Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet;
but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,
I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God
(Philippians 3:13-14 NASB)
Come Through the Walls of
September 7, 2009
My lovely wife and I lived in Richmond, Virginia for 34 years before moving to a new area in another
state. When we first moved to Richmond, we thought it would for a short season, but it turned out to be
a major period of our lives. In fact, we were married the year before moving there, so we have spent
practically all our life together in this city, which is the historical capital of Virginia.
Starting sometime around 1993, many of us were led to pray for Richmond, especially for the church in
our city. I have previously shared how the Lord spoke to me one day that one of the hindrances is the
very history that the city is so proud of. The word that came to me was “forget the past.” See issue
#02-0821, April 11, 2008, Forgetting What Lies Behind [Part 1 ― One Thing I Do] .
We, along with other brethren and various prayer groups, prayed regularly for Richmond over a seven-
year period. The fervor ebbed and flowed, but we pressed on with a heart to see the Lord do a mighty
work in our area. Only the Lord knows the full depths of what He did through these prayers, but I know
that much was done in the spirit realm that one day will be manifested on earth. When we touch the
kingdom, the will of heaven eventually will be manifested on earth. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be
done, on earth as it is in heaven!
As the new millennia approached, we sensed that things were changing in our life. In retrospect, the
Lord had begun a process of calling us out of many things and launching us out into the deep with Him.
Doors were being closed and new ones opened. Many trials, even sufferings, entered into our life. We
could state, without any contradiction, that the period from 1993-2000 was a critical time in our walk
with the Lord as He prepared us to move out and to move on with Him in ways that we never imagined,
expected or, at times, even desired.
Near the end of this period, a very clear word came to me one day as I sought the Lord. It was a word
that in some measure is specific to Richmond but also is much wider in its application. I see this word
on two levels. First, it is a word that is yet to be fully manifested, at least in the measure that was
expressed. Second, perhaps this word answers why, in spite of leaving the organized, institutionalized
church and becoming what the religious community calls “unchurched,” some Christians are actually
growing in the Lord. Maybe it is truly the Lord’s doing as He calls His conquerors to Himself.
Interestingly, I have not shared this word with many people. One very dear sister that I did share it with
reminded me of this word last year; she felt it was a word in season and wanted me to print it. She is
now asleep in Jesus. This is for Anne, one who dearly loved the body of Christ.
Well, the Lord keeps telling me to keep encouraging His people, so perhaps what follows will do just
that, especially in light of the burden I carry for New Jerusalem . Although Richmond, Virginia is the
focus of this word, I believe the word extends to the entire body of Christ throughout the earth.
At 6.45 am on May 29, 2000, I heard the following:
“Do not look upon your brothers and sisters as within walls. My people are in the field which is
Mine. I purchased the field. I am the Sower of the good seed, the sons of the kingdom. The field is
the world and all within it are Mine.
No longer look at your brothers and sisters as walled cities of denominations, non-
denominations, fellowships, or house churches. I am about to remove all man-made distinctions.
They have served their purpose and now I am about to do a new thing. Behold, I make all things
new. The walls will come down for all that I have chosen. They will begin to see through the walls
until they are no more. My people shall be one people. My glory shall rest upon them. They shall
be a city on the hill in the midst of the field.
Richmond is a field. I am harvesting My field and have called you to join Me in My work. Do not
fret, just wait upon Me. In due time, I will move in ways that will pale to other moves of My Spirit.
This will be a mighty outpouring the likes of which the church has never seen.
What is the greatest obstacle to the oneness of My people? Religion! It has always been the
greatest curse to the work of God. Relationship is the answer. Relationship melts all walls and
boundaries; relationship based on My poured-out love.
What is Richmond’s hallmark? Religion! It is a mighty religious city. When I move, their religion
will be dashed to pieces. My people will come through the walls, breaking them as they pass. The
stoned walls of religion will crumble at their feet and a mighty shout of “Hallelujah!” will rise from
the dust.
Religious leaders will be no more. Those who resist will be left in the dust not to rise. Their form
may go on, but there will be no life.
My people have suffered greatly under the walls of religion. These walls have been their security
and their complacency. Why know Me if you have your own sense of security?
I will lead My people to green pastures where they will know that I am their Lord, their good
Shepherd. In My pasture, they will freely go in and out, for I am the Door. Their wall of
protection will be Me, for I am their Protector, their Defender, their Security.
My field will be white for the harvest. Many will be saved from the walled city of religion.
Richmond is a walled city. It is full of pride; religious, self-righteous pride. Many will be the
humble as I draw to Myself many who will follow Me.
From this field I will send many out to other fields to serve and to love. There will be a great
outpouring of love that will flow like a mighty river to water the parched ground; to bring to life
that which was dead. Oh, I am the God of Life. I came to set the captives free. I have set you free. I
will set all My people free who call upon the name of the Lord.
Rejoice, for the day is coming. Praise, mighty praise will inhabit the hearts and lips of My people.
I will restore the joy of My salvation.
The sons of My field will shine brightly, as brightly as the noonday sun. They shall be one people.
No man will lead the charge. No name will be lifted up, but One. No pastor system will survive. No
stages will be set for leaders to be exalted.
I will have one people. They will have one Lord. They will have one name. They will have one love.
By the way, I believe the great outpouring of the Spirit that is coming is associated with Tabernacles, not
Pentecost. It is the last day, the great day of the feast of Tabernacles (John 7:37-38).
On June 6, 2000, I heard: “Get your eyes off the problem and onto the Solution. God is
able!” It is time to get our eyes on Jesus, the Solution.
As I was looking over my journal, I realized that, on May 29, 2008, exactly 8 years after receiving this
word, we physically moved out of our home in Richmond into our new home in another state. The
number 8 signifies new beginning . We have begun a new chapter, and I sense that it has much to do
with what the Lord spoke to me over eight years ago. In many respects, we personally have come
through the walls of religion and have been sent out into a new field. We have lived this word and have
come to know that Jesus alone is our Protector, Defender, Security, and Solution. We are still learning.
There is no other answer but Jesus!
May many come through the walls of religion and into the walled city of Christ, New Jerusalem!
To all the conquerors: Be encouraged; the Lord loves you!
The Upward Call: #03-09160
by: Stuart H. Pouliot