Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet;
but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,
I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God
(Philippians 3:13-14 NASB)
New World Order – Globalization #1
April 6, 2009
To begin, it is not my purpose to report on the news per se, for there is an abundance of sources to
which one can turn for current news and events. My purpose is to take news that seems to be relevant to
end-time prophecy and offer some biblical insight. I am particularly interested in news that has
relevance to the great city, mystery Babylon. I mention mystery Babylon quite frequently in my writings
because it is representative of the counterfeit kingdom that is being shaken and will ultimately fall and
be replaced with the real kingdom that is coming to this earth, that is, the kingdom of our Lord and of
His Christ. In our present day, anything that is being shaken or can be shaken is of the kingdom of the
world and not of the kingdom of God. The proof that the global financial system is part of the
beast of mystery Babylon is the fact that it is being shaken.
Now, the G-20 meeting ended this past week and the concluding remarks of Gordon Brown, the British
Prime Minister, were quite telling. He spoke of how the most powerful countries in the world came
together in a way that has never been seen before and how they have begun the process of resolving the
financial crisis. He spoke of how large their collective actions will be and how, for the first time, they
have a common approach and a “deep process of reform and restructuring.” However, the most striking
and telling part of his speech were his last two sentences.
“I think the new world order is emerging and with it the foundation of a new and progressive
era of international cooperation . We have resolved that, from today, we will together manage the
process of globalization to secure responsibility from all and fairness to all , and we have agreed
in doing so we will build a more sustainable and more open and a fairer global society .”
After the G-20 meeting, President Obama moved on to Strasbourg, France to meet with French
President Sarkosy, who also offered some telling remarks. He said he feels good that he has a US
president to work with who wants to change the world, one who does not view America’s interest as
simply its own borders and security. In turn, speaking to a cheering crowd, Obama stated that he is
about to set a dramatic goal of “a world without nuclear weapons.” And, he states this as the Democrat-
controlled US Congress approved, at least in principle, if not in detail, his 2010 $3.6 trillion budget that
will result in the largest budget deficits and the greatest expansion of government in US history. In the
midst of this, the stock markets are rallying and some people are declaring that the worst is behind us;
in other words, good times are ahead.
To add to this, recently, it was proposed that the building being constructed to replace the World Trade
Center buildings that fell on 9/11/2001 should be named One World Trade rather than Freedom; this
has stirred some controversy, even outrage by some. The new name is revealing as it links one world
and trade together. In other words, the world is joined together in commerce, which is what mystery
Babylon of Revelation 18 is all about.
It should be obvious that there is one thing that connects these news reports, and it is the concept of a
world order or, as many are calling it, a new world order. Today, among some people, especially some
Christian groups, the idea of a new world order conjures up visions of an antichrist and a great
tribulation. However, the term new world order, in itself, is not a negative concept. The kingdom of our
Lord and of His Christ being rooted among the nations will truly be a new world order, which will be the
greatest order seen in the history of nations. Surely, throughout the history of the world, there have
been epoch changes in the nature of the world-at-large that ushered in major changes in the order of
the world. When the flood receded in the days of Noah, a new world order commenced when Noah and
his family disembarked the ark. When Nimrod formed the first known kingdom of man, there was a
new world order. When God confused the language of man at Babel, a new world order was birthed.
When God called forth the sons of Israel and made them a kingdom nation, there was a new world
order. When that nation was taken into captivity, there was a new world order. More contemporaneous
to our time, WWI and WWII ushered in a new world order as nations were realigned and the US rose to
become one of the most powerful and influential nations in the history of the world. The point is that a
change in the order of the world is not a new phenomenon nor is it always a bad phenomenon; there
have been good and bad new world orders.
Consequently, there are elements of the new world order being pushed by the likes of Brown, Obama,
and Sarkosy that are good. It is right and noble to propose that the world become free of nuclear
weapons, or that the developing nations be helped to increase their standard of living, or that stability
be brought to the financial markets and the world economy. These desires are quite commendable, and
these leaders should be applauded for them. Some of us, me included, can be quite cynical as we hear of
these things, but we must appreciate that these world leaders are most likely sincere in their desire to
bring in a new world order, for, based on their worldview, they believe these things are right for the
world. This does not make them evil or sinister. Actually, I appreciate President Obama reminding us
that the US is the only country that has ever used nuclear weapons and therefore we have some
responsibility in the matter; something that I wrote about in relation to the church. See the series God,
Country, Guns, War (November 2008), #02-08142 to 02-08145; and The Coming Crisis (November 13,
2008), #02-08146
However, having pointed out the positive, I believe it is my charge to also warn any with an ear to hear
that the new world order that these leaders are trying to develop is not an unshakeable world order.
There is only one unshakable world order, and it is called the kingdom of God; the kingdom that cannot
be shaken and the kingdom that shakes the kingdoms of men (Hebrews 12:25-29). Until the world
leaders acknowledge the reign of God and His Son over their nations and seek for God’s way, they will
continue to build on a foundation of sand that can and will be shaken (Matthew 7:24-27).
Further, the new world order or globalization, which is the process of joining all nations together in a
common purpose, is really not new but a mixture of everything man has attempted to do to have
dominion over the earth apart from God and His Son. The new world order is a mixture of relativism,
humanism, capitalism, socialism, fascism, totalitarianism, and all the isms created by man. To be sure,
there is some good mixed in some of these isms, but isn’t this how counterfeits are built? A counterfeit
is a mixture, a mixture of the real and the fake. The more the counterfeit looks or acts like the real thing,
the easier it is to fool people into accepting the counterfeit as if it were the real thing.
We must not forget that mystery Babylon is a counterfeit kingdom to the kingdom of Christ and God.
The word counterfeit refers to an imitation made to deceive, or a copy or likeness. In other words, the
counterfeit is designed to look like the real thing; and the more exact the counterfeit is, the more people
can be fooled into accepting it is as the real thing. For example, the $100 and $20 bills are the most
counterfeited currency in the world; and as the counterfeiters have become more sophisticated in their
copying techniques, so has the US Mint had to become more sophisticated in their design and
construction of the bills.
One of the mysteries or secrets of Babylon is that it looks so much like the real thing, that is, it has
elements in it that undiscerning believers could be fooled into accepting as the kingdom of God. After
all, complete nuclear disarmament and worldwide peace and prosperity could be seen as the arrival of
the kingdom of Christ. The church-at-large could come through these hard economic times and flourish
with the rest of the world in ways unseen in its history. If this were to occur, are we to take this to mean
that the kingdom of God has come? We need to be reminded of Paul’s warning: When they are saying,
Peace and safety [security, certainty)” then destruction will come upon them suddenly (1
Thessalonians 5:3).
Actually, there is nothing new about the world order that man seeks for in our day and that is
increasing; it is the same old world order that began in the days of Nebuchadnezzar that the world was
yoked to and from which it has never been released. It is an antichrist world order, an order that seeks
to exalt men and that places man at its center, not God, and, most definitely, not the Son of God.
God’s kingdom is true order; man’s kingdom leads to confusion and chaos. Let us earnestly desire and
seek the true and absolute kingdom of God and reject the counterfeit and relative kingdom of men.
The Upward Call: #03-09111
by: Stuart H. Pouliot