I have presented. However, there is a reason that the Lord would tell me to watch Dubai. It
must have some connection to world events and the demise of Babylon. For this reason, we need to be
alert to Dubai, which is described as a city-state, just as Mystery Babylon is called a great city.
This is not to imply that Dubai is Mystery Babylon; rather, it implies that it is part of this great global
city called Babylon . See issues #02-0875 through #02-0877, August 2008, Babylon, The Great City.
I also am a bit curious of Dubai World’s desire to postpone their debt payment until May 2010. I have
felt that the month of May could play a significant role in world events. I referred to the possibility in
issue #02-08148, November 24, 2008, Financial Crisis Can Be Overcome in 18 Months . A year ago, the
21 APEC nations predicted it would take 18 months to overcome the global financial crisis, which brings
us to May 2010. I continue to believe that May-June 2010 will be a significant period in world history.
I have written several issues related to the coming collapse of Mystery Babylon. In particular, see issues
#02-08146, November 13, 2008, The Coming Crisis ; and #03-09127, May 26, 2009, The Coming
Irreversible Collapse . Sorry for referencing so many past issues, but it is the only way to get the
message out without repeating all the details every time.
Well, we will have to wait to see what comes next, but be assured, more is to come, and 2010 will not
disappoint us in this regard. There is a mighty kingdom coming that cannot be shaken!
The Upward Call: #03-09181
by: Stuart H. Pouliot