Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet;
but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,
I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God
(Philippians 3:13-14 NASB)
New World Order – Globalization #5
May 1, 2009
In the previous issue of this series, the question was raised as to whether Mr. Brown’s progressive era of
international cooperation is the start of a true new world order or, simply, an extension of a new world
order that began some years ago and is now coming into its full manifestation. I contend that it is the
latter, but I see it on two levels or two extended periods of time. On one level, the new world order
began over 2,600 years ago, and, on another level, the economic beast of the new world order began
over 200 years ago and has progressed to the globalization that we see today.
The last issue was devoted to the first level, which is based on Daniel 2 and Revelation 18. When the
nation of Israel became disqualified as a kingdom nation, all the nations from then on were placed
under the Babylonian system or, we could say, all nations and kingdoms are in Babylonian captivity and
all are characteristically Babylonian. This was God’s doing. We need to understand that the sons of
Israel were brought forth to be the head of the nations and to lead the nations in the ways of God’s
kingdom. When they failed and were brought under captivity, so were all the nations henceforth. It has
been over 2,600 years since ancient Judah was taken captive by Nebuchadnezzar; thus, the nations
have been under the Babylonian system and have been trained by it for a long season. The nations are
awaiting the stone kingdom, which is the kingdom of our Lord, to fully crush mystery Babylon and
release God’s people, especially the remnant of conquerors, the manchild, the sons of God who will
receive the kingdom and lead the nations in the ways of righteousness and God’s divine law. In that day,
the cry from heaven will be fulfilled: “Come out of her, my people!” (Revelation 18:4).
Now, this leads to the second level, which also is an extended period of time but one that is shorter and
measured in centuries rather than millennia. We could say that this period is the start of the new world
order centered on international banking and commerce. The planting of the seed of mystery Babylon,
as it relates to seducing the nations, kings, and merchants of the earth to become rich by the wealth of
her sensuality (Revelation 18:3), can be traced as far back as the latter part of the 18 th century or the late
1700’s, over 200 years ago.
Two beasts are described in Revelation 13, one coming up out of the sea (13:1) and the other coming up
out of the earth (13:11). There are many interpretations about the identity of these two beasts, but I am
inclined to see the first beast as a religious beast that exercised authority for 1,260 days, which, in God’s
economy, can be years (2 Peter 3:8). This beast refers to the rise of the Roman Church as an extension
of the Roman Empire that fell in 476 AD. From an historical view, it appears that the Roman Church
had great authority after Rome fell that extended for 1,260 years or from 529-1789 AD. Its power began
to wane with the French Revolution, and a new beast, the beast from the earth, began its rise to power.
This beast is the economic beast that is based on debt, credit, and usury, which is the very heart of
mystery Babylon, as described in Revelation 18. Today, we are watching the kingdom of God shake this
economic beast until, one day, it will fall, never to rise again; all to the glory of God.
There are far too many events to mention in regard to the rise of the economic beast of the new world
order; however, in studying its history, it becomes quite apparent that the 1700’s, particularly the latter
part of that century, was when it began to rise out of the earth. One name in particular that seems
prominent in the rise of this beast is the name Rothschild. If you are interested, there are some
interesting references that provide much insight into the role the house of Rothschild has played in the
building, controlling, and manipulation of the global financial system of our day. Mayer Amschel
Rothschild was quoted as saying: “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes
the laws.” Since the inception of the so-called global financial crisis, I have felt that there is something
far more sinister at work behind the scenes that has not come to light that has manipulated, perhaps
even orchestrated, the crisis, and if it were to come to light, it would shock the world. There is a saying:
“Follow the money.” If we could follow the money, we would undoubtedly discover who or what is
actually in control of the nations. Unfortunately, this is beyond the ability of most people, and I doubt
that many of the leaders of the nations fully understand it, either. This is mystery Babylon, the
economic beast of our day.
Obviously, there is much history involved in the rise of this beast, but I want to underline a few
thoughts related to the United States. As I have stated elsewhere, I believe the year 2010 is a critical
year, not only in the history of the US but perhaps the world as well. In issues #03-09114-115, April 15,
2009, Tax Day Tea Party , I explained Jacob’s trouble in relation to Jacob the individual and Jacob’s
sons nationally. (Please read these for further understanding.) Jacob had two periods of distress, each
lasting 21 years, and, in like fashion, his descendants, as the nation of Israel, had two periods of
distress, each lasting 210 years or ten times Jacob’s personal distress. Historically, a case can be made
that, by the year 2010, the US will have experienced two overlapping 210-periods of distress since its
inception in 1776.
In issue #03-09113, April 27, 2009, of this series, it was noted that the US monetary system is
intimately part of the global system due to the Federal Reserve Board and now the Financial Stability
Board. Whether there is more to come in this regard, we will have to wait and see, but it does appear
that further seduction by the harlot, mystery Babylon, has taken place.
Now, there is another historical fact that points to the genesis of the financial system of our day and a
220-year cycle that will conclude in 2010.
1790 Philadelphia Stock Market
In the US, the health and wealth of the economy and the nation are often monitored based on the stock
markets or what is commonly called Wall Street. Consequently, it is safe to state that, today, most
people look to Wall Street and the stock markets as the symbol of the financial system of the US.
However, the genesis of the capitalist stock market began, not in New York, but in Philadelphia in 1790
with the formation of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. Philadelphia was the seat of government in
those days prior to it officially moving to Washington DC in June 1800. In its early days, the
Philadelphia Stock Exchange had a competitive advantage over the NY Stock Exchange, for since its
inception, it has been known for its leading edge innovation. In fact, it was the first to introduce
electronic trading , which so dominates the market system today. Wall Street began to surpass
Philadelphia only when it began to adopt some of the same practices as the Philadelphia exchange. As
Wall Street became more competitive, its prominence grew until it became the leading exchange in the
world and the symbol for the entire global capitalist system .
However, it could be argued that 1790 was the year in which the US stock markets took root.
Interestingly, 210 years later, in the year 2000, the US DOW hit 11000, the first of one of its all-time
peaks, before it began to recede. Its second all-time peak of nearly 14000 came in October 2007, just as
the financial crisis began to come into light; its meteoric plunge to below 7000 came the following year.
Whether it is significant or not, time will tell, but it is intriguing to me that 1790 to 2010 is 220 years,
which is another time cycle related to Jacob and his descendants. After his 21 years in bondage to
Laban, Jacob returned to Bethel, which speaks of the house of God, at the end of the 22 nd year. As the
story goes, Jacob wrestled with a “man” all night but could not overcome him. At daybreak, the man
touched Jacob’s thigh to dislocate it and gave him the name Israel, which means “God rules.” Jacob’s
eyes were opened to the truth of who is in charge. So Jacob named the place Peniel (meaning God
strives) , for he said, “I have seen God face to face, yet my life has been preserved” (see
Genesis 33:24-32). Thus, after 22 years, we could say that Jacob saw the light and became Israel, God
rules. For this reason, the number 22 signifies light . Space will not permit a discussion of this, but on a
national level, with the fall of Samaria, a 220-year period followed that was completed in the days of
Hezekiah when Manasseh was born, prophetically signifying the birth of the remnant or the manchild
that will possess the kingdom of our Lord (2 Kings 19). Isaiah 6:13 defines the remnant as God’s tithe of
the harvest or a tenth. Consequently, on a national level, 10 years after the completion of a 210-year
cycle, that is, after a total of 220 years, the light dawns and the manchild is born. Will the light dawn in
2010 and God’s new world order take root in an unequivocal and unambiguous way? May it be so!
The Upward Call: #03-09118
by: Stuart H. Pouliot